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  1. And to think they did this all without St. Mark!
  2. Alright, here's hoping the Imperials take this thing! If I'm Ron Adams, I'm calling Charlie Kadlec immediately for some advice on how to win a VB.
  3. So THAT'S where Adidas got the idea for sleeved jerseys.
  4. My favorite thing about this isn't the uniforms, but the completely out-of-place Avia ad in the top right corner. I mean, what NBA player have you ever seen wear Avias?
  5. Everyone's talking about the Nova Scotia rumors and I'm just here anticipating what Dallas' team is going to look like...
  6. Jason Crowley: still a beast. Jack 'em up, Jacks!
  7. The A's ownership is actually pushing really hard for a bayside ballpark, so I think we'll get an announcement for our own version of Pac Bell Park before they think about using money to tear down Mount Davis. Don't get me wrong, I really wish they would though...
  8. As an A's fan, it's so tragic that our stadium is such a damn dump. The sad thing is before the renovations, the Coliseum would have definitely been right at home on this list:
  9. Unless the Imperials have some curse I don't know about (which, considering they haven't won a Victory Bowl since their early post-WWII dominance, seems somewhat likely), Ron Adams has a free shot to the championship and to his place in Richmond.
  10. The perm and mustache? I agree.
  11. I actually used to intern for WGN when I was in college, believe it or not. After seeing that old logo so often, it's going to be so strange to get used to the new one. This one seems...I don't know, too plain I guess. For a station with such a distinctive morning show, the logo sure does blend in more than I would like.
  12. I just realized how much parity was in the AFA this year. 4 teams went 9-7 and they all missed the playoffs, how often does that happen?
  13. I completely understand what @Gothamite means by saying fandom is emotional, not logical. If it were logical, I would have jumped ship from my lifetime of rooting for the Raiders the minute they said they were moving to Vegas. Granted, I'm not supporting them right now, and I'm trying like hell to become a fan of the team where I am now (the Carolina Panthers, who to be fair I actually do like) but hot damn is it hard to make that switch. I've moved around a lot since I graduated high school (from Oakland to Chicago, Minnesota, and now North Carolina) but I've kept all of my hometown teams with me. I did pick up an Aussie Rules team (Hawthorn) when I studied abroad in Melbourne though, but that's another story.
  14. I think if you put Rock, Metal, and Cosmos into a blender, you get the Cleveland Asteroids.