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  1. wait the Eagles are black now? WTF! why
  2. Draft order until Sun. then I'll put them by divisions. When wk 1 starts I'll have it by AFC, Interconference, NFC matchups. Thanksgiving and xmas weeks I'll use the 80s helmets for the matchups.
  3. I'm selling these on ebay UNC, Georgetown, Louisville, Tennessee, St.John's. my user name is fresno_st_alum SOLD: Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, Miami, Wisconsin, Stanford, Colorado, Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Syracuse, UConn, Oregon, Minnesota, Duke, Arizona, Kentucky, Purdue, Kansas, Cincinnati, Washington, Gonzaga, UCLA
  4. I slapped a white mask and painted the horns on the Rams helmet, not gonna buy a new one when they are changing it in 2 yrs. Slapped a grey mask on the Lions helmet until the new one comes out.
  5. what are the odds Seattle gets an NHL team? How soon until the NHL expands again?
  6. Any chance the Flames wear alt. at home for the playoffs?
  7. I like both a lot. Maybe orange a little more because it's bright and pops. But yeah the blue from the glory days looks great also. I just don't like that most of the merchandise is navy when they are royal blue.
  8. I think it's time to change your quote above your avatar. I see playoffs in your future for the next 15 years, and a couple of Stanley Cups or more.
  9. One good one bad. My Blackhawks shirt looks/feels good. The Oilers shirt came w/ a sticker on the bag saying the the grey shadow(giant rectangle around the logo) will come out in the wash. It didn't but i eventually scrubbed it out w/ oxy clean but wore a tiny hole in it. So then I had to sew it. I got my money back but you can't sell :censored: w/ a you need to wash out our lazy screen printing rectangle.
  10. Chuckansi Park Fresno Grizzlies AAA. I was on the grounds crew their 1st 2 years in Fresno when they still played at Beiden Field(Fresno St's field)
  11. Kodiaks isn't generic and it rolls off the tongue better Minnesota Wild ...Kingdom? Bears? Animals? The Eagles, Falcons, Cardinals, Ravens, Seahawks disagree w/ your already taken animal reasoning for a pro sports league. Yes, Caps, Nationals, Mets, have teams w/ logos you could take a bunch of different ways. I guess the S on the end makes it okay to me. There's also teams like the Stanford Cardinal, a color but the logo is a tree, all kinds of WTF. At least the wild logo fits well enough w/ the meh name.
  12. which part, the wilderness has all kinds of different looks that don't look similar. Wild isn't a good name to me. It's better than Dawgs or Catz or something like that, but Kodiaks, Grizzlies sound like better names and the logo would still work just fine.
  13. but I can see a pic of lightning or of an avalanche. wild is so vague. I think Thunder and Bison or "whatever"men are the only non s ending names that I have no problems with.
  14. I just say it's the best logo and worst name. I used that logo on my helmet for fantasy football last year and called my team the Grizzlies. They could use a bear name and still have that logo. I'm happy I finally found a name good enough to use the Flames logo on a helmet this year. Cajuns. All of the Ragin' Cajuns logos involve flames so good enough.
  15. Does anyone else other than Rollins like the Wild name? I think he's the 1st person who is cool w/ it on here that I've seen.