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  1. Looks like the raiders are switching to the Nike template. Raider image and fanatics all selling new elite jerseys with the newer cut. All of the older pics of the McFadden don't have the updated cut. The limited also now are sold with the updated cut vs the old mesh. http://www.raiderimage.com/enlarge.html?http://ep.yimg.com/ay/oaklandraiders/oakland-raiders-nike-amari-cooper-black-elite-jersey-5.jpg
  2. Welp...,c[2],w[500],h[375]&load=url[file:product]]http://lf.hatworld.com/hwl?set=sku[20620831],c[2],w[500],h[375]&load=url[file:product] and http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIKE-VAPOR-JET-2-0-NFL-ADULT-NEW-OAKLAND-RAIDERS-ELITE-RECEIVER-FOOTBALL-GLOVES-/261525921074?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item3ce428dd32 The new era hat logo is intact. It might be colored different but the logo is not cut or changed in anyway. Nike got away with cutting the logo on the first gen gloves. Look at the the 2.0 and the 3.0. Different than everyone else.Check out the raiders state hat and the other teams. Similar thing happened during the initial draft hat too. http://m.champssports.com/?uri=product&sku=11025631&model=224659&cm=GLOBAL%20SEARCH:%20KEYWORD%20SEARCH Look at the raiders gloves and then look at other teams. http://www.fanatics.com/league/nfl/team/oakland_raiders/oakland_raiders_nike_nfl_vapor_jet_3.0_authentic_gloves/partnerid/8429/source/GPA_CA-1612881-4?CAWELAID=&&CAGPSN=pla
  3. Missed out on all the raiders talk but as raider fan, I do agree they need to fix the number scrunching up issue. It doesn't look professional at all. The raiders aren't switching to anything or anything simply for the sake of not switching. There could be actual improvement and Mark still won't unless tent had too. I'm pretty sure if helmets weren't regulated, the raiders would still use the old styles. They are also the only team that doesn't allow anything to be sold where the logo is altered in anyway. Their nike gloves have 2 logos rather than the 1 logo split on 2 gloves. New era also doesn't make many of their designs for the raiders because it wouldn't meet the logo requirements. Ultimately it's marks decision. Personally. I feel they should loosen up a bit. Maybe it will help with sales when sales are at an all time low. He needs all the money he can get to help get a stadium.
  4. I like the new a's jersey. Similar to the turn back the clock pullover they had 4-5 years ago. Anyone know where they are on sale?
  5. That actually looks a million times better than the real helmets. The fade from black to gold is a lot more gradual. The paint job looks nicer, but I was refering to the look on a classic helmet. the paint job doesn't work well with this style of a helmet.
  6. the classic helmet looks even worse http://www.riddell.com/fanshop/nfl/afc-south/jacksonville-jaquars/jacksonville-jaguars-nfl-on-field-authentic-full-size-helmet-vsr4-2013.html
  7. The biggest problem IMO is where the fade begins. The black should be limited to the face mask and a few inches of the helmet. The whole half and half look doesn't flow well with the design of a helmet.
  8. The proprietary fonts that so many team use now have been a big part of most NFL redesigns well before Nike became involved. I'm sure it has less to do with trying to be "unique" than it does with money. My guess is the NFL strongly encourages the teams to switch from a generic, easily replicable block number, to something actually owned by the team and/or the league. Not for any aesthetic reason, but to confound counterfeiters. Think about it this way; Let's say I want an authentic looking Raiders jersey. I can go buy a well-made plain black jersey, take it to my local mom and pop sports store to have silver numbers sewn on, and I am good to go. Now let's say I want an authentic looking Eagles jersey. Even if I track down that (ugly) color jersey, and somehow Ebay myself a few sleeve patches, I still need that font. That's what all those little details are about... the NFL shield, the logo patches, the wordmarks (especially the wordmarks), and the unique fonts. Money they don't want to lose. I bet the NFL hates the Raiders' jersey, and would give anything for them to, at the very least, add a wordmark. As for the fanciful explanations that Nike gives for their redesigns... damn, don't any of you watch Mad Men? Look, I'm trying to get you to buy my design. I can give you a long spiel about what it all means, how it relates to your history, and basically make you feel as though I have been obsessing over you and you only, all the while creating this personalized masterpiece. Or, I can say, hey we think this will look nice. Which do you think is better business? While the raiders may have a simple design but its not that easy to copy (if you are looking for an authentic look anyway). The raiders twill has lines in it and has a sheen that fakes cant match. I never seen a fake jersey even come close to the twill used on authentic jerseys. Thats another way Nike can use block letters and not worry about losing sales.
  9. DJ Hayden going 25 with the raiders
  10. IMO anyone that pays for or has season tickets IS part of the team. Fan noise is part of the home environment so those fans who go to the games actually matter and can effect the outcome of the game. I always refer to the raiders as we. Can't make decisions or play but I can make a difference for crowd noise.
  11. I hope the raiders bring out their 50th anniversary silver on white set for the thanksgiving game vs the cowboys. Would love to buy a Nike version of this jersey.
  12. anyone know where we can see the other teams gloves? interested in the raiders ones.
  13. Anyone know if the raiders, packers and falcons sticking with the old cut jerseys or are they moving to a Nike template?
  14. As a die hard fan, I know most of the fan base will never be ok with a make over. Traditional ties and the last few things that still go back to Al Davis. I personally wouldn't mind a update to refresh it a bit. The problem is the helmet. How do you add a modern helmet with a face mask to that logo?
  15. Probably a fan creation. Haven't heard anything from the team or insiders. Further Goodson is a FA and highly unlikely he would have a prototype or know of upcoming changes.