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  1. For my Browns to go back to these beauties.
  2. Can I get the Tennessee one for an IPhone 6 background?
  3. He could add the reflection of the stadium that the bowl is being played in
  4. You should make this a series and do a concept for every driver
  5. All these are awesome. Good work. Id like to see what you could come up with for Tennessee
  6. I really like this idea
  7. Really like all these, are you gonna do the US?
  8. I'd like to see what you could do with Iceland
  9. It looks really good. You're definitely onto something but the crown doesn't look quite right where it's at in my opinion. I'd like to see what it looks like without the crown. You're off to a really good start
  10. That WVU one looks sweet! Thanks for doing them, these are so cool
  11. Texas A&M, Washington, West Virginia
  12. Being from Chattanooga I think this looks really good, but I'd be interested to see what a yellow helmet looks like with the bird on it or the C. UTC used to have yellow helmets and I always thought they looked the best
  13. This looks great, I'd like to see some uniforms to go along with them
  14. nfl

    I think the Texans have one of the cleanest helmets in the NFL, I'd take off the stripe
  15. Albany is gorgeous, my favorite one yet
  16. Looking good so far. Looking forward to seeing Chattanooga
  17. This is a really cool idea. Looking forward to more. I like the Wheeling primary logo, think it's really creative. I think Columbus, even though they're the Bengals team is too much like the Bengals
  18. You should give Tennessee a go
  19. I'm a Browns fan and those unis you created look 100x better than our new ones. Don't understand why we changed uniforms, ours were perfect the way they were
  20. Bayern is awesome
  21. Hamburger SV, St. Pauli and Hull City
  22. Awesome! Thanks
  23. Hungary
  24. I love what you did with my Vols! I'd be thrilled if we wore those in real life. The only thing I would change is the state flag logo on the back of the helmet, I feel that our helmets are too traditional to change. Great job on these!