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  1. VancouverFan69

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    Here's the thing. Red and forest green complement one another like orange complements royal & navy blue and yellow/Athletic gold complements purple. You'd be surprised that more people like the Devils' original red and dark green than you think. I will take those uniforms any day over their 90s Chicago Bulls bandwagon colours. Also, there was far more red on the red & dark green unis, ie. dark helmets and red yokes on the white jerseys.
  2. VancouverFan69

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    And I'm half Hungarian decent.
  3. VancouverFan69

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    Totally agree with admiral. Forest/Hunter green and red are a natural. They're no more Christmas-themed than the Red Wings' Santa Claus colours(sarcasm). Now, if it's Kelly green and red, then it's "no thanks".
  4. VancouverFan69

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    The Lions could very easily go from a horrible look to a great look by going back in time like Winnipeg.
  5. VancouverFan69

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    The colour scheme is drab. Too many dark colours plus a logo representing the ownership at the time instead of the team name/sport element.
  6. VancouverFan69

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (all teams posted)

    Thanks! The "updated" original Stick In Rink was my work. Lol. Actually, with your Johnny Canuck concept, I would stick with the blue helmet and add blue bordering to the block font.
  7. VancouverFan69

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (all teams posted)

    I can delete it if you like. Your green Johnny Canuck concept is very nice by the way. However, I was pointing out what the Canucks need to do in order to have a good strong brand because their current brand is a mess, considering all the potential they have.
  8. VancouverFan69

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (all teams posted)

    If the Canucks decide to go with a green alternate, they need to go with the Utica Comets' classy template and not the cheap version that was used for the Johnny Canuck fashion jerseys. As for Johnny Canuck, it's high time to give the Canucks' namesake his due. Or, at least, use it as a shoulder patch instead of the Vachon Cakes-styled JC V-head. If the Stick In Rink is the primary alternate logo, the original version should be used but maintaining the white 'C' from the negative space between the green border and blue rink. The crooked stick ruins what could be a classic update. Also, the cheap Agency font needs to go. Time to bring back the traditional block font with the jersey secondary colour as bordering.
  9. VancouverFan69

    NHL 2017-18

    Morgo, I cannot get my head around you constantly dismissing the Canucks' 25-year pre-NHL history. The biggest mistake the Canucks have made with their identity other than replacing the Stick In Rink uniforms with the highly controversial Flying V outfits was not embracing Johnny Canuck from Day 1. Even as a primary shoulder patch. I became a diehard Canucks fan when I was 10. Never heard of JC until I was 24. That's when I listened to Don Cherry on Coach's Corner talk about his Vancouver playing days in the old WHL. He pointed out JC and that the Canucks should embrace the iconic lumberjack as the main logo. Even with the SIR as the primary, JC should be on the shoulders. A buddy of mine and I have gone to several NHL games in the US while wearing either our green JC fashion jerseys or our blue custom-made JC jerseys. The amount of compliments we both get are countless. People would ask what team. After we confess ourselves as Canucks fans from Vancouver, they would respond with, "Thought a Canuck was a killer whale or a fish". We would then educate them on the history of both JC and the orca. Many sports fans are history buffs and they have fondly taken to our JC jerseys. Furthermore, Vancouver is known for the North Shore mountains and surrounding waters a lot more than Haida art.
  10. VancouverFan69

    NHL 2017-18

    Johnny Canuck is no different from this old-school classic. The Penguins have a penguin. The Canucks are named after Johnny Canuck. Update the modified Stick In Rink to the original design but maintaining the white 'C' and it's a timeless classic.
  11. VancouverFan69

    NHL 2017-18

    Opinion: The orca is a great logo. Fact: The orca was inspired by the former Orca Bay S&E ownership.
  12. VancouverFan69

    NHL 2017-18

    Stick In Rink -> Stick In C -> Canucks Hockey. No different from the Canadiens' CH -> Club de Hockey Canadien. Johnny Canuck was the inspiration for the Canucks name and the lumbar industry has deep historic roots in BC. Royal blue, Kelly green and white represent the natural beauty of Vancouver & BC. The Canucks organization needs to focus on the 3 H's -> Heritage, History & Hockey. The SIR(without the stick being crooked), JC and the current colours are the key components to the Canucks brand. The orca, First Nations/west coast or not, was inspired by the former Orca Bay ownership group. It's a corporate and divisive logo that needs to go ASAP.
  13. VancouverFan69

    NHL 2017-18

    The current Johnny Canuck is based on the original Western Hockey League version.
  14. VancouverFan69

    NHL 2017-18

    Font bordering is not clutter. The Rangers, for example, have drop shadow bordering. Many clubs including those in other sports leagues have font bordering. Makes the uniforms stand out. Green is the Canucks' primary secondary colour and it should be utilized beyond the jersey striping.