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  1. UL kooking for one new owner

    6 months membership minimum and 500 posts.
  2. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Tank was not the only one punished, he was just the only one banned.   We determined in that entire thread there was only one member whose comments were insulting and directed at Tank, and that member has been suspended.
  3. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Ice Cap pretty much covered a lot of the situation.   It was not any specific comment that led to the banishment. It's the history of overreacting, posting inflammatory rhetoric, and claiming he is bullied when called out on his posts.   Time and time again, he proved that he cannot help himself when it comes to a political debate. As "the conservative voice", he felt it was his moral obligation to debate any argument from his political perspective, but instead of using facts, he used hyperbole and easily disproven internet memes. If the sources did not come from Brietbart, Fox, or any other right-biased news site, he would deny its truth and post more from his own side. He did not know how to actually debate. He doesn't know how to say "X politician did Y, and caused Z, and here are the facts to back this up"; he only knew how to say "X is taking away our rights and will send us all to jail". Ad infinitum.   We've said before, a member's lack of will power is not the board's problem. It's that you can't handle yourself in threads, then you'll be removed from them. If you repeat the behavior in other threads, you get punished or banned. It doesn't matter if it's a lack of will power, a diagnosis of Asperger's, or trolling.   I have communicated with Tank on Facebook. He's not an angry, hate-filled person. He is someone has a big inferiority complex and whose only outlet is to repeat the comments of the loudest voices in his political party. I don't think he means to be insulting, but he doesn't really have any social skills, so he communicates the only way he knows how, and doesn't really have the empathetic ability to see things from the other point of view. He's also very defensive, and the only way to fight back is to repeat things louder until the other person just gives up and walks away. It is very sad. But he's an adult male, and he'll just have to learn to deal with it.
  4. Name That Font!

      Script is similar to Brody Script   Transport is similar to Frutiger
  5. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

      That's close to mine. I was 94% Hilary/Bernie, 75% Jeb. And I didn't answer or rate most of the questions.
  6. Personal Logo Help

    Is there a reason you chose this particular font, and used flag-type arrows on the serifs? A personal logo for a designer should tell a little about you or your work. With this logo, it doesn't say "designer" so much as it says "school/university/baseball team". I know there are many other designers who have used monograms, but there seems to be more creativity and thought into them; yours looks too much like the San Diego Padres monogram.

    They're clean, but you're using the wrong courts. High schools don't use the NBA 3-point line, nor do they have an arc in the lane. You also have the backboard flush against the end line, when it's actually about 3 feet inside the boundary.
  8. Twin Cities Terrors roller derby

    I don't know...yours is more rounded and a bit "friendlier". The previous one has a more maniacal sense to it.   In the original, the lightning bolts looks more like a crown of ivy, in yours they're more like tattoos. I think the t.c. would look better on the skull's forehead instead of cut off on the side.
  9. Maple Leafs Redesign

      From 1936-1948, the Bruins had only a number on the front of their jerseys.
  10. The Bad Pun Thread

    It should not be called the funny bone. When you hit it, it's not very humerus.
  11. Historic NFL Fields - Giants 1964

      Is there an explanation for the darker turf patch between the 40 and 35 on the bottom left? I've seen that in video clips (as well as seemingly-perpetual water stains on the turf).
  12. Tank's Super Bowl L Trivia Contest

    III Thurman Thomas Buffalo V Green Bay and Seattle
  13. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl 50 Field

      That looks very bold, but I think it would look better if the logos were screened back and the wordmarks went on top of them. Either way, they couldn't be used unless there was another color border to separate the logos from the white boundary lines.