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  1. The A's to Portland isn't just a recent "development". They've been tied to speculative relocations for at least 15 years. Certainly, the Expos were the focus of the group(s) trying to bring MLB to Portland, but the A's came up as well. We know that their stadium woes aren't new, either. I recall doing a Portland A's concept way back when, although I doubt I posted it here. It was pretty shoddy execution, but my idea was taking the A's cap logo, and replacing the apostrophe with the rosebud and stem from the Portland Rockies cap: Feel free to snag or modify that concept for your Portland A's!
  2. Frylock

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Maybe it's just me, but is anyone else getting a 2004 San Diego Padres vibe for the number font?
  3. Frylock

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Maybe it's just me, but this particular location just makes it look like the Marlins are randomly vandalizing people's homes...
  4. I truly have loved every moment of this concept series. You have a great eye, and you really are grasping the possibilities of the alternate realities. I absolutely loved the BiG logo being reimagined for the Milwaukee Braves. Genius!! Now, as a Portland sports history enthusiast, I'm excited to see what happens in your timelines. Seeing what you have done with the various incarnations of the Athletics, and how they have mixed in prior franchises per each city, I can't help but wonder if we see that in Portland...? Say, a PCL reference that heavily borrowed a design element from a Missouri franchise? I hate to say much more without a spoiler, but... Elephants on the bat??
  5. First thing that comes to mind, getting back to the core of this topic, would be Portland's dual stripe jersey sash.
  6. Been letting this sit for a couple days, and I've scrolled through all of the comments... I get that the purple jersey has been the hot topic, but, nothing about the solid stripe on the back of the neck trim? What is that all about? Is it so that it ties the aesthetic to the purple jersey? That's as big an eyesore as the side panels, if you ask me. Furthermore, the fact that these jerseys haven't been draped in Nike-speak, unlike other reveals, kinda leaves me dumbfounded.
  7. Frylock

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I missed the name because I was distracted by the M-based camo pattern around the court... yikes!
  8. Nope, did that and still get the redirect.
  9. I am having the same issues on mobile, and pop ups, and redirects everywhere. It's virtually unusable. And I am also getting the same Amazon spinning wheel hijack thingy...
  10. Frylock

    MLB changes 2018?

    "To do then, now, would be retro. To do then then, was very now-tro."
  11. Frylock

    Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Quick reply here... That first jersey with the half circle above the number? That was a stock Cooper jersey template in the early 1980s, seen throughout major junior, i.e. WHL, OHL, and QMJHL. Would've been wild to have seen that in he NHL!
  12. Frylock

    Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Love the full Blue Jays script. The numbers are so-so for me. I'm head over heels for the belveling on the 8, but the 5 and 9 are much too similar.
  13. Frylock

    MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    YES!! This was classy, classic, and damn near perfection. I miss the Beavers, I miss PGE Park (pre-Timbers reconfig) and I miss the hope and dream that once existed of bringing MLB to Portland.
  14. Frylock

    2018 NFL Offseason

    Just saw video of Randy Moss getting his HOF invitation, and boy did I get a blast from the past. I had no idea (and really, who did?) that C. David Baker, fromer Arena League commissioner for 11+ years, has been president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the last four years. Mind blown...
  15. Frylock

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Are CJ's socks new for this set? Those are awesome!! And I'm not one who really gives much interest towards NBA socks...