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  1. I dig your version of the logo. I always thought the original looked like it was giving a shy sidelong glance to the viewer, like it wanted you to step out onto the dance floor with it but it was too bashful.
  2. Having two colors touch that are similar to each other creates a visual dissonance. It's a standard design principle.
  3. 1) If there's ever a chance to expand the league, please let me know because I have an idea for a school. 2) These are supposed to be fictional universities, right? Because there is a University of Southern Indiana, the Screaming Eagles, just outside Evansville.
  4. Planning to send it for their contest next year?
  5. I'm rather in love this. I'd put the secondary eyes on top rather than on bottom to avoid the nose situation, plus it's more like an actual spider. I'd love to see a full concept, uniforms and everything.
  6. LA: Primary is gradient overload. Orlando: Yes to the rainbow on the away, but not as a gradient.
  7. I lived in Minneapolis for ten years without ever having heard of this. Must be one of those things you only know if you're born there. That said, my only complaint is that I want to see the rings on the La Cross jersey align with the patch. Great series so far.
  8. Brilliant. My only concern is how that skewed B moves it towards Sabres territory.
  9. Thank you! I'll have to get together a Lynx/Twins/United signature soon enough.
  10. Bottom left.
  11. Tapering the lower jaw on the wolf would help.
  12. #2.
  13. If you imagine the Rikers Island team as having an escape from prison life, it would make sense for their uniforms to look completely unlike prison uniforms. Maybe go with iconography associated with the general area?
  14. I just want to say I'm impressed by how much this design has evolved. Kudos for the hard work.