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  1. NHL 2018-19

    The yellow helmets are perfect because yellow/gold is actually a light colour. What the Predators need to do and be allowed to do is wear yellow on the road and have a matching navy set at home. Just like when lights were the home base and the Canucks, Kings and for one season, the Penguins, were the only home yellow teams in the NHL while everyone else wore white.
  2. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Morgo, regarding the original blue jersey, read my initial post again -> last part of the last sentence in the first paragraph. Also, didn't you not like the white V's on the arms?
  3. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    I totally agree. Here's the thing....Morgo, I know you love the orca and I still have a fondness for the Skate and the black, yellow and orange/red. However, the Canucks should have kept the original '70-'72 uniforms with the classic Stick In Rink with the distinctive white V's on the arms. Johnny Canuck could've been added the shoulders and some white added to the outside of the green stripes on the blues. How great it would have been to have Kurtenbach, Pat Quinn, Smyl, Linden, Bure, Naslund, the Sedins, Boeser, etc, etc wear the same Canucks identity.
  4. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Too bad Bure had to wear this depressing Orca Bay uniform. How awesome it would have been to have him wear the original/current colours with the classic Stick In Rink or Johnny Canuck.
  5. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    The idea of a Johnny Canuck V was always appealing to me but the Johnny V-Head constantly gets Vachon Cakes logo comparison. Also, JC's tilted back head looks very awkward. What I really like about the roundel that I posted is that it's different from other roundels. JC stands out more by not being entirely encased inside the ring. Also, the team wordmarks are tilted off-centre. The ring itself is not overwhelmingly thick and its colour pattern is similar to the Stick In Rink.
  6. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Sorry, but that was a terrible colour scheme. Too dark, too corporate and very generic. Sky blue?? That was royal blue. The Jets' current "light" blue is a lot more of a sky blue.
  7. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    This is the perfect way to feature Johnny Canuck as the primary.
  8. NHL 2018-19

    The Canadiens need to go back to their lighter red and single bordering on their white sweater numbers.
  9. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Great to see the North Stars' iconic look in the Top 10. All the uniforms I voted for made the Top 25. Too bad the original home white uniform of the Canucks with the white V's on the arms was not an option to choose from. The Stick In Rink being inverted on the away blues just didn't stand out. Speaking of the Canucks, it speaks huge volumes when neither of their orca uniforms are made an option under the Canucks category while the first-year Golden Knights unique greys made the list
  10. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    The Canucks had the heat-pressed Flying V uniforms only during the '81-'82 season. That included the numbers and Skate logo. Other NHL teams like the Penguins and Nordiques had heat-pressed crests, player names and numbers and design elements.
  11. NHL 2018-19

    I'm hoping the Canucks make Johnny Canuck the primary on a blue 3rd jersey but with green bordered block font.
  12. NHL 2018-19

    I can never understand critics of the Devils' classic red and green look and the constant "Christmas" label. Red and forest/hunter are very unique and also go very well together. The Milwaukee Bucks have had the same colours, with green being the primary, for most of their existence. If a team wore red with kelly green, then I would have no issue with the Christmas label critique.
  13. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I'm in total agreement with Morgo here. I don't see how an all-green uniform can be seen as garish just because it's distinctive from the more common primary dark colours. What the Whalers should have done in '92 was change the kelly green to forest/hunter green(same with the North Stars in '91) and change the royal blue to either light teal or powder sky blue(same shade as what the Penguins had). That's the look I would like to see Seattle have. An all-kelly green would be my choice because Minnesota owns the all-forest green look. As for the Plymouth Whalers' look, that would be perfect for a future Canucks third uniform.
  14. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Unless it's Team Brazil, unfortunately, no. Only on the condition that one of the three colours is used as a minor accent. Like the way the Sabres use silver or the way the Canucks (89-97) and Blues (85-94) used red.
  15. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    My top 3: 1. Seattle Totems - all-kelly green w/navy. 2. Seattle Breakers - all-jade green w/light blue. 3. Seattle Thunderbirds - all-kelly or dark green w/light blue. Vancouver is blue w/green. Seattle should be green w/blue.