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  1. gosioux76

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    I get that, because the bird element is fantastic. But I kinda like the versatility of this mark — that it can be both a roundel or a shield. I could see the roundel being what's used on official letterhead and other marketing collateral, while the shield appears on uniforms. Maybe that's a design faux pas I'm not knowledgable enough to understand, something that makes it too busy. But I like that it's incorporated that potential functionality into it.
  2. gosioux76

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I lived in Albuquerque when I first really started following soccer in the late '00s and fell right in line with the MLS-is-crap crowd. I thought I'd give Colorado a shot due to some tenuous ties to Arsenal, my EPL club of choice, but, like you, that felt false. Then I moved to Portland in 2008, during the last few USL seasons, and got a taste for what it felt like to sit among the Timbers Army and I was hooked. I sat in the press box for the club's home MLS debut and I've never looked back. I used to clamor for anything EPL — books, magazines, TV rebroadcasts. Now I pay far less attention to it; MLS and the Timbers have satiated that need. Here's what's funny: Back in that late '00 era, the sports radio meatheads and their acolytes were still dismissing soccer as a kids sport. Now — and this is just a casual observation — that meathead is more likely to be the EPL-or-nothing soccer fan who turns their nose at MLS.
  3. gosioux76

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    It wasn't long ago, though, when that subset of fans was much larger, and it was a more justified position. The MLS of the 2000s was a far inferior product to what the league produces today. I recall around 2004-2005ish enjoying the World Soccer Daily podcast — all two hours of it, daily — despite their almost complete dismissal of MLS as a second-rate league. Maybe those guys were alone in that sentiment, but it certainly seemed to be the common refrain at that time in the league's history. Today's MLS is just so much better than it was back then, and more and more people have become aware of it. Expansion has also toned down that rhetoric. It was a lot easier to be an EPL-or-bust American soccer fan in an Atlanta or Minneapolis or Philadelphia back then because there wasn't a local team to support.
  4. gosioux76

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    I would hope that only the shield would make it onto the jersey, and that the roundel is an official club logo. But I'm sure that's too much to ask.
  5. gosioux76

    NFL 2018 changes

    Well, there's degrees of scale when it comes to praise. I think these looked good, but only relative to my initial impression of them, which was pretty terrible. So these, put in historic context with their original set, are still really boring. There's a lot they could've done. But I think most here are reacting to the fact that these didn't look as awful as we thought they would.
  6. gosioux76

    NFL 2018 changes

    Yeah, I'm coming around on those Jaguars uniforms after seeing them in person. Much better on-field than off, and a perfect of example of why it's sometimes best to reserve judgement until you see them in action. The Titans, though, are still a bland mess. The colors seem out of balance. The fact that the only touch of red on the whole set is a Swoosh is just appalling. And the helmet has a dulling effect; it's not matte, it's not shiny, it's just dull. It reminds me of well-used billiards ball.
  7. gosioux76

    NFL 2018 changes

    Haven't looked at these new Jaguars uniforms in a few months. They're still terrible.
  8. gosioux76

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    This might be that rare set where the best thing about them is the shorts. The wordmarks on the jerseys just seem so small and inconsequential. And I hate that it's arched only on one, but not the other two. It's like they designed it in photoshop.
  9. gosioux76

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    I'm all in for Flavortown getting an expansion team.
  10. I'd like to stick that purple jersey in a vacuum and leave it there.
  11. gosioux76

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Quite a remarkable turn of events here in Portland. Star striker Fanendo Adi, who, in just four years, became one of the Timbers' most prolific scorers across all eras, requested a trade, having found himself buried on the bench behind Samuel Armenteros. The club let news leak that they'd made a deal to send Adi elsewhere just before Saturday night's game. Then coach Gio Savarese brings him off the bench Saturday night, tied 2-2 with Houston, and Adi nets the game winner at the 80th minute. Letting the world know of the deal before hand allowed the club and fans properly send off a player they've come to regard as a club legend. It was a remarkable site. Then this morning the club announced that Adi is joining FC Cincinnati as that club's first designated player. https://www.timbers.com/post/2018/07/30/portland-timbers-acquire-excess-850000-allocation-money-future-considerations-fc
  12. gosioux76

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    It looks like Tottenham's kit man washed the whites with the darks.
  13. This will look great — as long as the shorts have side panels. If not, it's a major fail.
  14. gosioux76

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I agree. It's kinda remarkable considering how hard it was to find soccer on TV 10 to 12 years ago. I remember a time when the only Premier League games on U.S. TV were mid-week rebroadcasts used as space filler. I remember around 2005 subscribing to an early streaming service from now-defunct Irish network Setanta Sports because it included a lot of English league games. It was a pain in the ass to watch, but it was all you could get. I still miss Fox Soccer Channel, though, as crappy as it occasionally was.
  15. I love it. The Lakers basically adopt the Celtics uniform template and they're championed as "modern." That's fun. I think these uniforms look fine, though it really doesn't feel like the Lakers without those wide panels on the shorts. They've had some sort of side panel for most of their L.A. history. Seems like a strange knockoff without them.