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  1. Looked at the Texans webpage, shows Clowney in Battle Red and navy socks. I like. Wish it was their primary.
  2. If they can mix and match then maybe the Texans can go CR / Red pants / Navy socks for a more unique look. EDIT: Titans in White / Navy / CR socks. Dolphins in White / Teal / CR socks
  3. I could use some of those nods right now. I hate too my Texans as a navy team. And the performance on the field isn't helping matters. I've always preferred the Battle Red jerseys to the navy jerseys and often wish for them to be their primary. The yoga pant away set have added to this since the phasing out of the red road socks in 08. Not to mention the Liberty White opening day set is clean AF. If we had to stay navy, I would like them to wear red pants instead of white. As for the helmet, I'm too used it being navy for it to be white. And I do feel it would not go with our current jerseys. I remember the color rush rumors from last year had us in Columbia blue. With the one helmet rule, I would presume the navy half of the bull head would be in Columbia which look freaking awesome and help link Houston's football past with the present. There's too much cool colors in the AFC south. Darker ever since the Jags went switched to black.
  4. NHL in Houston

    That would be interesting if the NHL were to pull a Charlotte Hornets retcon. Maybe pull a Browns as well and leave their records in Arizona while the new Aeros start off new.
  5. NHL in Houston

    Nuff said. Anything else would be a disconnect to history. Even with a fanvote, Aeros would be in the lead. Only way that a team can not use a historical name is if someone else is using it. We could go red or orange (or hell, red and orange maybe with black, grey or any shade of blue) to differ with Winnipeg and Dallas. A Winnipeg/Houston feud could be called the Air Raid. Especially if the future Houston Aeros end up being a relocated Phoenix Coyotes.
  6. Thirded. Still hope the Texans will wear their Battle Reds in the postseason though a playoff run's not looking likely.
  7. NBA Broadcaster "Player Cards" Concepts

    Calvin Murphy, Bill Worrell and Craig Ackerman for the Rockets please.
  8. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    I live next to one. Why miss a freebie?
  9. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Skin of teeth but happy for no sweep. Hopefully, we can close the roof on the World Series.
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I also like larger divisions. Make's it harder and worth it a little more. As for.. 2. I lived Houston during our hiatus between the old team and Texans. Most I know just didn't care about the NFL during the quiet years. (Except for Super Bowl in 2000. Thank you very much Rams denying Bud a Lombardi. I will never hate you ever.) I didn't even have the heart to switch to Cowboys during those years. My dad however stayed faithful to the now-Titans and we will still give him a hard time over it. If I ever move from Houston, I still be a 'Stros, Texans, Dynamo and Rockets fan. However, if wherever I moved to did not contain a current or even historical rival (so no Cards if I find myself in St. Louis) and moreso in the NL, NFC or any eastern conference then I wouldn't mind that taking on a second team. 3. This depends on whether or not you can separate fandom from design appreciation. Loathe the Titans, but their uni's not too bad of a design. OK with the Rams but their uniform dilemma is pretty much an eyesore. Colts are a thorn in our side, man they have a beautiful look. I hate what those uniforms represent but they are a good-looking representation. Our previous loss vs. the Chiefs was hard to look at, but it was easy on the eyes from a uniform standpoint.
  11. VA Tech's new academic logo.

    Slight step upward. Its kinda retro. I like it.
  12. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Switching out the pants in this case would a step upward, even if they just do WAH.
  13. I disagree. I think it not only should it be a road option but a home option as well. Especially since we're White over Blue road team # 6. Blue/Blue/Red/Blue would be a unique look to us. Last year's red over blue wasn't on the schedule, either.
  14. Coke Zero to become Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

    Mexican Coke is best Coke.
  15. The Jacksonville's one's gonna suck on the opponent end. Texans will look clean AF though. Mono-navy twice? Booo. That game vs. Chargers (who went yoga worsening things) last year was a train wreck. Still holding out they break out a new combo in the day of or in their road games like the Red over Navy last year. I agree, color rush as permanent roads with the Blues socks. The 'Jints are becoming too asymmetrical for my tastes. White pants as good as they look turns them into the another Cowboys.