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  1. my wife boycotted McDonalds 9 years ago after going there to get a Shamrock shake on St. Patty's and they were out. WTF it was 4 pm.
  2. ACC- North Carolina B1G- Michigan St.(my favorite helmet) Michigan uni/helmet combo Big 12: Texas Pac12: Colorado SEC: Florida AAC: ECU C-USA: Louisiana Tech MWC: Wyoming MAC: Bowling Green Sun Belt: CCU
  3. The green will be w/ the Wild logo like on the away jersey? Not the college looking script. Don't waste the best logo in the NHL by using the script.
  4. makes sense now. Kramer is a Dodger, no wonder he punched Micky Mantle in the face.
  5. It's free this week on directv. I swear there's subliminal messages that were sent my way on this site. All of a sudden after the Packers lost to the Cardinals in the playoffs last year I started watching hockey, more than just the olympics and the frozen 4. I watch every day and nhl network every day. I play in 2 fantasy hockey leagues(1st in both). I bought shirts and hats and a couple of jerseys of teams that my fantasy players are on. Like oh the Leafs are on tonight I'm gonna wear my Leafs shirt. Oh the Sharks are on later I'll switch over to that after the Leafs games is done. I bought my daughters the stiga rod hockey game for xmas(they asked for it). I had it when I was a kid, I played roller hockey from 90-96 but never got into it until now. The cool logos and unis really add to me wanting to watch over say mls unis and logos, also 100x more action in hockey. NHL went from off my radar to #2 behind the NFL in less than a year. I like it more than college football, college basketball, college lax, college hockey. I barely watch mlb. I alternate 80s nfl and current season nfl jerseys in my den every year I have all the current and 80s mini helmets too. I'm considering getting all the nhl jerseys and putting those up from feb-june. Yes unis and logos are kind of a big deal to me.
  6. Grizzlies(but a minor league team has it) Kodiaks, Beasts, Foragers. Anyone else got anything? I used that logo my helmet for fantasy last year. I went Grizzlies.
  7. looks like a WLAF mask on a tron motorcycle helmet
  8. I got the 49ers Joe Montana one in 1984, when I was 7. I also got Redskins Doug Williams one in 1987. I still have the helmets
  9. why does it take so long for nhl store/fanatics to restock? I've been wanting a flex fit or fitted zephyr Leafs hat w/ the new logo. they only have the smallest size.
  10. When is Vegas going to unveil their unis? I figure they will by the draft lottery.
  11. 30 years later and only 1 more team than the original 4 they started w/. Bruisers, Commandos, Dynamite, Gladiators.
  12. Does anyone have a fanatics brand flex fit hat? I was wondering because I wear s/m in reebok and new era, m/l in zephyr. I have 7 1/4 head. There is no size chart for fanatics brand other than generic. I don't wanna buy l/lx or s, Oilers & Leafs hats w/o some sort of specifications.
  13. No 27 for $90 total w/ shipping. He couldn't believe I wanted all of them, minus the Eagles that I had when I was a kid. He even gave me the white mask option on the vikings and the blue mask option on the bills. He didn't want to include the cowboys, pats, and giants b/c of minor flaws. I said so what I'll take them too so he threw them in for free.
  14. I got them all from pennant guru on ebay. He had more.
  15. I have the complete set of these. I bought 27 of the 28 on ebay for $90. I had 1 when I was a kid. I have all 28 of the huddles from 1983 and have 22 of the 1987-88 sears xmas catolog beanies. This pic is a few years old so I didn't have 22 beanies yet. I have 28 80s jerseys and the early jerseys of the 4 newer teams. I alternate those w/ the current(2016) jerseys every other year.