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  1. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    New York Red Bulls And now for the other New York team. The Red Bulls have a very iconic logo and this jersey has it as it's main focus.   
  2. Hand Drawn Stadiums (Taking requests)

    1. Sport(s): Hockey, WNBA 2. Location: Houston 3. Team Name(s): Houston Aeros, Houston Comets 4. Favorite word: Froinlaven 5. Team Colors (optional): Green, Navy, Light Blue, Red (Aeros), Red, Silver, Navy (Comets) 6. Architectural Style (optional): Barclays Center minus the rust. 7. Anything else (optional): As for the name, _______ Landing.
  3. Super Bowl LI Logo Concept

    Unfortunately so man. NFL wants thing to be standard and pristine!   Yours however is a beaut. 
  4. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    New York City Bluebirds (New York City FC) When it came to decide on a gridiron name for City, I lurked on various boards until one possibility, Bluebirds came up. After finding out it was the state bird I went with it. Inspiration from set also came from the Giants with a plain sky blue jersey just like their parent club, a more detailed away jersey and and alternate navy blue jersey like their upcoming alternates.   
  5. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    New England Revolution The Revs were one of the teams liked doing the least. Looking at their old uniforms provided nothing good to work with, their current ones are only ok, I wanted to avoid them looking like their brother NFL team and then, there's that crest. I redid the crest into a decent helmet logo and went with a modern design for the tops. As for the alternate, its recolored in their NE Flag secondary.  
  6. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    Montreal Impact When I did the Impact, I based their uniforms moreso on their crest than their actual uniforms so the primary are a translation of that. Their alternate, I went for a Northwestern look with black on top of blue and their crest/third stripes on their sleeve and white socks.   
  7. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    Los Angeles Galaxy The LA Galaxy have also been changed from the last version. I changed their sleeved stripes to one inspired from last years primary (I did not see this year's change coming) and used the gradual lines motif all through out the uniform. I also change the shell to navy. As for the alternate, I went with green since it was the Galaxy's original color before Beckham, though it does clash with the helmet a bit.   
  8. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    Houston Dynamo Ah, My beloved Houston Dynamo. My original concept had them looking too much like the Panthers so I went back to the drawing board. I redid the helmet which gave me trouble multiple times in trying to render a decent looking train. Part of it includes shooting stars that were in the All-Star game logo that we hosted, now closer to the original. Our alternate is black based on the rumors that our new secondary will be black.  
  9. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

      Columbus i found to be straight-forward but I had some ideas pop in since then. 
  10. Best Possible Super Bowl 50 Uni Matchup

    I think we're getting the most visually pleasing Super Bowl in a while, even if Broncs go white instead of orange.
  11. MLB 2016 Changes

    So they ditch the full orange for the inverse of their road cap. Nice. On the uniform though, why didn't they go full guts?
  12. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    Columbus Crew (SC) A lot has changed since I first did the Crew's uniforms almost two years ago. Home jersey and the alternate borrow from the Colts and the away borrows from the Cardinals. Gone's the helmet head decal instead borrowed from their current logo. New numerals, NOB, and white stiped socks.  
  13. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    D.C. United This was done before the new crest was unveiled. The three stripes that DCU had pre-sponsorship lend well to football. I readjusted the red elements of the unis, added red socks and added a red alternate.  
  14. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    Dallas Toros (FC Dallas) FCD's current nickname of the Toros brought to mind helmet horns. This time, I just took them straight out of the logo instead of making my own. I decided that the stripe across the chest sould remain a Chicago thing so I put them on the sleeves instead. Alternate is blue as is their secondaries.  
  15. MLS Gridiron 1.5: Relaunch - NYRB 11/20

    Colorado Rapids The Rapids are based off of their 2013 uni with a yoke instead of sleeves. I took away the side logos from my first drafts and finally came up with a helmet logo that says Rapids. And it was staring in my face the whole. So I took from the old logo. I also went with traditional numbers which felt fit better with the uniform. As for their alternate, orignally I had planned to do the navy blue but it did not work with the maroon. And I wasn't going to use current yellow secondaries, so I went with sky blue. And new white socks.