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  1. Sorry dudes, but I won't be able to make requests for a month or so, keep them coming though, because I will finish them, I'm going to visit my family in Utah, sorry for the inconvenience
  2. " >">My Favorite Players-Hanley Ramirez ">Barry Sanders
  3. ">Evan Turner
  4. ">Steve Nash
  5. Ifd you want any more i have too much free time, still taking request
  6. ">Tim Duncan
  7. ">Clay Matthews
  8. ">Jeremy Linsanity
  9. ">Jonathan Quick
  10. Itll be hard because hes a goalie but ill try
  11. ">Manny Ramirez
  12. I know, the hat logo is the only problem, is it ok if manny doesnt have a hat? ">Larry Fitzgerald
  13. Paul Konerko
  14. I found a way to make south park versions of pro players, i am willing to take requests Tom Brady QB, Patriots
  15. please man, i seriously need your help