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  1. I’m with you on this one. Dude’s a walking penalty. I don’t care that he scored today. That has been one of his only positive contributions.
  2. How does one not love that? But seriously, Las Vegas isn’t just the strip. The tacky levels drop immensely just a few streets over. On a different note the OldTakesExposed Twitter interactions are fantastic. Maybe it’s the enlightened ones on here that saw this coming, but almost everyone else had the Knights in the toilet. Lots of Fleury doubters as well.
  3. No sir. You don’t get to move the goal posts because you don’t like the city it happened in. I’d expect nothing less than scorched earth from you if this were the Metropolitans. I’d feel cheated to be honest lol.
  4. They are so much fun. I honestly would be disappointed if Vegas didn’t do extra.
  5. Scrolling through the Jets fans on twitter freaking out over the pre-game Medieval Times Show is a highlight of today.
  6. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    I think the Wizards name is still referenced in the logo. The star above the monument evokes magic wand imagery. Granted it’s more fantasy princess than Harry Potter, but a wand nevertheless. I think the Wizards logo is kinda brilliant all the way around. The aforementioned wand for the nickname, and the flag/political campaign button for the city. I love it.
  7. Well that was an education. Vegas looked dead from the jump. Ryan Reaves is gonna be the death of the Knights if he keeps getting into late game situations.
  8. This is fine. Narrator: It wasn’t fine.