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  1. VancouverFan69

    FC Cincinnati

    This has nothing to do with diversity. Furthermore, it makes MLS look very inconsistent across the board with its branding. MLS is a North American sports league like the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and CFL. The NASL's problems were over-expansion like what MLS is currently doing, having a stupid gimmicky points system that rewarded teams that scored more, overspending and not configuring fans properly in an intimate manner in large stadiums. I'm of both German and Hungarian-Jewish decent and thanks to the NASL, I love the beautiful game of soccer. What turns me off is how MLS has divided its North American fan base and the snobby arrogance of European(mostly British) soccer/football fans towards North American sports and its traditions. I have all the respect in the world for the likes of Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool FC, FC Bayern München, Werder Bremen, AC Milan and FC Barcelona. However, if the NASL still existed today, there would still be a lot of love and support for the likes of the ?Fort Lauderdale Strikers(George Best), the ?TB Rowdies(Rodney Marsh), the ???NY Cosmos(Pele??, Giorgio Chinaglia??, Franz Beckenbauer??), the ?️?️LA Aztecs(Johan Cruyff??), the ?Chicago Sting(Karl-Heinz Granitza??) and ?❄?Toronto Blizzard(Jomo Sono??, Bruce Wilson??).
  2. VancouverFan69

    FC Cincinnati

    The Portland Timbers brand along with their outstanding supporters club, Timbers Army are a classic example of why there's nothing wrong North American SOCCER brands. The Vancouver Whitecaps and not "Vancouver City United FC" ignited my interest in The Beautiful Game. If European football supporters want to be snobby about North America's sporting traditions, then that's their problem. We'll just simply agree to disagree.
  3. VancouverFan69

    FC Cincinnati

    This league is really turning me off with uncontrollable expansion along with all the copycat European brand names. FC this. United that. Boy do I ever miss the NASL with the likes of the NY Cosmos, Toronto Blizzard, LA Aztecs and Tampa Bay Rowdies.
  4. VancouverFan69

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    This rebrand was badly overdue. The logo does need a white outline but regardless, it's an awesome design. Love the red face mask with the blue helmet.
  5. VancouverFan69

    Potential CFL Halifax Names

    Nova Scotia Voyagers. BC and Saskatchewan are in the West so it would be great to have a team in the East with a provincial identity.
  6. VancouverFan69

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    The Sharks need to bring the first version back full-time. Keep the teal highlighting on the shark's back but that's it.
  7. VancouverFan69

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    I echo the same sentiments. The Canucks' home yellow Flying V uniforms really intrigued me as well. When I became a hockey fan, every NHL home uniform I saw on TV was the standard home white. I knew the Canucks wore away black with red and yellow but that was it. As I started to watch Hockey Night In Canada with my dad regularly, I watched the Canucks play in Montreal early in the new NHL season. Black vs White. A couple of weeks later, the Canucks hosted the Rangers. Blue vs Yellow! Canucks won 6-4 as well.? I didn't care what the Flying V looked like. I was in L?VE with the home yellows. The Canucks had a base colour that they owned. Every other team wore home white except the Canucks. That was until I discovered the LA Kings wore home yellow-gold while I was gazing through an issue of the old Hockey Illustrated magazine. Awes♡me, the Canucks had company.
  8. VancouverFan69

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    I loved those powder/sky blues. The teams who wore them had/have the colours that blended in nicely. The Expos, Blue Jays, Brewers, Mariners and Phillies were my favourite powder blue MLB uniforms
  9. VancouverFan69

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Colourful and distinctive NHL uniforms of the 70's and 80's before the league contracted 90's BFBS disease.
  10. VancouverFan69

    MLS Adds a Second Spot for Ads on Uniforms

    If all the pro leagues looked like Nascar, I'm FINISHED with pro sports.
  11. VancouverFan69

    A History of Yellow Uniforms in the NHL

    Gretzky's Jofa helmet would have looked great in home yellow and away purple. I still prefer the original Kings uniform with the Red Wings' red jersey template but the I will take the Kings' 80's look over anything black and silver. Purple and yellow-gold look great together and it was distinctive and unique.
  12. VancouverFan69

    Unique Team Names?

    The worst team name in major professional sports. The Avalanche are the Avs. The Lightning are the Bolts. The Wild is just too "wild" and bizarre to be a team name.
  13. VancouverFan69

    NHL Uniform Rundown - 2018/19 edition

    The only good thing about the Canucks are the colours. The corporate orca, the cluttering arched 'VANCOUVER' and the bland Agency font need to go. The original Stick In Rink C and Johnny Canuck need to be the co-identities of the Canucks. One as the primary crest and the other as the secondary logo. Block font needs to be brought back with a green border.
  14. VancouverFan69

    A History of Yellow Uniforms in the NHL

    The '80 was not a crazy time for hockey uniforms. Colorful, yes but not crazy. The generic BBFS 90's with uniforms with diagonal hemlines and mountain and wavy designs were a crazy time for hockey unis. You are in a very high minority because I, too, loved the unique home yellow/gold of the Canucks and Kings along with their matchups vs the greens of the North Stars & Whalers and reds of the Flames(classics), Red Wings, Devils w/dark green and Capitals.
  15. VancouverFan69

    A History of Yellow Uniforms in the NHL

    So great to see yellow/gold making a comeback in the NHL as a primary colour. Unfortunately, it's always been set up to fail by average to poor teams until the Predators adopted it full-time. If the Kings had kept their original purple and gold going into the Gretzky era but with the original template and had the Canucks kept the original Stick In Rink instead of going with the Flying V plus having highly skilled players to compete with the Oilers and Islanders, yellow/gold would be as popular as many of the classic whites and dark colours.