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  1. Whittier S

    Slapshot's NHL

    Your redo of the Ducks is a thing of beauty.This is what they should be wearing.
  2. Whittier S

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    The Saints striping pattern is so ornate that even with a little distance, it doesn't read as anything.
  3. Sparks, Hammers, Gears, in that order.
  4. Whittier S

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    You may be spending more time on your designing than you did before. That is good. But there is something fundamentally missing still, and your design isn't the only place where it shows. I have to point out this quote from your original post: "I knew my return project would have to be flawless in order to truly show people how much better I have become, I believe I hit that mark. " We have designers on these boards whose work rivals actual major-league designers, who could be working in the big leagues, and as great as their work is, they would never make a statement like this on the boards. Because they know their work isn't perfect, it needs fine-tuning, even after they've created maybe 10 or 15 drafts before bringing it to the boards. That humility gives them the critical eye necessary to revise 10 or 15 times, and then to come here with an earnest desire for feedback which they will then take to heart and apply as warranted. What's missing in your post is humility. With a statement that you believe you've hit the mark for flawlessness, it's hard to believe you have an earnest desire for feedback--even if you do, it's not showing in your words. The concept doesn't look like it was fine-tuned or heavily revised, and thought wasn't given to how this uniform would fit either the history of the team or the league. Consider that the Jets stick to fairly traditional uniforms, whilst, for example, the Jaguars tend to be on the cutting edge, with innovations that have worked (double-outlined numbers) and didn't (gradient helmets.) Consider that the layout of this uniform would better suit early World League than current NFL. This return post shows the same braggadocio you exhibited your first go-round here, the sort of swagger and empty quotes that, it seems, left a sour taste for others and left you feeling alienated. It seems like you honestly believe that this sort of talk will earn you favor in the eyes of others, but ask yourself how you would react to a similarly phrased post from another designer here. During your hiatus, it seems like you tried to take a good, hard look at your design work, when a good, hard look at your inner self would affect, not only how you design, but how you present yourself and communicate with others and get along in life. It seems like most of us here, if not all of us, want what's best for you, and not just in how you design. And that's why I have to say all this. I'm concerned about you beyond the scope of design. Just think about it. I wish you well.
  5. Whittier S

    The 1972 Project: Vanderbilt Commodores

    As an IU alum, I think this looks good. One thing to bear in mind with Indiana concepts is that if you want to distinguish them from other palettes, take advantage of the cream and crimson.
  6. Whittier S

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Milwaukee Braves Updated (August 15)

    I want so much to like the Athletics uniform, but the arched Old English text feels so WordArt. That said, I get that you're rooting this in reality, and in reality, not all uniforms are spectacular.
  7. Whittier S

    Dallas Mavericks Rebrand // CrownCorvus

    This evolves a logo I've always hated into something I could at least tolerate in real life, which is no mean feat. Kudos.
  8. I much prefer B. I like how it has that Navajoesque palette but is also close to how they're actually colored.
  9. Whittier S

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    Your watermarks look like textures on the bird-head logo, which actually makes it look more interesting and appealing than the logo you actually intended.
  10. Whittier S

    NBA Expansion Concepts - Team #2 - Louisville Colonels

    The name and logo really don't connect. It could be called the Seattle Generics with the same logo. Play around with the imagery.
  11. Whittier S

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    The pictures are showing up as broken links.
  12. Whittier S

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Panama Egypt