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  1. masterchaoss

    2018 NFL Season

    Looks like the game is back in LA.
  2. masterchaoss

    NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    Yeah attendance is not the best number to look at when you consider how awful the colosseum is to watch a pro game anyone that has been to a Rams game since they have come back will tell you that and that and when you look at the ratings you'll see that people absolutely do care about the Rams here in LA.
  3. masterchaoss

    Lakers Officially Unveil New Uniforms for 2018-19

    So the Lakers are wareing purple at home some reason. It just feels really weird to me.
  4. I know its early but Congrats Boston, LA will see you again at superbowl for revenge!
  5. masterchaoss

    2018 NFL Season

    No not that bad I'm not sure what happened that it looks so awful today.
  6. Also I've said it before but this Dodgers team has been mismanaged to hell, they have talent on par with Boston but use it in ways that has me constantly scratching my head and are putting them in positions to fail constantly, they also don't seem to know how to control the team emotionally it seems ethier. Roberts shouldn't be back next year.
  7. Yeah most Dodgers fans don't Manny back even if they come back to win this series, he an ass that doesn't seem to try most of the time. Corey Seager has been far in his approach and production with the Dodgers.
  8. We will play at least two full games, What the is even happing!
  9. How the hell did Roberts and Turner Ward manage to :censored: up the approach of every hitter in this line up. This Dodgers team is just as talented as Boston and yet they are on the vurge of being down 3-0 in the world series, if this whole staff isn't gone after this series ends I'm gonna be pissed.
  10. Yeah I'm still pretty sure that the Dodgers are gonna win this series. They beat them selves more than anything else, mostly with uncharacteristically bad defense and pitching Alex Wood and not sticking with Baez for a reason I'm still trying to figure out. This Boston team hasent done anything that really impressed me.
  11. masterchaoss

    2018 NFL Season

    My god do the Bengals look awful, they must of spent all their energy during Steelers game last week.
  12. masterchaoss

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    This feels like a Sharks alternate logo to me, not sure it really fits a baseball team.
  13. Yeah the Dodgers awful defense today but they made it a 1 run game and i dont think they do that agian. I'm still really confident in them in this series.
  14. masterchaoss

    Lakers Officially Unveil New Uniforms for 2018-19

    Yep just as awful as I thought it'd be. I can't believe I actully want Adidas back.
  15. masterchaoss

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    So I ran a poll on the Rams reddit to see how popular the different color schemes are throughout their history are when it comes to the new uniforms in a couple years in a semi scientific way. The results are nothing too surprising and reinforces my idea that Rams would be absolutely stupid to go with anything that isn't a basicly a modernized version of Dickerson era uniforms. Apologies about the phone UI my computer died.