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  1. Barack and Michelle Obama's Official Portraits

    "Andre Dawson!" "What year is this?"
  2. 1985 Edition: Designing my blog

    Your apostrophe is upside down. To go in front of a number (as an abbreviation like '85), it should look like a raised comma, not the beginning of a single quote. This is also known as the "apostrophe catastrophe".
  3. Name That Font!

    The numbers and school name are just one of Nike's standard block fonts. That's not the official school wordmark. The name lettering is similar to a font called "Freshman" or "Collegiate Block".
  4. Name That Font!

    The numbers are the custom font for the Washington Capitals. Name lettering is Agency, most likely Agency Bold.
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    Either the style guide is wrong, or the developers are, especially with throwbacks. The game has the Mariners, Padres and Phillies in the wrong font for numbers, and used the incorrect "fat" lettering for the Red Sox throwback script.
  6. Question...I noticed that the facemask on the Bills helmet is different from the other teams in these graphics. Is this how the graphics are provided from the NFL? @canzman
  7. The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen

    The last college football game I officiated this season had the home team in light gray (Tufts) against the visitors in white (Middlebury). Couldn't find pictures, but did find a highlight video on YouTube:
  8. Name That Font!

    Big Noodle Titling. Freeware font available numerous places.
  9. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

  10. Name That Font!

    Times New Roman Bold
  11. Little Caesars new logo

    When I was in school, we had a Little Ceasar's in town. This was about 20 years ago, before the expansion of locations. I remember getting a Baby Pan Pan and cheesy bread for lunch every so often. It was nice having a different pizza chain available. When they expanded to supply the snack bars in some Kmarts, it tasted like they changed their recipe. Even now that there are a lot more store front locations, it seems like they changed their recipe even more. Do they even promote the pan pizza anymore? Their pizzas don't taste as good as I remembered.
  12. Little Caesars new logo

    In Soviet Russia, pizza is in YOU.
  13. Sports Design Openings

    Let's see if I get a response
  14. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    For the gimmick. It sort of started with the NHL outdoor games, then the stadiums figured they'd open up for other sports as well. I mean, stadiums in the past were multi-purpose because they had to be. I think the novelty has gotten out of hand, to be honest. In this day and age, there's no reason to host these games at different stadiums when there are perfectly capable facilities nearby. I'm looking at bowl games like the Pinstripe Bowl, Miami Beach Bowl, whatever they play in Tropicana, etc.