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  1. PCFC Monogram/Interlock logo

    its only going to be used on the front of a guernsey at quite a large size
  2. PCFC Monogram/Interlock logo

    Hey all, Has been quite a while since I've posted any concepts on here, just after some feedback on the below logo, its for a local football club (Aus Rules), they were wanting something along the line of Carlton FC's Logo with the PCFC initials Heres Carltons logos and here is what i came up with
  3. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    is #47's Sleeves on Backwards?
  4. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    the shade of gold for the striping on the gold kit ended up looking a lot more yellow than intended, I also intended for there to be more gold on the home (Blue) and third (white) kits
  5. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Newcastle Jets released their new uniforms over the weekend, designed by yours truly. not everything turned out as intended but overall happy with the results.
  6. Bad Small Business Logos

    Working at a place that does screen printing, embroidery etc. 90% of the buisnesses and sports teams that come through have terrible logos. The 10% that are any good ere generally the simple 1 or two colour logos that can be made on things like paint etc.
  7. Minimalist Football Helmet Signatures (Taking Requests)

    Could i get this helmet with a purple background and "university of south australia eagles" Cheers
  8. Does adelaide have some shark significance that i dont know about because this isnt the first time ive seen someone use it, where you could use a name more relevant to the city like colonels woch would be more fitting. The melbourne sheild seems really nottom heavy, i would bring the crown into the shield or move the elements up and make the statuon bigger
  9. 2020 Summer Olympics Logo

    There is no kookaburra in there, it's boomerangs and the Sydney Opera house
  10. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Technically, they wear special drivers suits while racing, so that could be the uniform? The suit matches the pit crew, so technically according to your definition it is a uniform
  11. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Not a fan of the logo or the name, should have stuck with swarm or gone back to fire. The unis were really bland too.
  12. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Another ring from all star cheer worlds
  13. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    What sport is this for?All star cheerleading
  14. CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Stingrays orange 8 time worlds champions rings
  15. Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    Akron, I Luke the home, unique and original, the clash I would widen the stripe to go between the shoulders and enlargen the roo. For the fauxback I would try stripes like the home but more and thinner, is the jersey a zip front or just faux zip (ala port Adelaide's faux laces) Georgia tech. I like the home but feel the clash would be way to garish (on second thought it looks good for Georgia tech) lobe the fauxback