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  1. Miwaukee Admirals Changing Logos

    It should be noted that the Blackhawks don't own the Norfolk Admirals franchise, but simply have an affiliation with the team. Even if Chicago was to switch its affiliation to Rockford the Admirals would still stay in Norfolk (and rumor has it they would be affiliating with Carolina) and would (unless their ownership decided otherwise), keep the Admirals name.
  2. If I were an alumni of Syracuse, I'd be pissed now

    As a Syracuse native and the son of a Syracuse alunma I really need to step in with the school's turbulent mascot history: From Wikipedia (this is the history consistent with the one provided by SUs offical alumni magazine): So there you have it, you could amost make the argument that SU was one of the first schools to abandon a Native American mascot as the result of political pressure. Personally I'm glad the school has switched to being simply called Orange as that has really been the school's defining attribute since the beginning (with the exception of the pink and pea green "bad ol' days" )
  3. No more LockMonsters?

    I've been lurking on these boards for years, and while I'm normally content to sit back and watch I just couldn't let this go. The thing to keep in mind about affiliations is that the team (unless it is owned by the parent organization), pays for the privilege of developing a team's talent. Albany chose to end its affiliation with New Jersey because the Devils have shown little interest in providing them with the necessary talent to be successful. As far as your argument that this is a result of New Jersey's success and weak drafting, I would like to point out that Grand Rapids (affiliated with Detroit) and Portland (affiliated with Anaheim) are both in the conference finals and are affiliated with two highly successful (and late drafting) NHL teams. The simple fact of the matter is that not all affiliations are created equal, and some NHL teams treat their AHL affiliates much better than others. Ultimately New Jersey has proven itself to be one of the less desirable affiliates, and I'm curious to see how the Lowell Devils will manage in the upcoming season.
  4. New Syracuse Orange (not Orangemen anymore) Logo

    Just thought I'd post this Syracuse Mascot History
  5. New Syracuse Orange (not Orangemen anymore) Logo

    My mother is an SU alum and regularly recieves the university magazine. A few years back there was an extensive article on the school's various identities over the years. This came out shortly after the school's failed attempt at changing their name from the Orangemen to The Pack (no joke...they had a logo and everything). Aparently the school has had identity issues since pressure from the local Onandoga nation forced them to discontinue indentifying themselves as the Saltine Warriors (these are the same individuals responsable for the AAA baseball Syracuse Chiefs changing their name to the Syracuse Skychiefs). Syracuse then went through several other identities but nothing stuck (this included the Spartans and the Beast from the East). In the midst of all the constant change the only thing that remained constant was the color of the uniforms: orange. As a result Syracuse simply became known as the Orangemen. So the change from Orangemen to Orange is simply an evolution of a compromise. Its worth pointing out that by making the change Syracuse joins Harvard (Crimsons), Sanford (also Cromsons), Cornell (Big Red) and the University of Chicago (Maroons) as a university with a color for its athletic identity(I'm sure there are more).
  6. What super hero are you?

  7. Idaho falls chuckars

    Very nice logo...its nice to see teams taking a more dynamic and local aproach to identity packages. Having lived in Boise Idaho for five years I had the chance to go chuckar hunting on a few occassions...never had much luck at it, but it was a good work out...they like to hang out at the top of hills and fly off just as you come huffing and puffing up to the top. Good stuff!
  8. Pearls of wisdom

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take -Wayne Gretzkey
  9. The moon song

    I have to side with JQK on this one...the first time I saw that comercial come was like some strange combination of confusion and terror...I felt violated. Everything about that comercial is just hideous...from the singing to those gortesque creatures...I don't know what Quiznos was thinking.
  10. Best goalie mask in the nhl?

    One of my all time favorite masks was Andy Moog's bear head mask while he was playing in Boston. I don't know why but I've always thought the mascot hea masks to be really cool...Potvin and Cujo definately get points for this as well. Almost forgot...Vanbeezbruk's Florida mask is another great example...his Philidelphia mask wasn't that bad either. As far as all time...I'm definately a fan of Sawchuck's "cat" mask...definately a work of art.
  11. Why did you choose your avatar

    As of right now I don't think I have a wilson...or is it a watson? Anyway I chose my avatar out of a list of pre-existing images. The character is Noodle...she's the japanese guitarist for the Gorillaz...I like the band...and the character has always struck me as there you go. FYI the term Avatar comes from Hinduism, its a term given to the mortal embodyment of a god. The term has since been adopted by the internet community to mean any graphic standin for the individual (anybody here remember the 3D avatar lounges of the mid-90s?). Personally I'm rather fond of the avatar concept, which is why all of my gaming personas are under the moniker SavageAvatar. signature is from MST3K's spoof of "Pod People"...every time one of the characters comes on screen Servo yells out "hazah!"
  12. Devils moving?

    All in all it makes a strange kind of sense...YankeeNets can't seem to get the state to commit to a new they pack up the Nets to show the state just how serious they are. The state thought Selig and co. was they can't afford to make that mistake again (as I'm sure quite a few citizens of New Jersey would be out for blood if both teams left)...and are more than happy to cooperate. Its sad that the Nets had to be the sacrificial lamb...but at the same time I agree that out of the two (Nets/Devils) the Nets were expendable.
  13. New orleans zephyrs unveil new logo.

    This seems to be comming from the Lowell Spinners school of logo design: "Lets base our entire team identity upon our mascot! Who cares if it doesn't have anything to do with our name! So what if we replace a solid professional logo with a cartoon character!" Oh well...all the more reason to start working on the Zephyrs concept I started a few years back. Compared to this new logo it might look semi-professional.
  14. Things i dislike about george w bush

    First off I would like say that I do not believe that I created the Bush Hitler image for two reasons: 1. To get a response 2. To make people aware of the historical parallels that exist within this administration and the danger of prolonged complacency amongst the American people. Its for reason number two that I keep comming back here knowing full well that neither side is going to become convinced that the other opinion is more vaild than their own. As for the other comments. First off, I do not support nor feel it necissary to make excuses for either Osama Bin Laden or Sadam Husein. They are both terrible people who have done terrible things to humanity. However I feel it is important to look at why the people who support them continue to do so. While Bin Laden was the major source of funding and organization for September 11th...he did not execute it himself...countless others were involved in that process...people who thought what they were doing was the right and sensible thing to do. If we can gain a genuine understanding of what brought them to this conclusion we may be able to prevent it from occuring again. Bin Laden is dangerous because he has so many people will to die for him...without them he is only one man...and like all tyrants he has shown that he isn't willing to die for "his" cause. Lastly I'd like to utilize your own words to illustrate my argument on the hypocracy of Americans in regards to religous extremeism. Islamic extremists are bad and must die. They are evil...and like all evil things must be killed. Now pay attention...because here comes the irony: So just to review...the people that you single out are those who believe in Islam...and you certainly make no quams that they should why should Islamic extremists bother to talk with someone who want them to die? And don't give me a "they started it" up on your middle eastern history and you will find that western "civilization" has been less than civil to the people of the middle east. The actions of Islamic extremists are not without provocation...just because we as a country cannot remember the past (or refuse to) doesn't mean that other parts of the world don't. Its a cliche...but with great power does in fact come great responsability, and as the world's last remaining super power there is an increadible amount of responsability that we as a people must take to the wellfare of the world. However I have little hope of this occuring when we as a people seem so determind to deni assistance to the people in our own country. Take taxes for example. You insist upon having these tax cuts on the grounds that it would hurt america...but what about the 27.5% of American workers at or below the poverty line? The tax cuts are bleeding these individuals dry. People living in poverty are increadibly dependant upon government programs...subsidized housing, school lunch programs, free clinics and state education. These individuals...the majority of them minorities...are fighting for their lives...but that is of no consequence to you of have your three hundred dollars and you are happy. Meanwhile a single black mother out there is working three jobs just to make ends meet while her children are left with strangers in a decaying violent drug infested project. The money that was given away by the tax cuts could have helped keep a community center open, or provided the mother with enough financial flexability to take some night courses and get a better paying job. Taxes have a purpose...whether you choose to accept that or not...and one of the most important is assisting the less fortunate so that they too can take part in what has been called "the American Dream". Coincidently the majority of individuals living in poverty also happen to be minorities (31.2% African Americans and 40.4% of Hispanics) which means the tax cuts have an even greater impact upon their communities. While the tax cuts were not directly racist they had wide spread racial repercussions...which cannot be denied. It is this same institutional racism that is responsable for the dreadfull condition of innercity schools and hospitals (which both primarily serve a minority community). Not only do minorities face dreadfull living and employment conditions, they are deprived of the means necissary to progress beyond them. What results is a much more sinister kind of racism which is institutional in nature. The very fact that the majority of Americans are content to ignore this speaks to the danger it poses. As for the example of pro-athaletes and performers as examples as to the demise of racism...alow me to point out that these individuals represent a fraction of the total minority population. Also, while these individuals are respected and are stunning examples of their fields...they are not a viable measurement for a race's equality. Minorities have always found themselves more easily accepted into the realms of sports and entertainment before other aspects of society...just look at all the Italian-American baseball players, Irish-American boxers and Jewish comedians who were a major part of American sports and entertainment long before they were doctors, lawyers and CEOs. That I believe is the real many African American CEOs are there in this many Hispanic lawyers? Anyway...I'm taking this opertunity to bow out...I've got a thesis to write and school work that needs to be done. Its obvious that neither of us is going to agree on this issue so its really nothing more than a protracted pissing contest and a fight for the last word. So let me just say that I hope your precious tax cut brings you happyness...because it sure as hell wont bring anything to those who could have used it.
  15. Things i dislike about george w bush

    Excellent images Habsfan! Where did you get them? I love seeing the old World War 2 propaganda posters "updated". I made my own poster over a year ago when it became aparent that the Bush administration was going to have its war with Iraq no matter what. It deals with some pretty charged images so rather than subject everyone to it here I'll just copy the url and leave it up to your discresion. As for whats been said by NJTank: I agree that abortion is a serious issue in this country which shouldnt be taken lightly. I also agree that late term abortion should probably be reserved for those women whose lives would be in danger if they were to carry the fetus to term. As the same time, I do not feel that the government has the authority to tell its citizens (women or men) what they can or cannot do with their bodies. As much as people may object to it, the freedom of choice is a criticle component of freedom. While others may not see it this way, I find the anti-abortion movement within this country to be cut from the same cloth as those who demand the complete covering of women's bodies in other parts of the world. They are both male driven, religion fueld restrictions of female independance...this very discussion is a testament to that. On the subject of religious extremism...I would like to turn to the issue of evolution. is theory...a well documented and widley held theory...but a theory none the less. Coincidently, most science is theory...thats how science works. Unlike other institutions it prefers not create undeniable truths. This being said, if you were to dismiss all scientific theories and discuss only scientific "facts" (which by the way is a phalacy) you would be left with very little to discuss. Chemistry, physics, biology, psychology...all of them draw heavily on theory. Even gravity is a theoretical concept...we have lots of evidence to support it...but it is not a fact (and recent developements in physics have shown that perhaps our current theory of gravity may in fact be inaccurate). The reason evolution has been singled out is because it conflicts with "the good book" other widley accepted scientific theory has ever recieved the same degree of scrutiny...and unlike some of these theories...there are hosts of tangible artifacts and remains that attest to this very process. My frustration here is that so many Americans (and others to varying degrees) are completely oblivious to the fact that there is only the thinest of lines sepperating "us" from "them". We have already surrendered reason for religion and little by little we are surrendering our personal freedoms and ideas in the name of "homeland security". How much longer before we dispose of all pretenses and wage our self-rightous war on the world? oops...too late