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  1. Ouch. What did we do to you?
  2. Love the idea of going back to patterning unis after the host team, but again you run into the problem of jersey sales. Like someone brought up about re-coloring each team's uniforms for the game; What are the chances a Knicks fan buys a Melo jersey that looks like a Bulls jersey except says "East" on the front? 0%. What about buying a generic gray Melo jersey that says "All-Star" on it? Probably somewhere around 30% Any sales are better than no sales. I think the way to go is the Rookie/Sophomore game. Make an attractive template, something teens and twenty-somethings might wear in public, then use the number font and team name from the player's usual uniforms.
  3. I just made a new one for the high school that I graduated from and now coach basketball at, Poland Regional High School. We're the Knights, obviously. It got accepted in like 3 days, Snapchat is moving quickly nowadays.
  4. This was always inevitable. Money rules all. Soon it'll look normal (NBA is doing it as well), and before we know it the jerseys will be covered with ads and we won't know what happened. If there is any way to fight it let me know but I'm certain there is not. Aesthetics will change. Kids will grow up, in 15 years join these same boards, and bash a team for going ad-less because it looks "like a middle school team."
  5. Well, I haven't logged in to the snapchat geofilter site in a while but there used to be a thing next to the filters that you created that would let you deactivate, or retire them. That way you or someone else could submit a new one.
  6. So here are the two of mine that are currently in-use. I'm de-activating the "Lew"(Lewiston, ME) one for a better design soon. It was made a while back when the geo-filters were just being accepted and I rushed so I'd be the first one accepted in the area. Not entirely happy with it, but it is what it is. The Poland one has text on it because I had to swipe it off someone's snap story. Once I get the new Lewiston one done I'll post it here too.
  7. I thought along the same lines. Brighter gold, teal/graphite in the logo becomes a darker gold, black shield shape on slate gray jerseys. I'd also change all the white to a light gray but it may not work with the gold being as yellow as you have it. I think if that is their logo choice then your colors are vastly superior to theirs.
  8. G: 13 S: 9 B: 8 Edit: No idea what happened to this, I hit "post" earlier today and minimized the window. When I came to check back on the results it had just posted. Weeeeeird.
  9. I've made a couple that have been accepted. I'll post images later when I get a chance to use the filters. Yours are very well done, by the way.
  10. I would've utilized both the S & N, but your point is still very valid. In fact, I even went ahead and mocked up something using the old style SN. I feel like the old-timey look would suit them better but who am I?
  11. G: 4 S: 1 B: 7
  12. For the "city" that must appear in the wordmark, are we able to utilize nicknames instead of "St. Louis"? From Wikipedia: "Nickname(s): Gateway to the West, City of Trees, Mound City, The Lou, Rome of the West, River City"
  13. If I told you that "Thunder" was actually the sound made by lightning and not the lightning itself, would that change your pun? Or was it not a pun at all? I could see the Pacers, Magic, and Nuggets all looking to refresh their looks, in addition to some of the teams already mentioned.
  14. Thank you, @pollux, sorry to be a dummy.
  15. Hate to be "that guy" but shouldn't I have 14 points and be in the top 20? I had 9 and got 5 in event 4. If I'm missing something please let me know and mock me mercilessly for trying to get 19th place. Thanks.