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  1. Cards headed to Omaha!
  2. The Most Satisfying

    2011 MLB Game 162 was the most satisfying moment as a sports fan that I saw.
  3. Your favorite minor league ballpark?

    Louisville Slugger Field is my favorite minor-league park (been there around 10-20 times) and is probably one of the top 10 minor league parks in the nation.
  4. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    Congrats to Lamar Jackson on a much-deserved Heisman Trophy (First in Louisville History)!
  5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I am happy due to the fact that Hillary Clinton will never run again and makes the Democrats regret about forget the rural voters (I am upset that he is racist though).
  6. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    You are 100% right on this!
  7. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm somewhat happy for Trump winning and all the hyperbole about Trump bringing nuclear war and etc. on the forum is absolutely ridiculous (Trump doesn't even want to fight Russia). If there is anyone to blame here for Clinton's loss, it should be her campaign to blame for their lack of effort to create a message of why voters should vote for her. In addition, Trump helped increase turnout for rural Americans and even took a solid chunk of the Hispanic vote from Clinton. Finally, I guess that despite the fact Trump is racist, they would rather have him than someone corrupt like Clinton (Populist vs Status Quo).
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I would say that Trump might actually win on Nov. 8 (even though I now support Johnson).
  9. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    The Cards now secured the biggest win in school history!
  10. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    Not until we put 70 on them!
  11. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    As much as I love Teddy, I say that Lamar Jackson is most exciting Louisville QB I have ever seen. Also, this game might just put Lamar as the Heisman front-runner right now and even make the Cards playoff contenders (if they can beat Clemson and Houston...which is very possible BTW).
  12. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    What a performance by the Cards today! #Lamar4Heisman
  13. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    Seeing the VT-Tenn game in Bristol and it was crazy to see how big the speedway was and how quickly the field was constructed (10 days vs 25 days originally). P.S: College Gameday is finally going to Louisville at last!
  14. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    Doing great in his first two games this season but still needs to beat FSU, Clemson, and Houston to be a true Heisman contender (and that's from a Louisville fan).