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  1. Ugh,   Navy/Orange/White/Navy   vs   Silver/White/White/Lt. Blue  . Too many light colors for me. Wish the Panthers were allowed to go black against the orange. Or go crazy and pair their color rush jerseys with silver pants. Or even white jerseys with color rush pants and black socks. I don't know, I'm dreaming now.
  2. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    I'm all in for royal blue and chrome gold. Unique and LA. Chargers can be navy, powder and yellow.
  3. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I've seen better star slash maple leaf logos before....
  4. NFL Concepts (01/32) - Cardinals (12/02/15)

    Personally, I think you've got a great start here. I love the cream and think it matches the feel of the team and area, and also distinguishes the Cardinals from other red NFL teams. I think the blue is where you went down the wrong path. I would simplify the colors to red/cream/black/gold/orange. I know that sounds like a lot, but the orange would be just for the star, and the black and gold should be used sparingly. A primarily red/cream team with black accents and gold and orange pieces. Basically, make the white numbers cream, and replace the blue with black. I also think the pant stripes could be improved upon, but I don't hate them. They are just over-done in football.
  5. Socks That Ruined NFL Looks

    While I hardly think the socks "ruin" this look, as it was ruined from the start, I do think the modern-day Buccaneers' orange socks completely unbalance their uniform and look silly. It might even be worse than if they actually wore pewter socks with pewter pants, like what was shown when they revealed their uniforms.

    Gold: 4 Silver: 11 Bronze: 17
  7. NBA Football Helmets

    I'd just like to point out that the logo you used for the Pelicans is a basketball. I think they are one of the teams that has a logo more well-suited for a football helmet, utilize it. I'd like to see a little more creativity put into this as well. It'd be interesting if done fully. Like, the Hawks could use their uniform pattern in their helmet stripe, similar to what the Seahawks currently do. Timberwolves could use a tree pattern in their helmet stripe, the Rockets could use metallic silver, the Nets could have a sublimated herringbone pattern somewhere, the Warriors could work the bridge into a wraparound design, the possibilities are endless. Have fun with it, don't just recolor a plain helmet and put a logo on it. You're getting there with the Wizards update, keep working.
  8. LOGOLYMPIAD - EVENT 10 - Alternate Uniform

    Can we create a new helmet for the team, or do NFL one-helmet-only-because-of-concussions rules apply?

    Gold: 3 Silver: 6 Bronze: 11
  10. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    I would think the same thing. It's going to look really strange to have the only silver on the uniform be the helmet color. Wish they had opted for monochrome silver-green just to ruffle everyone's feathers. I take that back, I wish Color Rush wasn't even a thing, but here we are.

    Gold: 25 Silver: 23 Bronze: 10 This was super hard to vote on. I didn't have a clearcut winner when I first went through, and I also wasn't able to eliminate many from consideration. Had to look them all over a couple more times to even get down to three. Side note: I found it funny that entries #15 and 24 both had their entry number as their uniform number.
  12. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    I know some have mentioned the colorblindness thing, and I'm glad I wasn't alone. Now my colorblindness isn't as bad as others. Looking at pictures I can tell which team is red and which is green, I could also tell when they zoomed in on players or showed replays....but during the game action I could barely tell that their was two teams playing. I can't explain it. As soon as they stopped running around I could see the difference, but when everyone was moving around the teams looked the exact same to me. I know the other matchups will be much better for those that are like me (and worse), but hopefully they don't let this happen again. In other news, I like the Jags gold jerseys. I even like them with gold pants. The socks I wish were black with the normal white bottom portion, but I get that it wouldn't fit their gimmick. I support them taking on the color of a jaguar, I think it fits.
  13. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Tally of remaining games: 16 white, 14 Cavs gold, 12 road, 11 navy, 9 throwback gold, 6 black sleeves, 1 xmas. I thought they wore their home whites a lot less than that. I know it's about even with their alt, but that still is much more than I would've guessed.