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  1. Player Jersey Swaps

    Sorry I've been busy more coming
  2. Player Jersey Swaps

    more coming soon
  3. Player Jersey Swaps

    Sorry right now I'm focusing on just basketball and I might try my hand at football after I have done a good amount of basketball edits. I'll start working on these this evening but I may not be able to get to all of them because I'm currently taking summer class. And I apologize I just searched "Wizards logo png"on google and I used that but will do!
  4. Player Jersey Swaps

    Thank you! The color of the arm came from the faint cloud effect that I added the photo. I moved it behind his body, so hopefully this looks better.
  5. Player Jersey Swaps

    This is my first jersey swap and I think it came out well. I figured I'd share it with you all and hopefully receive feedback and areas of focus to make the necessary improvements in future Jersey swaps and photo edits. I will also take a few request so that I can continue to gain experience. Logo credit: Conrad.