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  1.     The shape of merch to come.
  2.   I open up my wallet, and it's full of my tears from spending my future income on clearance merch.   Jerseys soon!  
  3.     That's beautiful. I love that they've finally aligned the 'Toronto' part. Plus it seems like there's a bit more going on at the bottom too. Never thought I'd say this, but it looks better without the outline.   Even the Marlies look great!
  4.   Agreed! The hoodie makes the logo look a bit distorted. I like that the veins are smaller on Icethetics' logo, though.   Can't wait to see the uniforms.
  5.   Me likey. I think I'd prefer it without the shoulder patches, though!
  6.   That's fair, but still I think having reversible logos makes senses. I personally think the Kings would be better served having reversible colours for their current getup or make it silver like their Gretzky-era days.    
  7.   Yeah, for that to make sense they'd have to put a chest stripe and copy the Habs. This sounds like Ballard putting blue names on the blue jersey.   If I had the money, I would've customized a Salming jersey that way.    
  8. (sees logo) (opens wallet)   Tis nice. They'll make a killing from me buying both the new stuff and the older stuff on clearance.       Yup, I wouldn't mind the alt' striping pattern become the full-time uniform either.
  9.     I'm hyped. I think a few people here would celebrate the death of Kabel, although I will sorta kinda miss it.   1967 leaf with the text from the 35-point block font centred properly?
  10. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Is it just me or did they finally fix the kerning on the text?
  11. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I think there are more people with Ukrainian ancestry here than Polish. As for a blue version of the Marlies throwback, I don't think it looks as nice as the white uniform, based on the Ballard-era Leafs. Just my opinion though.
  12. Ground Control Loses Major Tom

    Holy shoot.
  13. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    That's pretty neat. I know this is a one-year logo, but now I'll never be able to unsee the bottom tip of the triangle not touching the circle.
  14. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Since TNSE was considering Bears/Polar Bears as a team name before they picked the Jets, we do wonder if this is what they're supposed to look. I was at the other Marlies-Moose game and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Marlies with their alt and the Moose with their road uniforms. Loved the Marlies alt, but that style doesn't work for the Leafs.
  15. anybody have info on this logo?

    Agreed. It's like a hybrid of the current and 35-point leaf, but much cleaner.