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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Just the N? The uneven weights in the A are driving me crazy.
  2. NHL 2017-18

    My eyes are fixated on the L V in the logo, TBH...
  3. NHL 2017-18

    First, is that the Canucks NOB font? Second, are those B's upside down?
  4. NHL 2017-18

    Re: the Avalanche jerseys, I'm most curious to see if they keep the "original" pointy number font, or go to the smoother/rounded font from their alts.
  5. Rare NBA Getty Images, Google & Internet Find

    Clyde Drexler was their star, after he quit wearing Roos. There was an Avia branded Drexler fanclub (I was a member) and I still have some Avia branded Drexler promo material I picked up when my dad worked for the company.
  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Be sure to enter your PIN number...
  7. NHL 2017-18

    Just a heads-up, all of the letters and numbers should be italic on those jerseys.
  8. Portland Trail Blazers new logo

    I've been a Blazers fan since 1986 or so. I'm also pushing 40, so my ideals on things that are cool will automatically put me out of the demographic of "city" or "regional" nicknames on jerseys. All that being said... I'm not a huge fan of "rip city" on the jerseys. It's not as dumb as Buzz City or Clutch City, but it's pushing the limits. As for the use of "rip city" to represent the Blazers in marketing or promotional materials, even selling t-shirts? Yes, 100% yes. In my opinion, because the Blazers toiled in relative obscurity for so long, and never really got in the national spotlight until the runs to the Finals in the '90s, Bill Schonely's catch phrase remained a regional phenomenon. If he had been somewhere else, somewhere with great exposure, it'd be as recognizable as "Holy Cow!", or "Hey! Hey!" And fun fact for y'all: Bill Schonely was also the play-by-play announcer for the Seattle Pilots before joining the Blazers.
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Found at Goodwill this morning: what appears to be a game used 2014-15 Oregon State women's softball batting helmet. Missing a couple decals, but photomatched to game shots from those years.
  10. Return of the Birmingham Bulls.

    @Milkman14 makes some valid points. However, after how many years it's been since this logo came out, I still struggle to look past the smiling eyes and mouth at the very top...
  11. Here's one for consideration... Bill Walton: Only played 4 years for the Blazers. Brought the team it's only NBA title, so is that his "right" team? For the sake of argument, let's say yes. His rookie season, 1974/75 was the last season for this style with the tail under "blazers". The next season, 1975/76, they switched to the vertical style which became famous the following season when they won the championship. The season after that, 1977/78, saw the introduction to the now iconic "sash" style uniforms, which Walton only wore that year before injuries and a trade sent him packing. Interesting twist: when the Blazers retired his number prior to I believe their 1989/90 season opener, they presented him a framed version of the "sash" style jersey. Was it simply because that's what they had available to customize? That's what I suspect... So, which one is his "wrong" jersey?
  12. MLB Changes 2017

    My bad. I clearly meant Sun Trust. Insert generic corporate name here...
  13. MLB Changes 2017

    Upon further review, it looks like a stadium you'd see in a video game that's not authorized by Major League Baseball. I'm a life-long Braves fan, going back to '81. Fulton County Stadium was a cookie-cutter, Turner Field lacked modern-retro charm, and Sun Life feels like a cash grab modern-cookie cutter. They have an opportunity to make it "theirs", so I'm going to try to give it some time. But, man, my knee-jerk reaction is "meh".