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  1. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Definitely an unpopular opinion, but this is my favorite uniform in the current TCU set
  2. Colorado Rockies Rebrand

    Hey guys, it's been a really long time since I made a concept, and I just had the urge today, so I made this Rockies concept. I couldn't find a template so I had to make my own, if anybody has a template/knows where one is that they wouldn't mind sharing it'd be much appreciated.
  3. Colorado Rockies Rebrand

    I went away from purple because I felt this was a whole new identity. I will try and add some purple next edit though. I'll also try and emphasize more of they sky blue as I can understand how it'd be similar to the white sox from the back. About the triceratops, were you thinking more in a direction like this? Or should I try and keep working on the one i had before. Also, I'm thinking of changing the name to the Denver Dinos, thoughts on that would be appreciated.
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    The cream uniform may just be a discoloring of the gray uniform and chrome helmet are not new for MTSU.
  5. MLB 2016 Changes

    Cardinals have worn that exact hat for saturday home games.
  6. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    1. Rams 2. Any team Lebron is on . . . . . . . 3. Seahawks, although not really anymore
  7. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    As a former Rams fan here in St. Louis, this sucks. I don't see myself ever having a strong interest in the NFL ever again. I will actually be rooting for whoever is playing the Rams. Hopefully for LA fans Stan Kroenke and the NFL won't screw you guys over as much as he did St. Louis. The Rams will be missed here in St. Louis. Pretty typical of them to leave as soon as they begin to get good too.
  8. Aritificial Turf vs Grass

    There are some rumors going around that the little black tire pellets they put in turf, in ingested, can cause cancer. It's been showing up in goalkeepers (women) a lot. Personally I much prefer playing baseball on turf but that is just because the grass we usually play on is in pretty bad shape.
  9. MLB Changes 2015

    I don't want to start a new topic, so this is only vaguely related. But can anyone direct me to a site that sells those say no to drugs wristbands? I remember there being a website but I can't find it. Thanks.
  10. UNLV new football uniforms

    Didn't we already see the new jerseys?
  11. CFB Book

    Hey guys, I am attempting to make this "book" which covers every new and some recently new college football uniforms/helmets. I just wanted to get some advice on the presentation. I am hoping to make this a .pdf available to everyone when I finish, although I am not sure how to do that yet. Here are two examples. The top is the same for the entire conference, so the color doesn't change.
  12. CFB Book

    Thank you for the comments. While I agree to a point what JBSlinky said, I feel like all that text would clutter up the cover, so I am gonna leave it as it is. Dougfresh, I appreciate your input and link, but I have very little text (basically what I have shown you is all the text I have so far). Also I have had trouble finding what the horizon line is. Could the color blocks on the top and bottom be easily changed to a horizon line? And as for making it not look so thrown together, I am thinking about making 3-4 thin black outlined boxes in set positions on each page and just using that as a template for each page. I am hoping that would make everything look less thrown together. And BPO, I do feel those kind of things would be cool, and any more suggestions are welcome, although I am just trying to complete the main stuff before I begin to think about anything else. Thanks again for all your comments.
  13. CFB Book

    I forgot to include the cover: CFBU stands for College Football Uniforms
  14. Unpopular Opinions

    Side Panels? You mean like these? I to like the Rams uniforms, although I may be a bit biased.
  15. Grid Iron Minimalist Illustrations

    Pro Bowl safety for the chargers
  16. 2015 College Baseball Season

    I liked the old D1baseball site better.
  17. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    a Memphis player in the east-west shrine game wore the M on top of his tiger stripe helmet. thought it looked interesting.
  18. 2014-2015 College Basketball

    Houston baptist is actually a college.
  19. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    That is a catalog UA design. Taken straight out of a UA catalog. Hopefully these aren't what they are wearing.
  20. College Football 2014 Season

    here is ASU's uniform
  21. It's official...Miami also leaving Nike

    Can't be, that's about how basic it gets.most likely just a place holder. There's gotta be stripes in there somewhere on the finished product.And why does the logo look really small? From what I've heard these are their official uniforms.....smh what a major downgrade from there last uniforms where did you hear this?
  22. Reebok logo placement on Jonathon Stewart's jerseys

    this happened to the rams alot.
  23. PHOENIX: Redemption (Phase 3)

    i'm in as well, if it is not to late
  24. 2014 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    Last time they played the Cards in the playoffs, the Panthers wore their home set and they lost. So maybe this is just superstition? Plus the last two times they wore black at home, they lost. They've never lost wearing white at home. Week 1 of 2013 they lost to the Seahawks in whites. But yeah, it's probably just superstition. I think all home teams should wear white at home come playoff time. I would love to see the Packers wear white for the divisional playoff game (highly doubtful). The Cowboys always wear white at home, and the Panthers will wear white whenever they feel like it. OTOH, the AFC teams never wear white at home for playoffs, they always wear colors. I think they should mandate that like they do in the NBA, and have home teams wear white. I know it will not pass, but I think its better and the home fans can relate to the players more clearly when they wear they wear white than they do with the color jersey. That's my hunch but I am not the commish so my opinion will be invalid. But if the team always wears their colored jersey at home, how do the fans relate better?
  25. Possible College Football Playoff Match Ups

    you forgot the bowl patches on the jerseys. other then that good stuff.