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  1. Thats speech for, "Oh we cannot make money off EA titles apart of the program. Don't want so we'll make PS Now and make money off people paying to play older titles." All this while Xbox One gets EA Access (which is great since I no longer have to buy Madden, Fifa, or NHL every year) and backwards compatibly for free. Which continues to get better and better.
  2. If I'm recalling correctly, the Collector and the Grandmaster are members of the Elders of the Universe.
  3. If it is Sabres/Rangers, I wouldn't mind if Buffalo brought back this (slightly tweaked).
  4. Tanks used to be all I ever played on MMOs. I'm right now building a faux Necromancer (since true Necromancer skills really don't exist in ESO). I might consider joining a guild but I've had some bad experience in the past in guilds.
  5. I'm slowly working my way towards a house. I've had the game since December and I just finally settled on a build that I like.
  6. Next team is ready. Los Angeles Rams My original intention for the Rams was to stick to their current branding. I decided instead go with what I think all of us would like to see the team go with.
  7. Did a quick update to the Cardinals. Made a small change to the red pants.
  8. Alright, lets move on. Arizona Cardinals The design is inspired by the Arizona state flag. I kept things relatively simple with them.
  9. Any other thoughts on the Leafs?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Did a quick update. Added an additional pant option.
  11. I have considering doing this for some time. I hope to do most if not the entire league. I don't really have a set schedule that I will stick to. Will be sticking to the the one helmet rule. So, lets lead off with the NFC Champions. Atlanta Falcons Throwback inspired design. Added the current logo the sleeve, only one pants option (didn't find other combinations that I liked). Red helmet returns (which I hope really happens in the near future).
  12. Moving on from Tampa Bay... Toronto Maple Leafs I always liked the Leafs Winter Classic jersey from a few years ago. So, I took inspiration from that for the sleeve design. The alternate is based off the leaked Arenas throwback.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Did a quick update to the concept.
  14. Alright moving along... Tampa Bay Lightning For the Lightning I decided to keep them in all blue (lighter shade) for the main set. Kept the use of black minimal on the primary set. The design is based off a concept I did many years. Added a retro inspired alternate.
  15. Thanks for the feedback on the Predators. With this next concept it leaves only Vegas left that I haven't posted a concept for, yet. Winnipeg Jets Decided to go full traditional with the Jets. Promoted the heritage look while maintaining the current logos. Added a red alternate that is inspired in part by previous Jets look prior to moving to Arizona.