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  1. I a'int wearing that.
  2. nfl

    No, navy over white. It is. It truly is. Just switched from the Pats/Bengals game because of it. Orange socks would have been miles better with the black pants. As for our look, I'm sick of our navy pants to the point I never want to see them again. Hell, I wish we were a red team and just wore the navy jerseys as alternates. When our logo and colors were first announced, I imagined red jerseys. Why you no red jerseys McNair. Or revise the red pants with a solid blue stripe and wear that with the aways. Everybody went off when our color rush ended up navy. We need to be red. That would be weird. Washington vs Eagles ain't too bad. Needs more kelly green and white though.
  3. This rush is the best rush. Complementary colors. Streamlined Chargers. Beautiful Broncos. Put me in with the "Add white pants, wear these forever" crowd.
  4. It kinda fits with that particular uniform. I wonder if they could do it with red pants.
  5. It's the socks man. No gold or white socks to bring balance to uniform. Not to mention no stripes on the black pants which makes things worse.
  6. nfl

    Washington just won, so hopefully the burgundy pants are back for a while. Game was purdy to look at.
  7. I don't blame him for going of on socks stripes. The whole yoga pants look is utter crap.
  8. nfl

    Same here. I miss the Texans red socks with their blue pants.
  9. I guess it just be Battle Red for the Texans. One surreal idea I had was the Texans vs. Titans with the latter in their... predecessor's jerseys.
  10. nfl

    Texans schedule up.
  11. Well since they're not changing until the move to Inglewood, I guess mono-white at home would be ideal. Now I really wish that they kept last year's color rush jerseys (if the rumors are true).
  12. I had this one asked over at the Texans Reddit: What football team you'd support regardless of home city?
  13. Yeah, now it's iconic. Still, congrats Land.
  14. Yeah, I drank a lime soda recently and it was super sweet. The fact that it was cane sugar sweetened didn't help. Speaking of which, I think Mist Tw(i)st changed the recipe back to HFCS. I remember Slice but I was the orange that I used to down so much.
  15. For Houston it would be: The 1997 Western Conference Finals. Stockton doesn't sink the three. We have Rockets vs. Bulls. No asterisks. No BS. Hakeem vs. Jordan and he was one of the few people that gave his Airness trouble. 2005 World Series. In order to change that outcome, we go into Game 5 of the NLCS. Puhols doesn't homer against Lidge. Lidge doesn't go through a Heroic BSOD that took a move to the Phillies to shake off. And the Astros go into the World Series not with the skin of their teeth but confident and beat the ChiSox for their first Commish's Trophy. 2016 ALDS. That 7th inning. No Comeback. There might not even be a Tennessee Titans had this not happened. At least one of the MLS Cup matches vs. Beckham. EDIT: 2011 AFC Divisionals. Texans could have kicked in the door in 2011 and T.J. Yates would have been more than a nostalgia trip.; He would be The Guy. As for non- Houston teams: The 2014 World Cup I'll go back further and erase the Portugal goal, sending that team home and us winning the group. That would put us vs. Algeria, then beat a lazy France, a wounded Brazil and possibly lead us to a rematch vs. Germany who we could have tied the last time. A US win at the World Cup would biggest marketing campaign that MLS would have had handed to them. HANDED TO THEM. EDIT Also: Super Bowl XLIX; Seahawks should have gone back to back.