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  1. Why is the bear on the bottom on a pitcher's mound? Is this some cross-promotion with the Cubs that went horribly wrong?
  2. That MG mark is one of the funkiest things I've ever seen in the concept forum.
  3. Ask and you shall receive:
  4. How did we get this far without Boog "Blood Clot" Powell in the all-red Indians set?
  5. Two teams making major changes for '92, eh? I'm gonna guess...Nuggets and Claymores. Also, good work with Boston!
  6. That was the most boring thing I have ever watched. Logo looks good though.
  7. Darn it, Jacks! Oh well, at least we get to see Ducharme and Appleby battle it out for the cup. Someone grab the popcorn.
  8. On second though, yeah you're right. Damn you, Mandela effect.
  9. Surprisingly, the Raiders did wear that silver jersey in at least one game (with black pants!!!) I actually had a Randy Moss version of that silver jersey as a kid. Now that I think about it, I always picked that silver jersey for the Raiders in NFL 2K5 too.
  10. I didn't realize the Timberwolves had a rastafarian flag for their supporting colors.
  11. Awesome write up, it's so easy to get invested when there's so much attention to detail. Just out of curiosity, will there be a page on the blog where we can easily see the logo/uniform history of each team? I'd love to see how each team evolved over the years.
  12. Exactly my thoughts. That's actually an improvement in my book. Also, any chance we can see the Warriors with Oakland's flag and the T'Wolves with MPLS' flag?
  13. Don't worry--the smiley face is scheduled to come back in about 500 years or so.
  14. One more vote for a green alternate here! I still love what you did with the Jacks; the pine tree inspired design is so Minnesota. I'd buy a Crowley jersey so quick if I could.
  15. That Oakland Tribune logo!!! Not gonna lie, this might be the best looking uniform match-up I've ever seen. Probably one of the rarest too.