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  1. yeah probably. its gonna be hard to convince them this two identity at one time thing is less profitable then going back to a look and sticking to it.
  2. Because Lebron has had adversity every regular season since 2011 with the exception of 2013 and made the finals he deserve that benefit until he doesn't make the finals.
  3. Yeah I don't want to see him leave because I enjoy watching him play when the Dodgers aren't, but if I'm him I go somewhere like Seattle or Texas just to spite the guy. The only thing they did for him was get a hof hitter he could learn from everything else has been a disaster.
  4. I know I'm gonna get a :censored: ton of hate for saying this, but we have an overpopulation problem on this planet and we lost someone stupid enough to drive drunk and two people stupid enough to get in a boat and let some one drive who was that drunk think he deserves to be honored for helping the human race and earth as a whole in that way alone.
  5. This is what happens when you get rid of all your depth to sign a player and said player gets hurt.
  6. looks like they are having poll for the face mask as well.
  7. Los Angeles Rams
  8. Yeah that was me, I also posted it here as well with some evidenced from the mlb shop that have the jerseys listed as an alternate separate from the spring training jerseys a few pages back. I do think these would make a good once a week alt as well, I just fear the Dodgers might go overboard with these like they did with the road alts.
  9. So form it looks like the dodgers are going to have a blue alt this year according to MLB the Show 17 and the MLB shop, not sure how i feel about that.
  10. Great job with this so far, and when you get LA I might suggest royal and yellow as every team in the city has use at least one of those two colors at one point in the past.
  11. I don't know how anyone can root for a team with that ass on it. Between that and KD ruining the competiveness of the league and being the apex of boring as hell basketball, the Warriors are a really easy team to hate.
  12. No they wont, I don't know how meany times I've said this to people out of the market but outside of east LA Raiders fans are minimal a lot of the causal fans have already jumped to the Rams and the fact that rams have had the majority fans at all of their home games especially the ones against DAL and SF tell me that wont happen. Hell even before the Rams announced their move they were the preferred in all the polls for them to move over the Raiders and Chargers says a lot. the Bring Back the LA Rams group on Facebook had 60,000 people at the time of the relocation meetings, the same group for the Raiders had 15,000 at the time. You are overestimating the Raiders fan base here.
  13. Well Orange County is not totally different, we are really just a glorified suburb of LA that happens to be it's own county, but yes the Raiders are almost universally hated here and I'm willing to bet that west LA also isn't as fond of the Raiders or their fans as well.
  14. No not the Rams. They a blue team and they should always be a blue team. I should mention that of all the jersey I see at the colosseum the yellow color rush ones are probably the least popular. The fact that there are more navy and gold jerseys and it's white version than yellow is a good sign they shouldn't touch it as a primary.
  15. Okay while most other rams fans I've talked too would prefer blue and yellow they wouldn't mind a return to blue and white, I don't think it's blue and yellow or bust more just get rid of metallic gold and go back to an old color set. I think best case for rams would be to bring both back one as a primary and the other as a throwback and everyone would be happy.