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  1. I like it, too, though I get why some people might be put off by the fact that the center and sleeve stripes don't match. I wonder if the red strip in the center would've clashed with the logo.
  2. I don't get the hate for Nashville. Aside from a few subtleties, it looks like Adidas took the Reebok jerseys and just removed the thing everybody hated. It's simple, but that's what's great about it. It's as it should be.
  3. I have a tshirt with this logo on it. Absolutely love the story behind it. Also loving the Memphis Hustlers name and branding, though I'm thrown off a bit by the red color. I read the Grizzlies' explanation for it, but that doesn't make it any less weird to me.
  4. I'm not willing to say that it's better than the parent club's new logo. But as someone who went to several Wolves games in their inaugural season, I have real pangs of nostalgia for that original front-facing logo. For that reason, I kind of which the club would have kept this iteration as their primary rather than attaching it to the minor league club. Again, not saying it's better. I'm just being nostalgic. And I'm glad, at the very least, that this didn't end up on a scrap heap unused.
  5. FINALLY, an organization that values winning over losing.
  6. Looks like the Blazers released the whole logo update: http://trailblazerslogo.com/logo/#twentyseventeenSlide
  7. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I actually think the addition of black to the Jets uniform was one of the few BFBS situations that worked. I really liked those uniforms.
  8. I'd put this one on par with the Vikings redesign, at least in terms of what it accomplished. Both redesigns brought the franchise back to a more traditional look, albeit with modern touches. Both redesigns have irksome minor flaws. Both served as adequate replacements to bad design choices. I'd call it a win.
  9. It should be encouraging, though, that the leaked ads feature green so prominently.
  10. I remember attending a game in Dallas on a whim in 1999. Though it was a regular season game, both teams wore plain mesh jerseys -- like practice jerseys with a logo pinned or stitched on. My memory isn't so great, but I remember it looking like a league on its last wheels, so to speak.
  11. Agreed. The only thing that could make that jersey worse is if the word "mini" appeared above it in tiny letters.
  12. I also wonder whether the Chargers' move isn't part of the reason why the Rams aren't being more transparent about their plans for 2019. It would seem reasonable that the Rams don't like the idea of having two teams in the same market with the same or similar color schemes. And they can't control another franchise's branding decisions. So with the Chargers moving north, the Rams switch to blue and white as a differentiator for now. Meanwhile, they remain noncommital to a color scheme for 2019 in the unlikely event the Chargers rebrand, freeing up blue and yellow. It's just a theory.
  13. Yeah, I can imagine that might be a beast when it comes to getting the appropriate approvals. Great idea, though. Really useful.