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  1. I never thought I would trust a Giants fan to improve the A's uniforms, but here we are.
  2. nba

    Oh my Christ. This is the most insane thing I've seen in a while. All you need is a thunderbolt down the side to remind people of the Chris Cohan era. (Note: PLEASE DON'T DO THAT.) The small criticisms I have are to put the front number off-center to the right a little bit to balance it out with the logo and make the front number on the whites yellow again, but those are minor nitpicks. This is awesome.
  3. As much as I approve the use of a Nostalgia Critic GIF, this...isn't as bad as it could be in my opinion. Yeah, it's dull, but it could be so much worse.
  4. The Wolves' font kind of looks like the number font from the Orlando Magic's inaugural jerseys if it matured a little bit.
  5. In one of the most out-of-nowhere network rebrandings I can think of, Oxygen officially transitioned from "that network for women that Oprah is involved with somehow" to "true crime network #4,020." Old: New:
  6. Is that a Pierre Thomas Saints jersey lurking back there as well?
  7. Since mullet-man Crowley is represented here, it's fair to ask: is he on track for a hall of fame career or does he need to add a ring to his resume? Also, interesting how the representatives were the #1 and #2 pick in the '86 draft. Kind of makes you wonder how the #3 pick turned out...
  8. Embiid is also a candidate for the "right team, wrong hair" club.
  9. I did find a whole bunch of authentic New Era fitted caps at Ross the last time I went. I picked up a brand-new Marlins fitted for $10, well worth it when they go for $35 everywhere else.
  10. The thunderbolt-era Warriors jerseys. The braces. The goofy smile. This picture is so wonderful in so many ways.
  11. C'mon Jacks, how do you not even reach the conference finals with that lineup?
  12. As a Raleigh resident, it took me entirely too long to notice RDU's triangle is an accurate plot point of where Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are located.
  13. My character's team finally reached a VB! Free Shattuck's for everyone!
  14. I prefer "The Garglers of Cincinnati".
  15. I love the return of Stuart Holly! I bet he's going to try and own a piece of the Wizards down the line, but man would it be cool to assemble a second dynasty in LA sooner rather than later.