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  1. FFWally

    Community Members with Successful Sports Designs

    It’s incredible how being on board has affected my life recently. Ill get back to that... so, I approached Hanford HS in Richland, WA about 5 years ago with the idea to create one brand. (There’s a thread, I won’t bore you w the details.) and over about a 3 year period Inrebranded the entire school. Sports team uniforms and logos for Football, Track, Volleyball, Bowling, CC. I recently changed schools and football wore a new mark on their helmet I blended w their old look. So... 2 High Schools 1 Pro Cycling Many Cycling clubs including a Swedish team that still uses an element from my original design for them (2014) in their current kit. So back to this board... a few weeks ago, I was approached through CCSLN email, by a full service marketing/design house @Nuke Digital concerning my work with sports branding; and, yesterday I accepted an offer to join their creative team.
  2. FFWally

    Vicis Zero1

    Id love a vector version
  3. FFWally

    Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    It was funny, yet arrogant...
  4. FFWally

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Helmet is an upgrade What was the back on Mariota's butt? was that a silver jersey panel? not a fan. Pants are a hot mess... The Columbia color rush just wow I think the Columbia over white will be ok with helmet and dark socks Disappointed, but light years better than what Jags and Bucks did a few years ago
  5. FFWally

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    where is live stream
  6. FFWally

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    SG Helmets has a reported 1% concussion rate, and a new more attractive model. Arena team in Texas reports 0 concussions over a 4 year run with them. Sadly companies like Riddell (BELL) are les than forthcoming about their concussion rates. My son's football career came to an end early his senior year due to multiple concussions while wearing the Speed Flex. For that reason I have purchased 2 for my children still playing football... that and the youth helmet is 1.8 pounds! And concussions are caused by shearing of nerves in the brain (think popping the head off a dandelion) which can be caused by whiplash/bobble head effect. That can happen with zero head trauma (IE helmet to helmet, or helmet to ground) My son's was from helmet to helmet. Sorry... off on a tear.
  7. FFWally

    NFL, but Australian rules

    Love this. I have a guernsee I designed for a Swedish Aussie Football side Hanging in Melbourne’s museum. Cant wait to see them!
  8. FFWally

    High School Helmet Decal

    Could do a sledgehammer hitting a spike shaft of hammer has railroaders cut into it or a silhouette of a tail worker driving spikes. Aetna extended with hammer above head. Railroaders running to front of helmet in perspective
  9. FFWally

    Rocket Laval_Logo Copy

    How does it play against their uniforms?
  10. FFWally

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I don't know... matching the base of the bell to the rest of the bottom (perspective) and its pretty solid.
  11. FFWally

    How much to Charge for a Full Rebrand

    I've rebranded 2 schools and it is not lucrative. Ive made some of my time back thru apparel, as I have maintained the rights to produce apparel and other gear. That said Ive done far more for free than for pay.
  12. FFWally

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I’m not sure which I Love more. The gold strike makes it perfect. But the laces. Wow.
  13. FFWally

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Absolutely love the Jets Logo... perfect! Giants, I really like the first one... maybe make the perspective a little deeper, like the updated one. And add a cap. think Chrysler Bldg top. Rams, I like a lot. A LOT!
  14. FFWally

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Lions - Incredible, love the simplicity and upgrade in the logo. Brilliant! Chargers - Love the Charging Rhino, not 100% on the colors, but I like it. Bears - Fantastic! 'Nuff said! Colts - Just wow, simple, and perfect. Really the only way you could take that logo and make it modern AND better! Niners - Love it. The concept and utilizing iconography is fantastic. too much white on the helmet however... maybe lose the fill and let the gold show thru. Browns - I don't have any love or dislike, its just kind of meh. Cowboys - Id love to see you do something as amazing as the Colts upgrade. I've been trying to come up with something for years, and that Icon is just incredibly hard to better. that said, I think it is a great direction, but not finished/ Steelers - I really like it more off the Helmet than on it. Maybe with a Gold Helmet (NO hate mail from Steelers fans please!) on a gold helmet it would be pretty fantastic. Vikings - Hands down the best upgrade of the bunch, and that is saying a lot. The Vikings need to take a look at this one and go that way. Raiders - I'm just not sure... Panthers - Just love the colors and clean cat... Colors for sure. Lose the whisker stripes and its perfect. Buffalo - Love the blend of the 70's classic and the 80's update, while still modernizing... the head turn is a nice touch. Saints - I really like it. Washington - I don't know. I like the Redtails concept, but the stripes are hard on a helmet. And just a star with a ring is far too Dallas Cowboys. Again like Dallas, I think its a great start, but not finished. (helmet work, not logo)