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  1. I'm going to visit the Oregon campus next month on my way to Seattle and Vancouver. I'll take pics of them, if I see anything.
  2. well that was useless
  3. no they are talking about the :censored:tiest sweaters of all time
  4. no it was next on the topic list after where will Boyle go. they already finished the boyle thing
  5. NHL network is going to talk about(show?) them after they come back from commercial
  6. I prefer zephyr and found a reebok on ebay but then he said they were all defective, yet still has them for sale. I guess he didn't want to ship to US from Toronto. I'd take a fanatics if I knew the sizing chart. M/L or 7 1/8 to 7 1/4 in zeph, tow. S/M in reebok/new era, 7 to 7 1/8 in new era. Why does fanatics restock the old logo zephyr hats for Toronto, but not even stock the new ones. I saw 1 6 7/8 in Jan, nothing since.
  7. I wonder about the fit on the hats too. I have 3 fanatics t-shirt. Blackhawks looks/feels great. Maple Leafs logo is slightly crooked, Oilers I got free b/c it came w/ a warning saying grey shadow(square around the logo like a bush league print shop.) will come out in the wash, I had to scrub w/ oxyclean so hard it wore a hole plus the orange bled through the logo in the 2nd wash. All bought on I'm a zephyr hat guy, I've been waiting forever for a new logo Maple Leafs zephyr or reebok or fanatics hat flex or fitted, they don't have any.
  8. When did this become official? I thought they were just switching to the orange jersey. Just the whites would change a little(orange yolks or something). I was bitching about my Oilers shirts being navy. Or the logo on my orange hat/shirts looking more navy than royal, kind of a tweener.
  9. They grab each other all the time. Face offs, fights, almost fights, rear naked chokes for breathing on the netminder.
  10. why are hockey jerseys so loose? Football jerseys are tight to prevent grabbing, I'd think hockey would want to be similar.
  11. I do the D-I and D-II maps by conference for wiki. No logos, just color coded by conference.
  12. So Kronke saw his own shadow, which means 1 more yr of sucky uniforms
  13. ebay didn't have one w/ numbers? I found a Champion Packers jersey w/ numbers from the 84-88 season where they had the embedded G. I also have a logo athletic Reggie White jersey and a champion Sean Jones jersey w/ the striping they had in 1993.
  14. Patriot Pat throwback helmet looks great to me. Hell change Pat's face to Brady or Belichick or Kraft
  15. to the 1 guy that gave the Jags unis a a boy Spider.