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  1. NFL Expansion Cities?

    Yeah, as someone who lives in LA the one problem with relocation is no one will go to see a see a struggling franchise, look at the Frank Macourt era Dodgers or the clippers. The only way anyone would go to games for a struggling team is if it's expansion where its reasonable to be bad.
  2. NBA Changes 2013-14 Season

    Is it bad I don't see anything in the 2nd mess of dots?
  3. 2nd Favorite Teams

    MLB: 1) Dodgers 2) Yankees NBA: 1) Lakers 2) Nets NFL: 1) Colts 2) Rams NHL: 1) Ducks 2) Penguins
  4. How to pick a team to follow

    Well I picked my teams based on a mix of history and aesthetics and living in LA with a lack of a football team I ending become a Colts fan, that and they won the superbowl when I started watching football. Also if you have multiple teams in the same city like LA or New York go with the better franchises like the Lakers and Dodgers over the Clippers or Angels seriously dont make your self miserable.
  5. Washington Redtails.....Discuss

    Ok, I misinterpreted that sorry but yeah I wouldnt name something pony related because the Colts and Broncos are already.
  6. Washington Redtails.....Discuss

    And so I'm a Brony want want a cookie. I find it funny that your try to make me react poorly and look like a hippacrit. I like what I like call me what just gonna ignore it most of the time or humor my self by finding a way to send back in your face. Now can get back on subject.
  7. Washington Redtails.....Discuss

    They were African America air squad that fought during the second world war. It would work better in Alabama and should be in Alabama when they get a team.
  8. Washington Redtails.....Discuss

    Hey, I'm fine with name change but how about something better than red tails! Its just not aggressive enuff for a football team how about the Reds, Americas, or something to do with Americas history. also, I do believe that people need to grow some thicker skin though, I've been called stuff like Ginger, carrot top, fire crotch, Giant Leprechaun(I'm 6'6") for a good since I started highschool four years ago, yeah it was offensive but if let it get to you that's when they get what they want, if you take it and even embrace it stops and even stops felling offensive.
  9. NBA Playoffs Court Snafu

    Mabey the NBA hates the eastern conference, the west has one the title 3 of the last 4 years. JK, I think they just haven't had a chance to fix it yet. Let's see what happens id there's a game 6.
  10. New Dolphins Uniforms

    (\ Kinda, sad that it seems like there's more Orange on the butt than the rest of the uniform.
  11. New Dolphins Uniforms

    Dam, I was gonna call it cutie mark but yah beat me to it. But I really dont know why you need the name of city on the butt its not really needed and hard to see from TV.
  12. Team Sigs

    Awesome thanks!
  13. Team Sigs

    1. Los Angeles Lakers 2. Purple (115,0,130) 3. Gold/yellow (252,224,8) 4. Primary logo 5. 16 Time NBA Champions Thanks in advance!
  14. Championship Banners

    Are you still doing these? If so could I get championship banners for the Colts, and Manchester United.
  15. Arena Rafters & Banners

    The policy for the Lakers is you have to be in the hall of fame, unless it's sure fire your gonna get in when you retire.