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  1. Nike Basketball Template PSD v2.0 - My 1st Template

    Looks awesome. I've been looking for a decent b-ball set for a while now. Could you send it to me also if its not too much trouble. Thank you. raleigh_04@live.com
  2. By doing this we shut off a good part of building a community. We need to be open to everyone and that includes voting. We wouldn't completely move away from here. A forum would give us a good base to talk to each other, to give the owners a place to create and expand on their teams with blogs/newsletters about on goings with the team without cluttering up this forum. We can use this place to show off the logos, to announce voting and the winning designs. But I think having thread after thread about our league right after one another would start to get annoying to some people here. If we want to create a successful league, we need to branch out on our a little. So we can expand and grow pass the designs, concepts and logos. Not everything is going to be like the IceHL but this was based upon the idea behind that league. A place were everyone has a say and not just the owners. Because the owners that start out won't be around forever or might just up and vanish. By making it a group vote open to anyone and everyone it will give that connection. It will bring in some new faces to replace the owners who have gone. If you have a closed group on who has say in things, its just going to stay like that and won't really expand.
  3. I really agree with this. I think that we should take a step back. Try to get more people interested in this. Wait to vote on the cities and such until we get a bigger audience or expand the time table for voting. What we need to do is get some people out there spreading ads about this league. Not only here but on other places and in fantasy leagues. Maybe instead of just a blog, have a forum for the league in which we can have boards to discuss matters such as logos, the rules and things like that. So that its easier to find things instead of having to scroll through just one thread. As for my input on the teams and logos. I think first we need to get a group of the main league logo from various people and save them in one area instead of spread out. Set the limit to 1-2 logos person. Then once we got the main logo, having a contest like thing for conference logos. Before we settle on cities and names. As for the teams. I think we should have at least the main logo, wordmark. Depending on the designers and how others feel about maybe a secondary logo. Because not all football teams have a secondary. I can start up a forum for this league if we want to go down that road and I really think it would be great to have for easy of use. Save the blog for all the important stuff in the league. Kind of like a news site. Just my thoughts.
  4. I see what you're saying, I think that you'll have more of a say on the teams that you think. Check out the IceHL site which is what we are modelling ourselves after and check out their balance of individuality and collaboration. If we straight up make our own teams then we are more like a typical concept league as found here on the forums. I hope that makes sense but since there is a small but solid group to start the league you ultimately will be designing every team instead of just your own. It'll have more room for your influence. I am always open for suggestions but I don't want to lose the big idea. I really like how it was done with the IceHL. Where they went through the process of picking the team's location then moving on to the names and then one to the logos before the jersey. Each section having a vote on what gets picked. I think this is the way we should go. Seeing how we don't know how long each owner is going to be around. If we go with the owner design the uniforms, if they end up leaving mid season or after a season, someone else will get stuck with a design they are not fond of. I say after two seasons or so, we give the current owners that are around a say on whether or not they want to put their team's uniforms up for a redesign or not. But upon putting the uniforms up for a redesign, will open the process up to all designers and then do a vote. The top one wins or the top three the owner can take a look at and have a final say in it. All in all, I really thing we should stick to have it was done on the IceHL so its open to everyone and it gets a lot more people into this.
  5. Kind of limited to space I work with when place a player in the logo. I really don't want to shrink it down any but I'll see what I can do with his arm.
  6. How about something like this? And here is a version in white: And one with the original player image
  7. I really like this as lot. But maybe make the player a silhoutte instead of having some details in it. Also, maybe you could make the top of the shield "round" along with the globe? Then I think it'll look great. Sure, I can give that a go and I'll post the results. I should have it up later tonight. The only reason he has detail was to make out the things like his helmet and ball better than just having a solid mass of color.
  8. Looks like the top is lacking something with your mock up...
  9. Personally, I think that might make the logo too crowded and the arm of the QB sticking out from the shield would give it an uneven factor. Plus doing something like that would be a mash-up of NFL meets MLB style. Most leagues have a rather simple logo with not much going on so it doesn't overpower.
  10. Thank you. I am a fan of the one without words on top too. I wasn't sure what the leagues colors were so I went with a blue/silver/white combo. Been sitting here staring at the logo trying to see if it needs anything more or not.
  11. **TEMPLATES**

    I would be, please share
  12. Here is a rough draft logo that I came up with. I am posting one with the whole NFA wording and one without. Let me know your thoughts on these.
  13. If your still looking for a logo, I can draft something up here tonight/tomorrow.