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  1. These are great. Any way you could do throwbacks? I would live to see a Gary Payton sonics jersey. Or a Kobe jersey from 97'
  2. Thanks a lot these are great
  3. The nets concept is really good but wouldn't want them to actually be a reality.
  4. You got tons of talent man. Good job on all your work!
  5. It makes me mad that my beloved Seahawks don't wear throwbacks! The old colors are so good I think they would make a ton of money off them too. I'm ready for Nike.
  6. These are rad! Can you do a throwback Seahawks silver helmet? Or current helmet would also be great.
  7. As a die hard 'hawks fan I love these. I really hope that the organization brings back the silver helmets!
  8. These are awesome!
  9. Nicely done so far. Keep em coming!
  10. Supersonics 96' or 90' would be awesome for Facebook! There's a movement right now! These are great.
  11. Can you please do a supersonics skyline logo.
  12. Great job!
  13. Those Seahawks unis are too loud. Cards look great!