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  1. branding

    Does this mean you're also going to do a full Billies concept?
  2. I'm getting ready to move back to Minnesota and wanted to temporarily change my signature to celebrate. But I didn't find an image for Minnesota United, and I'd love it if you could make one. I figure the best phrase would be, "Where I come from... the dark clouds gather." Thank you.
  3. The states that don't have MiLB teams fill the baseball niche in other ways: through independent-league and short-season, which aren't on the map. They also have the tradition of townball. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town_Team_Baseball
  4. D.C. United: Washington is the capital of the United States. Minnesota United: The team represents twin cities. Atlanta United: Um, soccer, I guess?
  5. My graphics program doesn't support accents in the fonts, so I just draw them in. I like the Almirantes overall. I think lightening the grey a shade or two will give you better contrast.
  6. I like the throwback look, but the black leaves look like oil spills.
  7. First off, I love the name. Very WNBA. But I'm not feeling the placement of the shamrock panels. They make the whole jersey feel like a blouse or a pinafore, a little too girly for the WNBA.
  8. Chicago Banshees -- Large Irish population
  9. Winnipeg Valkyries--Large Scandinavian population
  10. Most of these are pretty solid. Not feeling the angle of the numbers on the back of Djibouti. Not feeling the flames on the Bhutan shorts. Otherwise, I'm digging it.
  11. I like your pinstripes and the flag uni is on point. But the crest has a Thunder placeholder feel, and it's hard for me to see that all-grey clash right now and not think of the Loons.
  12. That's a definite improvement.
  13. I just looked up some quick reference photos: It would seem a boxier muzzle, with pronounced nostrils/nose/mouth, will help.