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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    I think black over teal wound be a great combo for the jags in this incarnation. Add me to the over-corrected bunch. Maybe gold pants stripes and a little on the sleeves would make this better. But they are better than what came before.
  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

    While Houston has the cutest. Fans are happy we only have two primetime games this year. And not facing the Colts for the season finale again.
  3. NFL 2018 changes

    While there's a part of me that wouldn't mind the Texans ditching navy for Columbia, the other part me of associates that color with the enemy. As an alternate, Columbia blue would be a nice bridge between the old team and the new. But a primary? No. Texans just need switch to their Battle Reds as the primary with some red facemasks. And bring back their red pants (inverse of their Color Rush pants) for away games with the blue socks. As for the Jets, 80-90's logo on white helmet with current uniforms in Kelly Green. or switch to their Color Rush unis.
  4. Uniform Changes: Europe vs. USA

    It would depend on the team and which jerseys. If it was like the MLB and NBA where the homes and aways stayed the same but the alternates changed year to year that would be ok, But yearly home and away? That would be chaotic especially if designs elements don't carry over from year to year. Can you think of Arsenal without contrasting sleeves? Or the Yankees minus pinstripes?
  5. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Then mine are magenta especially since the color balance was a lot better in the older ones. Part of me wants to say it's a lateral while another part of me says its a downgrade. Navy helmet feels like helmet infringement. And the columbia blue and red's an afterthought.
  6. Ranking the NFL/Nike Uniform changes

    A- Vikings: needs white socks with purple pants. A Lions: The sleeve words could have been done better and silver socks are needed but overall a good update. B- Seahawks: The other combos make this uniform. C+ Dolphins: Color change the biggest minus. C- Browns: Stitching, pants stripes and the numbers on the brown jersey are what brought this down. D Jags: *insert helmet rant*, the sleeves on the color jerseys and numbers on the teal jerseys what I would change. D Titans: Some bias towards my team's archrival moving closer to our look, but yeah, downgrade with the slash strips, sword yokes, numbers and dark numbers on the columbia jersey. F Bucs: Took a BA look that saw a Lombardi win (especially with white pants), turned it into trash and wasted a good logo update in the process.
  7. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Hence the reason why I want the Texans as a red team. Eight navy teams including five of which primary use navy over white/grey/silver combos. Twelve blue teams altogether which is a third of the league (Panthers don't count). Contrast that with the Niners, Cards, Bucs, Chiefs, Falcons and Washington on the darker side with only six red teams. We would be the sole red team in our division differentiating us from the Colts and Titans if we switch instead of one of three blues (cool colors over all now that Jags will be a teal team again). I am one them. I like your thinking. A house that will be burned to the ground by fires of La Revolución de Máscaras de Colores. Viva los Colores!
  8. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    If the Titans end up looking like us, I gonna yell and scream until the Texans go Battle Red full time. But since McNair's a idiot these days, I wouldn't hold my breath on us switching colors. This. No place for grey masks here.
  9. Team Color Changes

    Astros: Navy and Orange to Orange and Dark Royal to Navy and Orange (with Red, Amber and Yellow accents) to Navy and Gold to Black, Brick Red and Sand to Navy and Orange. Rockets: Green and Gold to Red and Yellow to Navy, Red and Silver to Red and Silver.Insert other media
  10. NFL 2018 changes

    Probably not. I'm guessing NDA's 'til next month.
  11. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    I found this today, surfing around from a graphics designer with the upcoming Fox baseball graphics for this year. I'll have to warn you that 1) might have been made last year before the World Series since in use Cubs/Indians as placeholders and 2) uses the NFL theme. That 60 FPS tho.
  12. Super Bowl LIII logo

    You are not alone ozzyman214. They failed epically.
  13. 2018 MLS Kits

    If it is a recycle, it's an apt recycle and was bound to happen. Beautiful nonetheless.
  14. Evolving Uniform Opinions

    When the Astros introduced with their current set, I wasn't impressed and even made my first concept using a sans serif font instead of the block. Though I was glad the brick and black were gone. Now I can't look at it without breaking into a cheesy grin, for obvious reasons. The set that proceeded it, I hated it at first, grew on me when the 'Stros got better, but went back hating it again after the Stros went to garbage. Especially since I LOVED the blue and gold set. Thought the Rainbow Guts were gaudy, now I love them and wish they did a modern version instead of half-a like the BP's. Likewise, the Rockets current I liked at first since it replaced the snaggletooth pajamas. Now, not so much. I did like their old ketchup and mustard alts. The Nike redesign helped some things, but I wish they used the black alts as the template for their current set. If they win it all this year, I'll have mixed feelings if they change. Texans, I hated their home set because it wasn't red like I envisioned. But, I fell in love with the team and the uniforms especially getting the Battle Red alts. Now, I just hate the current combos. The yoga pant roads have not helped at all and I've grown tired over of blue over white. Either Battle Red over white (either sock will do) or Blue over red a la the Kardiac Kids Browns which was my earliest football uni memory. As for away, all white or maybe with red pants. I didn't like 2016's Red over blue as much I thought I would. Just wish they were red to match their warm-colored brethren (and set us apart from Dallas and the six other teams that use navy blue). Others: Shocked when the Bucs ditched the creamsicles. Now I miss the original red and pewters along with the rest of y'all. Thought Dallas' double stars were gaudy too, now I wish they were their primaries. It would be asymmetrical if they kept their current navy jerseys but at least both would use the same colors.
  15. NFL 2018 changes

    I probably throw this one out there and say they're going with a Columbia helmet.