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  1. St.Clair Shores Fighting Saints (FHL)

    First thing I thought of was the University of Western Florida Argonauts...
  2. Sports logo design for our Graphic Design Studio

    My thoughts: the sans serif of "Dase Designs" doesn't seem to go with the serif of the logo itself. Maybe put a serif on the D and tie them together, or use a more block font for DASE. Right now, it looks too much like a O, and it's a bit distracting. The issues with the kerning in DASE have already been mentioned. You emphasized the font "Spy Agency", but it's not used anywhere. Is it a portfolio piece, or a choice of font for somewhere in your identity? You kind of go back and forth with straight angled corners and rounded ones, especially between the inner-most white shape/surrounding gray outline. If it's a design choice, I'd really make the differences distinct, otherwise it looks like an oversight, or lack of attention to detail. Is your logo a double D for Dase Designs? Because of the how wide the stroke of the bowl of the D is, the second smaller D shape looks offset to the left of what would be the middle of the outer D, if that makes sense (I'm describing it better in my head than I can type it out). Minimize the colors. Is gray necessary? Your logo stands out well in black and white (with that slight hint of gray) against the orange background. The extra orange outline might be overkill. Your a design firm, not a sports team. If you need that many colors to express your identity and vision, you may be overthinking it.
  3. MiLB | Salt Lake Bees Rebrand

    I will bump this up for a relevant post... Someone posted a link to this picture on UniWatch on Saturday, April 30: This was found in a Salt Lake City area Wal-Mart. This thread is referenced in the news feed to the article.
  4. "Circle K" Refresh

    The rebranding was released last September, must be just starting the rollout now. Not too many Circle K locations up in my area, but I'll be curious to see how widepsread the updates are.
  5. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    According to the art sheet, the Kings official color scheme is purple, gray, and black. But black is only used as either a background, or when the entire logo is one-color. If the uniform wordmark applications are the same as the actual clothing, these will be the following options: white top, purple Kings with gray outline purple top, white Kings with gray outline black top, white Kings with purple outline purple top, gray SAC with white outline
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Why not? UA's biggest basketball endorsement (Steph Curry) plays just a few miles down the road.
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Hope that is just a mockup. Cal just had an update to their identity designed just a few years ago, with logo, fonts, everything. I think Fraser Davidson worked on that project. Seems a shame to have to give that up due to the switch.
  8. Minnesota North Stars Rebrand Petition

    Minnesota North Stars, 1967-1993, 26 seasons Dallas Stars, 1993-2016, 22 seasons The ship has sailed.
  9. NBA's New Jersey Swamp Dragons/Fire Dragons

    A big reason why IKEA switched from Futura to Verdana — cost. Every computer has Verdana installed as one of the default fonts. You don't have to pay money (Futura) for a font that comes with every computer. So you can use the same font on-screen and in print.
  10. Rollerball

    In the future, please don't bump up a topic that's 11 years old.
  11. Maybe the University of Kansas goes by "KU" for the same reason the University of Oklahoma goes by "OU". Off the top of my head, UCLA, USC, UMass (and UMass-Lowell), UConn, UNH, and BU (Boston University) are the first schools I think of that actively include the word "university" in the school's commonly referred-to name and athletics branding. Aside from state schools, like Arizona State, tOSU, etc., most universities names after states just go by the state's name, without the "university": Michigan, Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, etc. Even Kansas mostly goes by just "Kansas". Surprised they don't just use a K.
  12. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Did Washington have a separate caucus for each party? Here in Mass., we just had a primary. I am registered as "unrolled", not with any specific party ("Independent" is its own specific party, so those of us who did not want to register with any party are considered "unenrolled"). On Primary day, the voting was fairly smooth in my town. I stopped by about 5:30pm after work, and there was a longer line of vehicle traffic than people inside. I checked in, and since the list shows me as unrolled, I was asked which ballot I wanted to use (Democratic or Republican). I voted and left, the whole thing took less than five minutes.
  13. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Even suffered from constipation as a kid? Moxie tastes similar to Castoria, now known as Fletcher's Laxative for Kids.
  14. 2016 GTOV Suggestions Thread

    PIzza Rat Rick Perry's Candidacy Arizona Diamondbacks Bloody Pant Legs Joey Crawford Retirement Tour
  15. Coming Out ^~^

    It's great that you have a supportive family. Hopefully the period around your transition is as peaceful and stress-free as possible. I can't offer any congratulations though, because to me, it's like congratulating someone for admitting they're left-handed, a specific ethnicity, or a sexual orientation. You don't congratulate someone for having a trait. You can offer them peace of mind that you won't treat them any differently than you did before the public reveal, and wish themgood luck that they're surrounded by loving and supporting friends and family. I can't imagine that coming out to a message board where you've only been a member for less than 6 months, and don't have a lot of posts, is as life-changing as coming out to those with whom you have much closer personal relationships. For the most part, we're all anonymous strangers connected only by our love of sports logos. In any case, as a moderator, I hope you continue to visit and be an engaging, productive member of the community.As long as you're not a jerk, it matters nothing to me what gender you are (or were, in this case).