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  1. **TEMPLATES**

    I would be, please share
  2. **TEMPLATES**

    Not quite what I am looking for but thank you for posting... looking for something complete like the football jerseys but for basketball...
  3. **TEMPLATES**

    I'm looking for a decent basketball full uniform template without a person in the uniform.
  4. **TEMPLATES**

    Here are the download links: Goalie Mask Lacrosse I am currently working on a complete hockey template. I need to put the final touches on the shorts and helmet.
  5. **TEMPLATES**

    Here are a few templates I've been working on, let me know what you think. If anyone wants one, I'll post a download link.
  6. **TEMPLATES**

    Here is a simple basketball template I tossed together in photoshop. Please note, this is my first time making a template such as this and I really do hope its okay. All layers can be edited and designs added easily. Here is the file: Download Me
  7. **TEMPLATES**

    Thank you very much Just need a basketball and baseball one now.
  8. **TEMPLATES**

    Was the psd ever posted for that football template, if so I could get a link? If not, I could get a link to a template like it? Thanks
  9. Templates Requests

    Hi, I am looking for some PSD templates for soccer, basketball, football, soccer and hockey. Please pm with psd files or email them to me at kamtos25@yahoo.com Thanks