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  1. If they move, I hope they do it in this:
  2. Yeah, even as a Destroyers fan I knew we had no chance. I would rather have Hart than Walter Chris Dodd any day of the week, and that game is a perfect example why. Also, I definitely did not catch the "arrow to the knee" Easter egg. That's awesome. Rob Connery's injury, however, is anything but awesome.
  3. Hats of to Stuart Holly. He was my first favorite player in the PHL; here's hoping the Wizards bring him back in some capacity.
  4. It's so strange to see LA and New York down at the bottom of their respective conferences.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does that marquee say Team USA Hockey is playing the Calgary Flames in Utah for some reason...?
  6. Oh. My. Goodness. This logo and uniform is absolutely stellar and perfect for '89. Hawkfan, you've outdone yourself. One thing I would suggest: maybe make the yoke on the black jerseys silver?
  7. Now you know how Minnesota North Stars fans feel!
  8. Imagine if Phil Knight had never touched Oregon... Not only would Oregon have some consistency, but a LOT of crap trends across all sports would be stopped dead in their tracks.
  9. That feeling when your favorite team drafts a kicker in the first round:
  10. Chris Webber has to be one of those rare people to have two wrong uniforms with the same team.
  11. From left to right: should've kept it, night club, night club for teens, Scotty's hat from the Sandlot, rainbow pitchfork, convention center, Acclaim, somehow the best option.
  12. I'm half expecting someone to pull a Baltimore Colts-style move in addition to the "unsurprising relocation" just to mix things up. You never know what drama may unfold in the AFA...
  13. I hope Michael Prince can be a player to buy the Nuggets... I absolutely love KC's look and nickname. I've never been a fan of all lower case lettering, but Miami's color scheme and nickname are on point too.
  14. Oh my god, this recolor made it look like a zombie. It doesn't help that it looks like the feathers are dripping with blood. Also, I'll file a request for my two favorite teams--the Oakland A's and DePaul University.
  15. Hey, at least he's better than Jason Kidd. Also, Jason Kidd in the 90's Mavericks gear sadly registers as a player in the wrong uniform for me.