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  1. This is ingenious. Kudos.
  2. In the original post, I prefer the right, actually.
  3. I myself like the dual imagery. It's what makes the Minnesota Wild logo so great. (True confession: the first time I saw the logo, I saw the forest but not the bear.)
  4. No, no, I see it now--it's the sun breaking through the clouds. Now I'm digging it.
  5. Thundering locomotive, whilst looking kind of like lightning or rain in the primary. Got it.
  6. Do you mean for the bottom of the logo to look like the cowcatcher on a locomotive?
  7. Perfect. Thank you.
  8. So many things to like here, and I don't have time to go through them all right now, but I adore that Las Vegas Raiders logo and wish they would go for something like that.
  9. Seattle: Really digging both, and I usually don't like gradients. Vancouver: Hard to see those and not think of Charlie Brown. DC: The black uni is spot on. The clash uni, I mean, there's so many jokes out there about the Washington Monument being phallic, but it's doubly so with this placement. Atlanta: Not digging the fade on the stripes. Seconding the white uni being in the LAFC vein.
  10. Good work so far, and thank you for trying a few different takes on the logo. This is what I'm feeling: Put the attitude of the third logo into the second. Enlarge and detail the hat of the second so it doesn't look like he's hatless with brown-and-orange-striped hair.
  11. Not feeling this for a number of reasons. First off, the MEB monogram logo is classic and strong enough to stand on its own, so it doesn't really need the "expos" wordmark accompanying it in every instance, esp. as the E in the logo is for "Expos." Beyond that, the uniforms look really dated even though they're not what the team wore in their first incarnation. Not feeling that "montréal" on the jerseys at all; that's the most dated thing of all. I don't want to diss your work entirely. It's clear you're passionate about and have put a lot of care and work into it. I'd just take a step back and think of how to make the uniforms feel fresh and current whilst still retaining the more timeless elements of the Expos identity.
  12. The linework needs some work. Not feeling the angularity of the lines on the "black" bear. There's a weird jagged point on the front of the horn.
  13. For what it's doing, it's clever, though I wonder if there's a way to blow up the soccer-ball pattern and still put a face in it.
  14. I like the direction this is going. As stated above, I'd consider playing some more with the flow of the wordmark. Also, it would be good to see a partial of just the dog's head and the home plate, as that would be more likely to appear on a cap.
  15. It's not a requirement, but it's proved a helpful marketing tool as the NBA has expanded its reach into parts of the world previously unfamiliar with basketball.