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  1. NFL Schedule Wallpapers

    Could you do a Bills one with Stevie Johnson and Mario Williams?
  2. Blackhawks logo. Thing.

    Love it. I agree on the nose and facepaint. Would make for a real nice logo for a black third for Chicago.
  3. InLax Lacrosse League

    Hey guys, we have one more team to unveil today. Today it is the Charlotte Cougars as designed by Adam Walsh. He even made a wordmark to truly complete the design. Would like to thank him again for his work. Things are starting to come together very nicely. We really want to get things going at the beginning of September and still need 14 more logos. If anyone is willing to help that would be incredibly appreciated. If you're interested, please email me at Looking forward to continuing the project and moving towards our first season.
  4. InLax Lacrosse League

    Today we have one more design, the Vancouver Vikings. This set was done by Andy Hall, who also created the look for the Detroit Redhawks. Vancouver's lineup features both Evans brothers as well as Danny Glading and Jeff Moleski. More info will be announced in the days to come about the Vikings.
  5. Lacrosse Cards

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Bigbean24, here's my NLL template from this season.
  6. Lacrosse Cards

    Hey guys, I wanted to show off something that I've actually been doing for a while. I've been taking existing card templates (usually hockey template) and use them to create lacrosse cards. I've done this with both the NLL and the MLL, but today I'll show you the MLL ones I've been working on more recently. I know they are a bit rough, but I wanted to see what you guys thought!
  7. InLax Lacrosse League

    Thanks man, but I think we're going to stick with the one we've got for now. I appreciate the work though!
  8. Ottawa Senators

    Absolutely love the home and aways, but I think the alternate would look better with the big "O" in it. Its very crisp, and I really think they should go back to that logo. Good work!
  9. InLax Lacrosse League

    Ok guys, things have been moving along nicely for the InLax Lacrosse League. I'm here to update things now, and I'm hoping to have this forum have more information more frequently. Remember as I said last post you can follow the league on twitter @InLaxLaxLeague and check out the league homepage on our site. We have the schedule set up and the rosters are set. We should have all the team rosters posted in the coming weeks. I'll update you on all the team designs that we've gotten since my last post. This is the Hartford Vipers, as designed by Ryan Welsh. You can follow Ryan on Twitter @Ryan30201. The Vipers have one of my favorite color schemes so far, just something a little different that you don't normally see. Their roster features players like Paul Dawson, Mike Kirk, and Joe Resetarits. You can get all the info on the Vipers here. This is the Edmonton Lynx, as designed by Bob Schultz. Probably my favorite logo really, just incredibly sleek. Edmonton's roster contains some great young players, including Johnny Powless, Mark Matthews, and Kyle Rubish. More details on the team will be announced soon on the website. The Baltimore Sharks design was done by Ian Whittaker and features a more simplistic look. Baltimore, one of the US lacrosse hotbeds, should be an interesting location for the ILL. The team consists of players like Ryan Benesch, Chad Culp, and Mike Accusi and should have strong veteran leadership. More info about the Sharks will also be published soon. The Toronto Metros design was done by UtahMan126 here on the boards. For the secondary I'm going with the traditional canadian maple leaf that will be placed on the shoulders. Toronto is led by their captain Colin Doyle, who has served as the Toronto Rock captain as well. Brendan Mundorf and Athan Iannucci are also big guns for the Metros. Those are all the teams 100% completed as of now. If you'd like to help out, please shoot me an email at About half the teams have logos completed or logos in the works, but we still need about 12 more done. I'd like to hear back from people to see what they think about the project too! Thanks for checking us out.
  10. Do people leave status updates on here?

  11. University Of Kentucky Hockey

    I agree that the blue jersey needs a tad more white, and I'd make the "C" larger.
  12. InLax Lacrosse League

    You can now follow the league on Twitter if you'd like @InLaxLaxLeague for all the latest news.
  13. InLax Lacrosse League

    Our next team that we'll be taking a look at is the Rochester Chargers, one of three InLax Lacrosse League teams in New York. Rochester's roster may hold the best defensive unit in the league, highlighted by Brodie Merrill and Ryan Cousins. On the other side of things, the Chargers offensive unit is very inexperienced. The teams logos were designed by Ryan Welch, who is helping us with a few of the teams' brands. He took a very cool twist with the "Chargers" name that I didn't even think of. We will have another team announcement in the next few days. If you're interested in more info about the Chargers you can read that here. What do you guys think of the Chargers look? Would love to hear back from some people about the project.
  14. InLax Lacrosse League

    Would anyone be interested in helping us out with logos? Shoot me an email at if you have any interest. Thanks again guys, looking forward to continuing the project. I have a few more designs up my sleeve for the coming days.
  15. InLax Lacrosse League

    Hey guys, I know its been a tad quiet but we have our next team to announce! The Detroit Redhawks are the third InLax Lacrosse team to be announced. Their brand was designed by Andy Hall. As for the uniforms, I'm hoping to do a Oregon type thing with the wings on the shoulders, I believe it would be a real nice touch. The Redhawks roster features arguably the best goaltender in the world in Matt Vinc, and scorers like Corey Small, Aaron Wilson, and Curtis Manning. All of Detroit's information can be found here. What do you guys think of Andy's work? I think it'd look great on the front of a jersey. I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in putting together a primary and secondary for the Quebec City Renard (fox in french). I was hoping for something that looked very royal and majestic. As always I appreciate everything! Jack