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  1. eRay

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    I hear you, but I think the importance and meaning is taken away from the gold color when it's used for sponsor logos (on two jerseys). I'm surprised to find myself in the camp that likes the statement uni better than the others. I feel like they made some good choices, but fell short in execution. Logo package is pretty decent, colors are alright, uniform layout would definitely work. There's just something off about their color choices on the uniforms. I can't exactly put my finger on it, and I won't throw another "color balance' into the echo chamber, but they just look wrong, color-wise.
  2. eRay

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Neither here nor there, but the Cavs don't even have a navy blue jersey this year.
  3. Angus King, then governor of Maine, holding up a cutout of Minnesota's governor at the time Jesse Ventura. This had something to do with an NCAA hockey game bet I think. That's my Mainer way of segueing into a bunch of Jesse Ventura pictures...
  4. I think the black/teal/white combo will be the best they can trot out, especially given the black socks. Looks to be a pretty palatable change overall. More gold would help it, but seeing some of the terrible uniforms that have come from Nike/NFL teams being creative, I'm okay with them showing a little restraint. The logo on both the pants and jersey bothers me a little bit, but it does help inject a little gold in the look.
  5. eRay

    New Nike WNBA jerseys

    The players have to get their names sponsored too?!
  6. eRay

    What do we know about the new Dolphins set?

    I actually feel the exact same way. Dropping the dark blue in the uniforms for either more orange or just replacing it in the striping with the color of the jerseys or helmet.
  7. eRay

    Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    These are incredible. One more suggestion, of which you have a million: Black-capped Chickadee
  8. eRay

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    The problems with the new uniforms aren't themselves overly frustrating. The frustrating part for me is that the design they chose gives them so many problems to fix and work around in order to make a cohesive solution. Everything was complicated to the point of being barely solvable. There are too many colors on one uniform, and the dark gray looks out of why not have the sword-yoke be white and light gray on both colored jerseys and light blue/navy on the white jersey? Because then the sword-stripe on the white pants wouldn't match the sword-yoke on the navy jersey and they might be worn together. So they need to add another color just to get two colors that will stand out on all three jersey color backgrounds. That caused them to have a lack of team colors in the uniform, so they had to add random side panels just to show a team color. They overthought this a lot. I actually like the sword sheathed striping, and I got it right away. It doesn't look downright bad to me. Maybe if there was a full stripe going down the side of the pants and the existing sword-striping was on top of that it would look more traditional and would bother less people. I think they swung for the fences with the hardest swing they could muster, and they ended up striking out and falling out of their shoes in the process.
  9. eRay

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    My eyes tell me these are almost certainly different color materials. The front of the swoosh being in the lighter material means that either the front is what we have seen and the back is slightly darker, or that this is not a shot from the navy jersey. I fully believe from what I've seen that the sword yokes are two toned and split down the middle.
  10. New rumored look is sitting fine with me the more I see it. It's not perfect, but it doesn't actively look BAD. Its faults are in what is missing (more teal or gold depending on your preference), not what is shown so it comes off as inoffensive to the eyes. I think if they use the teal for 4-6 games we'll all be okay with overall look this season. If it's for one game we might get antsy with the black and white look.
  11. More like... And no, I haven't seen the uniforms. Also, no, I don't think these look good. But they help show what I meant about the shoulder/sleeve stripe being split down the middle like the sword or T in the logos.
  12. I also found myself looking at the background photos. There is definitely images with uniforms. I see dark helmet, probably navy, white jersey with a light color number, maybe light blue, white pants, and light blue socks. Regarding the seam down the middle of the nike it possible they are taking inspiration from the sword in their logo and making the sleeve yoke-things half gray and half white? That's what my mind is seeing. No idea whats the truth, but I noticed the similarity to the sword and said "oh no..."
  13. eRay

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    edited to add: In the LockerVision website, if you click on "Game Outfitting" for any game, then right click (or cntrl-click) on the uniform and choose "open image in new window", the window or tab that opens has a URL in it. If you change the digits at the end of the url you can change the base layer color and shoe color. Pretty neat to try out.
  14. eRay

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Great, the Celtics will end the regular season with a gray vs gray matchup with the Nets. With all the planning they're doing ahead of time, why do we have situations like this? If it was teams deciding independently what to wear and this ended up happening we could blame the looseness of the system. These matchups have been scripted all year and we're still getting things that make no sense. Also, in all of April the Lakers won't wear either Purple OR Gold. Just white, black, or light blue.