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  1. If you guys WANT to look at a bunch of pictures of Shelden Williams, Nikola Pekovic, and Popeye Jones to determine which of their jerseys was ugliest then be my guest. I like myself too much to do that.
  2. I'm surprised by the amount of "meh, they're fine" and "I like them a lot" responses. I know this kind of thing is subjective, but I usually agree with the consensus around here. These? I'm still trying to find something I like about them, honestly. I just kind of feel like I'm missing something. 3 out of 4 jerseys have terribly ugly sleeves. The dark gray for no reason bothers me. The blue pants don't fit the Lions to me. The gray on dark gray numbers on blue are too dark. The socks matching the blue pants and color rush pants are a look we have pretty much all agreed that we dislike. The color balance is all off. White in little places only, or anthracite in little places only, it just looks off. I don't get it, guys. Help me understand.
  3. I'm thinking they'll spin it as an arrow pointing toward the north, even though it isn't exactly facing straight up.
  4. And must include a basketball, if you listen to some rumors. Adds to the laziness of it. "Basketball plus text, let's do a roundel."
  5. Surely there are some scrubs in here somewhere...
  6. Not exactly unknowns, but Kevin Gamble and Rick Carlisle rocking #34 on the Celtics. Pictures of Reggie Hanson's 8 games in the jersey before Paul Pierce are hard to find. Gerald Green wearing #5 before being traded in the package for KG.
  7. Greg Ostertag spent 10 seasons in Utah, one season in each of these. Joe Johnson, spent 7 seasons in Atlanta, only two in these, was an all-star every year he wore the Navy/Red/White duds. Does this count? This should count.
  8. Fair enough, I just picture him in the green and gold arched wordmark unis that he wore for 6 out of his 8 seasons in Seattle. Edit: Talking about Kemp here.
  9. KG, rookie year. Ben Wallace, first year with Detroit Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. Really posted for Kemp. Gary wore these for the full 6 years they had them, though he always looked more "right" in green & gold to me.
  10. I mean, I have a couple jerseys from this era. It's silver.
  11. Not quite like the rest in this thread, but maybe some would count it? They use it for St. Patrick's Day but was used in-season to honor Red Auerbach as well. They've also used it to honor Celtics championship wins. They have multiple versions of the green jersey over the years.
  12. If it was at all possible I'd love to see Falcons bring back black pants with the red jerseys and Patriots pair silver pants with white jerseys for the first time. Black/Red/Black/Red vs Silver/White/Silver/Navy is more appealing to me than any combos mentioned.
  13. Ouch. What did we do to you?
  14. Love the idea of going back to patterning unis after the host team, but again you run into the problem of jersey sales. Like someone brought up about re-coloring each team's uniforms for the game; What are the chances a Knicks fan buys a Melo jersey that looks like a Bulls jersey except says "East" on the front? 0%. What about buying a generic gray Melo jersey that says "All-Star" on it? Probably somewhere around 30% Any sales are better than no sales. I think the way to go is the Rookie/Sophomore game. Make an attractive template, something teens and twenty-somethings might wear in public, then use the number font and team name from the player's usual uniforms.