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  1. Looks like a uni/helmet outta the new USFL that never happened
  2. They didn't for 75 though either. The Tennessee Titans disagree, they do one every 5 years. lol
  3. That will be the 80th Final 4. why don't they include that in the logo? I only remember one for 50 and then a few years later where it was the 100 yrs of basketball.
  4. wait this whole time I thought the Nordiques logo was a bent over ass holding a stick w/ a puck(that looks like a ball) on top. Since it was minimalist they didn't put arms or feet Like the guy in red
  5. I compromised. I bought a red and grey hat w/ the Red C logo '47 brand for $10, and Red shirt w/ the black C. I've got 10 teams shirts and 9 teams hats including Nordiques and Whalers. I still need the North Stars.
  6. The site is going to need to add the Cal Baptist Lancers logo since they are joining the WAC. UC San Diego Tritons are waiting on their app. to the Big West to be approved or denied later this month.
  7. That's the one I was talking about
  8. The guy on here that made the cool updated Senator (side profile, shaped like an O). Someone needs to get that logo sent over to the team so they can consider it.
  9. If it's up, you get it. You can put it on your credit card through paypal. I always do to get my 1.5% cash back. There are 5 people that are watching it.
  10. Like this?
  11. What is are the chances you guys go back to the 80s look? If it's likely I'll hold off on buying a shirt and hat w/ the black C.
  12. The Michigan jersey, late great Robert Tractor Traylor is a 2XL but is only 29 3/4 inches long(top to bottom). FYI Or search under ncaa basketball jerseys. Newly listed. I listed on Feb 27, 28
  13. I did this yesterday when I thought it was gonna be blue
  14. So what time are the Rams gonna show us the new old look? Is the White mask official. So I can put the White mask on the helmet that I just painted the horns white last night on?