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  1. San Francisco 49ers to Unveil New Uniform Tomorrow

    I think we all are burying the lede here: Someone's actual name is Al Guido.
  2. Ah yes, who could forget when this prolific rap genius made a surprising career move and won an NBA championship?
  3. Buffalo Bisons reignite our love for food-based baseball promos

    I've never seen so many different shades of beige in one plate. I bet Rochester cardiologists have no shortage of patients...
  4. Buffalo Bisons reignite our love for food-based baseball promos

    The blue cheese numbers are equal parts fantastic and terrible.
  5. New Best Buy logo

    Gee. Now it looks like every other corporate logo that got revamped in the past two years. The joys of minimalism.
  6. Ooh, this could be a good topic. I feel stupid for not realizing the notch in Infiniti's logo is supposed to be a road traveling towards the horizon: ...and in sports, it took a while for me to grasp that the Carolina Panthers' logo is an abstract map of North and South Carolina.
  7. How could I forget about this one? Yeah, this is definitely up there...I don't get why the Flames don't just get rid of the black already.
  8. On the same topic, that is not the best the Angels have ever looked in my opinion. It's close, but I'm still so partial to the mid-90's set. Bo knows good uniforms. (Off topic, but has he ever worn a bad uniform? Thank goodness he didn't sign with the Bucs.)
  9. Guy on the right definitely won the championship with his best mustache.
  10. Lost Sports Logos?

    Now that I'm looking at it more closely, the Clippers font there looks VERY close to the font they have now...
  11. Lost Sports Logos?

    This is '90s as hell, but good God I love this. I guess Sterling was too cheap to do this, too.
  12. Wideright imagines the AAF

    That Colorado Commandos logo reminds me of this guy, who also lives in Colorado: Also, too bad Raleigh didn't send in a bid for an AAF team.
  13. He hired the TRAINER AS HEAD COACH?!?! Goof lord, what drugs was he on? He must have been licking toads to make decisions like that.
  14. Stetson University Unveils New Athletic Logo

    Yeah, this one is trying too hard...I love logos that use negative space well, but that hat looks forced in there. Much like Stetson's most famous alum Ray Finkle, this logo design missed wide right.
  15. Wideright imagines the AAF ABQ ever going to win a game? They might as well put Austin Collie at QB, he can't be worse than Mannion. Also, I bet "Team 'Murica" is going to be named the Boston Freedom or Boston Union or something.