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  1. slapshot

    Uni Watch NY Jets Uniform Contest

    So, I entered. Just threw a few things together. One is a modernized version of the kelly green era, the other a little more "out there" with the introduction of sky blue, a scheme influenced by Tulane University.
  2. slapshot

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    But for football, only 8. And there were always rumors that St. Anselm would drop to D3 for lack of competitiveness. My college officiating organization covers both D2 and D3, and with 2 less D2 teams, that's more people fighting for assignments.
  3. slapshot

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    With Merrimack and now LIU (Post) moving to the FCS Northeast Conference, the NE-10 is going to be the NE-8. There are not that many D-II programs in New England, not sure right now who will replace them for football.
  4. slapshot

    Game Show Network Logo

    Not showing up for me. Is this it?
  5. slapshot


    It might be the shade of silver, but it seems to vibrate against the orange. I think the baseline scripts and icons inside the center court logo would look better with white outlines than instead of silver.
  6. slapshot

    Alaska State Lights

    Much better. These would meet NCAA standards. Aesthetically, I'm not really a fan of the gradient numbers, but they are definitely legible. As for the names on the back, they are still a bit small, and much lower than they should be. Based on this template, the names would either go above the horizontal seam on the back, or in a nameplate that is centered on top of that seam. They generally wouldn't be arched jersey names are horizontal.
  7. slapshot

    Alaska State Lights

    Technically, this is illegal per NCAA, and most levels. You'd never be able to read the numbers from the press box, and maybe not even on field either. The rule is numbers must clearly contrast with the jersey, and must be legible without an outline. Take away the outline, you can't read the numbers at all.
  8. slapshot

    Onward for the Brown & Gold

    I am also seeing Wyoming. Both are brown and gold, and with this concept, both use a similar western-looking font. It looks like you directly took Wyoming's logo, erased the Cowboy, and flipped it.
  9. slapshot

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    But does the Penobscot tribe have any connection to Cleveland or Ohio? They're more or less associated with Maine than anything. The more likely connection would be some more well-known tribes like Iroquois or Chippewa. According to, the word "Ohio" was derived from the Iroquois for "beautiful river". So the Iroquois would seem to be the likely tribe for a visual theme or imagery.
  10. slapshot

    New York Islanders New Third Uniform Leaks

    Thought about it, but didn't want a 100% inverse of the blue home I mocked up. It's worth looking into though.
  11. slapshot

    New York Islanders New Third Uniform Leaks

    /threadjack What's wrong with this?
  12. slapshot

    Slapshot's NHL

    One more addition - Winnipeg. Sleeve stripes no longer extend entire width of sleeve. Jersey hem stripes modified. For some of the recent suggestions, I am going to hold off for now. My ideal Blues uniform keeps the navy, and same with the Flames and the black trim.
  13. slapshot

    Slapshot's NHL

    It's been years since I've posted a bunch of concepts, and I don't know if I've ever designed a whole league. That being said, this is my interpretation of my ideal-looking NHL. I've used my own template, based on the current Adidas jerseys. I'm a traditionalist, but pretty much every team has had at least a tweak or two, and some teams a major overhaul. I will give a description of what I changed for each team. The teams will be posted alphabetically by division, with a couple surprises at the end. Starting with the Atlantic Division... Boston Bruins Changes: modified number font (I hate the diagonal 2). Also added a gold alternate. Buffalo Sabres Changes: Removed silver and front number. Added "B-sabre" shoulder patch. Detroit Red Wings Changes: Wheel logo is on helmet instead of word mark. Florida Panthers Changes: Modified crest. Changed striping to older style. Moved numbers to sleeves. Added more blue to look, including blue alternate with "leaping Panther" crest. Montreal Canadiens Changes: Added fleur-de-lis shoulder patch, as they currently represent all of French Canada. Single color outline on road jersey numbers. Ottawa Senators Changes: Return of laurel-leaf striping. Added gold color to uniforms. Used more Roman-style font (inspired by Binghamton Senators). Barber-pole alternates. Tampa Bay Lightning Changes: Return of silver and black. Modified crest. Toronto Maple Leafs Changes: 70's-era maple leaf shoulder patch. Modified jersey hem striping.
  14. slapshot

    Slapshot's NHL

    Pittsburgh: fixed the socks so they match jersey hem.
  15. slapshot

    Portland AAA Stadium Concept

    Looking at your stadium, it doesn't look like it seats 9,000+ in lower and upper sections. The lower bowl looks almost exactly like LeLacheur Park in Lowell, Mass., and that seats 6,500 at most. Yours actually has fewer sections due to the berm down the left field line.
  16. slapshot

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    UNE had blue turf for a few years before adding the football program. They had soccer, and possibly lacrosse and field hockey as well, on the blue turf. Not sure if the football field is a separate field, or they just relined the existing field. I was originally assigned to officiate a football game there, but was reassigned closer to home. The University of New Haven has blue turf, and I think they received permissions from Boise. D2 isn't exactly infringing across the same audience as Boise. UMass-Lowell has a blue field. They turned it blue long after they dropped football. The field is used almost exclusively for field hockey and lacrosse.
  17. slapshot

    Slapshot's NHL

    And now, three more... Washington: cleaned up the striping/piping. Added more red, reduced number of stars on pants. Philadelphia: removed extra outlines. Added solid color below jersey stripe. Modified socks to match new striping. Minnesota: switched red jersey to green. Reverted number font to current version.
  18. slapshot

    Slapshot's NHL

    I've made a few updates, and there will be more to come... Hartford: modified the stripe order on the away jersey hem, and changed the cuffs on the home to blue. Los Angeles: removed shoulder piping. Lightened purple, darkened gold. Simplified sleeve striping. Anaheim: changed orange to gold. Changed up order of striping. Decreased angle of jersey stripes.
  19. slapshot

    Slapshot's NHL

    Thank you all so far for the feedback. I will look into some of the tweaks. For those of you who don't like things, what don't you like about them? Is it something that's just a minor fix away, or a more extreme change? I agree the Anaheim scheme is "out there". What are some suggestions? Would replacing orange with bronze take out some of the garishness?
  20. slapshot

    Game-worn jersey collecting

    I used to have about 25 game worn hockey and baseball (both minors and NCAA) jerseys. The most I spent on a jersey was about $300. Most came through eBay or another collectors website. No rhyme or reason to any specific player, I just wanted to have one from each team in New England, or with a logo I liked. I never got them autographed, since I wore them to games and sometimes got food or beverages spilled on them. I ended up selling most of them back on eBay, after the collection got bigger than the available space I had for them. Still have about 5 or 6.
  21. slapshot

    New Thumbtack Logo

    This was reviewed on Brand New a few months ago. The previous orange version is actually a pushpin, not a thumbtack. The current version solves this discrepancy, and integrates the icon within the wordmark.
  22. slapshot


    Really nice design, but I have a few comments... The ball is really small compared to the wordmark. When shrunk down, I think it almost becomes an afterthought. The outlines are really thin compared to the rest of the crest. Maybe if the crest itself was a bit more vertical, you could make the ball a bit bigger at the bottom. You could integrate the letters with the slashed white lines around it more. Match up the angles of the middle section of the M with both diagonal white lines. Same with the second could add an angle to the tail which would match the white line. Maybe even redraw all the letters as a type of athletic block...this would add consistency with the angles of the lightning-type gold and white slashes.
  23. slapshot

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Never thought I'd see the day when a modern beverage rebrand contains Copperplate and Korinna.
  24. slapshot

    Coyotes Bring Back the Kachina as New Third Uniform

    Long live the Peyote Coyote!
  25. slapshot

    Aviators Appears to be New Name for Las Vegas 51s

    I'm sure there will be a "Spruce Goose Swinging a Bat" logo somewhere in the identity.