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  1. I like the direction this is going. As stated above, I'd consider playing some more with the flow of the wordmark. Also, it would be good to see a partial of just the dog's head and the home plate, as that would be more likely to appear on a cap.
  2. It's not a requirement, but it's proved a helpful marketing tool as the NBA has expanded its reach into parts of the world previously unfamiliar with basketball.
  3. It's getting there. Because the mountains you're using (I'm assuming it's clipart or some such; please correct me if I'm wrong) are rather detailed, it gives the logo a throwback vibe, which I think suits the use of the J-note. There are some smaller issues yet, primarily related to alignment. I'd nudge "UTAH' over so that it is centered between the two peaks. I'd nudge "JAZZ" over so it's equidistant to the sides of the roundel. I'd also scoot over the stem of the J-note so that it's tangent to the ball; right now, it looks like it's stuck into the ball.
  4. It's improving. The glow is still doing you no favors. Remember that sports logos have to reproduce in multiple media. For instance, the problem with the old Tampa Bay Devil Rays logo was that you can't really convey a gradient in embroidery; it ends up stripes. Also, part of the mountain is sticking below the "flag" of the J-note, which is jarring and awkward. It looks like you're using some pretty basic software, just judging from some of the pixelated artifacts in the image, as well as your narrative for its development. If you want to get more serious about graphic design without going full-on professional, I recommend downloading Inkscape, because it's free and has a built-in tutorial. In the meantime, you might need to create a "mask" to cover the parts of the mountain sticking out.
  5. Try an outline instead of the glow. Out of curiosity, maybe realign the channels of the basketball so they follow the flow of the wordmark?
  6. I'm about to graduate from Alaska-Fairbanks and would love to see the state of Alaska inside a Nanook. Thanks.
  7. I want that white Caps jersey now. Spot on, all.
  8. team reveal

    For what it's worth, I spent yesterday proofreading my thesis... after I'd already turned in to committee. Pretty embarrassing when a character's name suddenly changes because you weren't paying attention...
  9. Is the cap on your avatar a real team or a fantasy team? That logo looks pretty cool.

    1. Whittier S

      Whittier S

      I designed the cap, part of the Clink Club program that Brandiose used to run. Unfortunately, they selected my cap for production only a month before they shut the program down altogether. No one ever bought any--I would have received a commission if they had--so I own the only four in existence, as part of their purchase of my design.

    2. neo_prankster


      I'm very sorry.

    3. Whittier S

      Whittier S

      It was a raw deal, I suppose, but I did get paid a modest amount, and I really needed the money at the time, so it worked out in the short term. It's just a shame I don't own the rights to it anymore so I can't do anything with it.


  10. team reveal

    The Wings are gorgeous. Digging that propeller logo. Your presentations are phenomenal, but there's a tiny, persistent error that keeps them a hair from perfection: its = belonging to it it's = "it is" or "it has" Sorry, former English instructor. Keep up the top-notch work.
  11. Seconding shrinking the logo. Other than that, these are on point.
  12. london nfl

    When you create a logo, you have to consider how it will work at different sizes. The Union Jack on the collar is so tiny that it will disappear even when you shrink the logo a little bit.
  13. hettinger_rl

    The monogram looks like a cattle brand, which is so appropriate to the area. This is just excellent work all around. Kudos.
  14. hettinger_rl

    My eye is most drawn to E and G.
  15. I just randomly saw a photo of a hyena and rescind my comment about the ears.