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  1. Can't wait for you guys to post what you think the unis will look like. I read the posts to my bro in law while we were watching. We were busting up. Comedy Central, hire these guys for your next roast.
  2. I love both of those. From when I was a kid watching starting in 1985 and from when I went there in the mid-late 90s. They shouldnt force us to wear the black for black sake unis since they make us unrecognizable. We don't deserve either of those awesome unis.
  3. I sold 13 chinese knock off jerseys & screen printed nfl jersey for 5 bucks each at a yard sale. Not bad 13 of 16 I sent sold. probably have 15-20 I could sell but they're better and worth more. After my wife accidentally gave away 50 of my 88 college shirts I collected from 5th grade through college, I've been finding college shirts for under 10 bucks, along w/ some college hats. I've bought 5 hats and 14 shirts this summer, so far.
  4. 80s Pitt was one of my favs
  5. Where is Purple today? RIP to my all time favorite artist, Prince. I figure I'd say that here on a thread about his state, talking about the sport that rules it.
  6. Mets
  7. this was trending on fb right now. Weird since they're D-II
  8. Love this one, my initials
  9. If I was a Rams fan I would just buy the throwback alt. and/or the color rush, knowing the Navy will be obsolete in 3 years. Plus the Alt will have use forever since it's what they wore when they left.
  10. Orioles Royals A's Braves Cardinals Rockies
  11. I think Anthony Davis has copyright on #12
  12. I made my fantasy football team the Whalers, just to get Whalers gear. Bought a shirt, and decals to put on my mini helmet. Gonna buy a hat too. NFL-Creamsicle Bucs, 80's Red Falcons NHL-Green, White, Whalers, Red w/ White C Flames, Green North Stars MLB-Astros tequila sunrise, Expos Blue jersey, Expos hot dog on a stick hat
  13. At least he doesn't post in yellow. I'm partial to green and yellow
  14. it's on the 2016 ncaa bball thread.