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  1. logodawg

    Local TV station logos

    My dad hates that logo. When they came out with it about 15 years he said "it looks like a woman pregnant with the CBS logo"
  2. logodawg

    Pistons Logo Change

    They have been using that logo as part of their "Detroit Basketball" campaign for the last two seasons. I would say it's an improvement, but that isn't saying much. It's possible the Pistons have the second most bland logo history, next to the Lakers. I would love to see an updated Piston man, but I doubt that would happen considering those logos were only in use when the team was based in Fort Wayne.
  3. logodawg

    NFL 2017 changes?

    So happy that they are finally dropping the black, if for no other reason is that it's the last element of the Millen era of failure. I can take or leave the new wordmark, but the previous one finally grew on me once they put it on the blue background in the endzones this year
  4. logodawg

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 5 Voting

    G: 8 S: 7 B: 18
  5. logodawg

    worst logos ever!

    Nope, that's the current logo.
  6. logodawg

    Detroit Mercy Tweak

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Just find it frustrating when I see something done "professionally" that was another 20 minutes away from a vast improvement.
  7. logodawg

    Detroit Mercy Tweak

    The University of Detroit Mercy recently released a new identity, included an integrated "D-M" icon. Unfortunately, it feels like they mailed it in on the D part of the icon.With that said, I made some tweaks that I believe greatly improve it. Thoughts? Original: Modified:
  8. logodawg

    Greatest Football Helmets of All Time

    Chris Spielman while with the Lions. So thick, so beautiful.
  9. logodawg

    Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    This may have already been brought up, but I highly doubt that the Lions' Color Rush will actually see the field. They're not wearing them this year and have previously said that they were considering changing the uniforms and color scheme for next season. Since that was stated, black has been slowly been removed from team items, such as the marketing material, website, endzone art and even the new cheerleader uniforms.
  10. logodawg

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    My local airport growing up Bay City/Midland/Saginaw Mi Nothing special as it's a stylzing rendering of the new terminal
  11. Hey if it causes him to miss a start against the Tigers, he can be as childish as he wants to be. But seriously, that's some super unprofessional behavior on his part.
  12. logodawg

    2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Well the looks like Datsyuk is leaving the Wings for sure, which means $7.5 million of dead cap space, not too mention the money Franzen is costing them. The Freep ran a piece on the contract status of the current roster and I was shocked by how many contracts end next season. They could be a whole different team by the time they move into the new rink.
  13. logodawg

    Michigan Tech new logos

    The athletics is sorely in need of an update. The new academic logos are serviceable, definitely an upgrade from the 90s font they were using.
  14. logodawg

    Bud Light gets new look

    Unfortunately this doesn't improve the taste of what's inside. I don't care for light beers much, but Bud Light is by far my least favorite of the "Big 3." Designwise, it's a huge improvement, but the font doesn't play well with the crest. It looks chunky and unrefined compared to the finely detailed crest.
  15. logodawg

    Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    Same stripes as the backup QBs and some of the other skill positions (RB/WR/DB). Different jersey cuts. This is nothing new. yea thats why i don't like the Panthers uniform, those shoulder stripes are different on nearly every player; there's nothing "uniform" about the uniform. im sure it worked better in '95 but not on these modern templates - the TV numbers on the shoulders push the stripes over the shoulder/sleeve seam, where as the Colts wear their TV numbers on the sleeves and it works more consistently. I don't really like to chalk those issues up to the uniform itself, personally. We're at an age where shoulder stripes of all kinds are going to be obstructed by template styles, no matter which team it is. I remember the early 2000's Vikings roads having the same issue (thanks, Chris Hovan), and I think a lot of people would agree that was still a great uniform, template issues aside. Sometimes* you just have to look past templates and at the idea behind a uniform instead, because from the early 2000's to now to onward, that's just an unavoidable issue that teams like the Panthers shouldn't be penalized for.*By sometimes, I mean NFL teams sort of "grandfathered" into these templates. I'm not excusing Adidas trash like UCLA's sad debacle While I understand there are practical reasons for the different cuts, but for a league so obsessed with appearances, I'm surprised that the NFL allows things like the striping inconsistencies to exist. To me it just makes the whole group look a like a bunch of slobs that can't find a shirt that fits.