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    Really nice design, but I have a few comments... The ball is really small compared to the wordmark. When shrunk down, I think it almost becomes an afterthought. The outlines are really thin compared to the rest of the crest. Maybe if the crest itself was a bit more vertical, you could make the ball a bit bigger at the bottom. You could integrate the letters with the slashed white lines around it more. Match up the angles of the middle section of the M with both diagonal white lines. Same with the second could add an angle to the tail which would match the white line. Maybe even redraw all the letters as a type of athletic block...this would add consistency with the angles of the lightning-type gold and white slashes.
  2. slapshot

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Never thought I'd see the day when a modern beverage rebrand contains Copperplate and Korinna.
  3. slapshot

    Coyotes Bring Back the Kachina as New Third Uniform

    Long live the Peyote Coyote!
  4. slapshot

    Aviators Appears to be New Name for Las Vegas 51s

    I'm sure there will be a "Spruce Goose Swinging a Bat" logo somewhere in the identity.
  5. It's like Goofy/Pluto levels of Inception right there.
  6. slapshot

    Stolen Work

    Are you able to take it further and find out the person who gave the team the rights?
  7. slapshot

    Football Field Template

    I agree, the numbers do look a bit close together, and a bit big. Here's a link directly from the NCAA rulebook, if you can open up the PDF in a vector editing program: Field Diagrams (Posted 2%3A27%3A2013).pdf
  8. slapshot

    Hellman's Mayonaise new packaging

    So now the blue on the label doesn't match the blue of the cap.
  9. Pepsi puts a lot of money into branding and celebrity endorsements, but does nothing to improve the flavor.
  10. slapshot

    New Best Buy logo

    I think that Klavika logo was also used for Best Buy Express stores. There's one in my local mall, but I haven't paid much attention to the signage to confirm.
  11. slapshot

    RBI Baseball

    Why not add pinstripes for New York and Chicago? And for Boston, making the hat and belt blue would differentiate it a bit from a few other solid red teams.
  12. I don't get the point of this graphic. It's not like the Vikings which have specific shapes depending on which digit of the number pair they are. Each number here is the same regardless of whether it's a single digit, a one or a ten.
  13. slapshot

    Name That Font!

    What does Cocaine Wayne have to do with anything?
  14. slapshot

    Name That Font!

    Looks like a modified version of Ballpark Weiner.
  15. slapshot

    Name That Font!

  16. Remember when minor league teams kept the same name and uniforms throughout the season? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  17. So they're moving away from the recent introduction of the United Serif family to this. I don't mind it, but that's <sarcasm>designspeak</sarcasm> to say that it's inspired by Univers. That's saying any sans serif font is inspired by Univers. It's inspired by Machine, or most any other block sans serif font.
  18. slapshot

    Custom NCAA Courts

    Please read the same comment I gave your friend. You're squeezing in conference logos where they don't normally go, and you're coloring in areas that don't exist on a college court.
  19. slapshot

    NCAA Custom Courts

    Your conference logos are way too big for the free throw lane. College lanes don't have the outer space (in the America East Conference court, for example, that navy blue area in the free throw lane wouldn't be there. Here's an example of the Rhode Island court I found online (never mind the width of the sidelines or endlines, this is just for court markings) Here you can clearly see what the width of the free throw lanes, the free throw half-circle, as well as how much space there is between the free throw line and the painted arc on the floor under the basket. Logos should never touch those lines - they need to be clearly visible for players and officials. In the case of the court like Albany, the conference logo would be best placed in one of three areas (once in each half of the court): 1. On the endline in the corner 2. Inside the 3-point arc, on the opposite side as a team logo 3. Somewhere between the midcourt line and the 3-point arc.
  20. slapshot

    Full list of teams with neon colors?

    The AHL team Beast of New Haven had neon.
  21. slapshot

    NCAA Custom Courts

    It's the University of Maine, not Maine University.
  22. slapshot

    Name That Font!

  23. slapshot

    NCAA Custom Courts

    Any reason why you're using random fonts on most of these courts instead of the actual school wordmarks?
  24. slapshot

    NCAA Custom Courts

    You need to first upload your image to an image-hosting website like Flickr or Imgur. You can't just copy and paste directly from your computer or hard drive.