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  1. NPSL Club Duluth FC Shines With New Logo

    Wow! I grew up near Duluth and absolutely love the place. Kevin just nailed it. I'll definitely be acquiring some merch.
  2. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    The red and teal on those Salish designs are an ideal color combination. Admittedly, even as a Wild fan, I loathe the combination of green and red. I finally like what the Wild have done by minimizing the use of red to an accent color. I don't think I could stomach a look that gives green and red equal weight. But that red and teal works.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I actually enjoy that the gold (or limestone or sandstone or whatever they're calling it) is limited in use to the home set. That color dominates the palette of that stadium, so it makes perfect sense to incorporate in a small way into the home uniforms. Following the BFBS and GFFS eras of sports uniforms, I enjoy that a color was added to an existing set with a purpose.
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    Yeah, that really is weird, considering the only time they wear the non-gold TC hat is with their throwback uniforms. The gold TC has been the standard with their home uniforms, while the road set always includes the non-gold TC with the red-brimmed hats. Those primary caps are the least-used ones in the set.
  5. NBA Changes 2018-19

    This is still the only Nuggets color scheme that makes sense to me.
  6. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    I always loved the old Albuquerque Dukes' uniforms, especially the cap logo.
  7. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    According to the KING5 report, Leiweke said the organization ruled out green and gold "saying it would be reserved for a future NBA franchise and that 'we're extremely respectful.'" I don't understand what one has to do with the other. Is there a viable concern that the NHL taking those colors would be somehow usurping a future NBA team? I personally like it when teams in the same city share colors.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    I love the versatility of it. That style -- the style of that era, really -- worked just as well for a beer league as it did for the major leagues. There's a certain charm to that, if you ask me.
  9. I was happy to see this, mostly because of the inclusion of the Twins championship-era "M" cap. Of my dozen-or-so different Twins caps, I wear my "M" cap the most and was worried they'd be out of production when it came time to buy a replacement. Also, I still own one of those early '00s mesh Twins BP caps, but it's so worn and sweat stained that it's become my regular gym hat now.
  10. 2018 MLS Kits

    At this point, it'll never be an either/or proposition. Even if clubs clubs adopt commercial breaks into their broadcasts, there's no way they'd give up selling jersey sponsorships. And I wouldn't blame them. Its just too lucrative of a sales opportunity to pass up, and it's not like MLS clubs are so profitable that they can pass up revenue on principle.
  11. 2018 MLS Kits

    I understand the desire to bring that design back. I loved that wing jersey, too. But, on a practical level, would it even work with the big Target logo in the center? I can't see it working without severely minimizing the sponsor logo, which the club would never do.
  12. I don't have anything to add to this, but because Ice_Cap's post is such a clean, succinct and accurate argument on this subject that it's almost certain to be ignored by the "What about the Fighting Irish?" crowd, I felt it was worth reposting.
  13. This is pretty common. The University of North Dakota have done the same thing with the Fighting Sioux logo and moniker as a means of avoiding a steady flow of non-licensed merchandise from overtaking its new brand. The university launched a specialty, throwback-focused apparel brand to make use of the logo, though its done a good job of keeping its use to a minimum.
  14. Leeds United New Crest

    I haven't been able to stop laughing at this.
  15. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    It's hard to not see a dragon in some of those early Broncos sketches.