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  2. Those helmets look good and all...but don't the chine straps have to be white in the NoFunLeague?
  3. Has anyone discussed the possibility of the team being the Golden Knights or Silver Knights and wearing either White or Black? Blue Jackets wear blue. Blues wear blue. Red Wings wear red. Golden Knights wear black. It doesn't fit.
  4. I really love what the Saints, Patriots, Broncos, Steelers, even Browns have done here. New looks echoing old looks done in a different way. It's clear the Saints are the real big winner, but I think the others deserved a mention. Speaking of the Saints, am I the only one that thinks of the White Ranger when looking at their uniforms? I love the look, but I just thought it was funny that my mind went there immediately.
  5. If Desert Knights is indeed the name, I 100% expect them to be branded as the LAS VEGAS desertKNIGHTS
  6. That Jennings picture is mocking a photoshop just like it that a fan sent him to try to get him to join the Kings.^tfw
  7. Love the new look for the Kings, but we all have minor gripes. My big two are that one uniform isn't different enough from another to seem necessary. The other problem is that the stripes at the bottom of the shorts don't go all the way around. Fix that and make the "SAC" jersey gray to separate it from the other purple jersey and you have a great set. Love the black jersey as the uni it's paying homage to is my favorite Kings look ever.
  8. I just tried calling them to see if they'd tell a nobody on the phone who designed it but I got some random person's voicemail after being transferred a couple times. I'd definitely try contacting if I were you.
  9. I always liked when the Nuggets participated in the NBA Green Week thing and had green jerseys. I like Green/Lt Blue/Yellow together.
  10. This would indeed be a way to get more casual eyes on college basketball, but NCAA might have a problem with professional franchises with insane amounts of money, having direct interest in the well-being of college players. They don't allow a couple dollars going from school to a player's parents for rent, what happens when the Kings send three trainers, 2 tutors, a nutritionist, and the player's family to live just off the Baylor campus to look-over their soon-to-be best player?
  11. Have the Hornets ever thrown it back?
  12. Yeah, which is why I was asking. Didn't know how far out of town it spread.
  13. Does Bean Town mean anything to anyone? Honestly asking people from all over the globe.
  14. I feel like Florida could cut the shield off before the "Florida" or "Panthers" part and look better then what they're about to unveil. Like, much better.
  15. Hopefully this helps illustrate the depth that they are creating (or not creating, depending on your eyes). The gray portions of the crown are in the back, the purple in the foreground.