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  1. @GearsofTed White on white.
  2. We only do it for opening day, and even that has precedent considering our very first regular-season opponent.
  3. Sources say Giants are wearing Color Rush whites.
  4. @ATolly66 I have to say, the black numbers are make for a bolder look. Though teal sleeves look good too.
  5. Next up are the Jacksonville Jaguars. In reimagining their uniforms, I thought it would a good challenge to work off their current uniforms instead of going back to their original duds. I hated the contrasting sleeve but used a contrasting collar instead to have some teal as part of their black uniforms. The helmet is suppossed to be the flake helmet from the previous set. As for the roads, I did likkeepe the black sleeves from the current uniforms and added striped socks to avoid the leotard look. Finally are the good ol' teal unis plus teal socks for the black pants.
  6. These are some concepts I've in my head for a while. First off, the Atlanta Falcons. I combined some old and new aspects in this one including a logo recolor. A little bit of old Dirty Bird grey and some Tech gold. For the uniforms, grey and black pants for all combos.
  7. Dagnammit. And the current black alt's a good place to start. Just add mustard, hold the silver and boom, new Rockets rebrand.
  8. The Rams look like piss. Do Texans still have their old red pants with their slick?
  9. They're getting around it because they are not changing the home or road jersey. They can change the pants, the helmet decals, even recolor the logo. but the moment they change those shirts, it counts as a new uniform set. Had they change the shirts the moment they got to LA, it would have counted as a new uniform set and would be locked in that set even after the new stadium opens. They wanted to change back in 2016 and again in 2019 which would violate the 5 year rule. Hence the half steps. 12 this year. And my team opens up with Monoblue and red numbers vs. White Tiger Ranger Bengals.
  10. Me too. I came after Buffaslug, So I would like to see the flames.
  11. I also have a version of that shirt. One of my favorite wrestling logos.
  12. The switchover might limit it to two for the first year, then we go crazy with the alts. Just hope if the Rockets are one of the rumored rebrands, the new jerseys are based off the Black alts.
  13. Miles better than the owl logo. Good point. GFW Impact anyone?
  14. I did like the use of black in their current uniform as well. I think it could be either another Buffalo/Minnesota that ends being acclaimed, another Miami where its just meh or even Seattle which ended up being radically different, but still ok.
  15. Well I'm working on a Falcons concept among others and decided to do this using all their colors and bringing back their old Tech gold.