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  1. I'll go with a little bit of both. Option 3, but blend them together. Like the Pacific Continental League. For example, start out with Option 1 and when the time comes for the Pacific Coast League to expand, use the Continental teams.
  2. We all know that the minors can be a place where teams can go crazy with their team names, such as the New Orleans Baby Cakes, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps, Orem Owlz, Traverse City Beach Bums... just to name a few. However, what are some of the minor league team names that COULD pass as if they were an MLB team? (Or NHL/NBA/etc.) A few off the top of my head: - Nashville Sounds - Reno Aces - Buffalo Bisons - Durham Bulls - Montgomery Biscuits - El Paso Chihuahuas - Tennessee Smokies Note: I did not list any team names that copied from their parent clubs (such as Iowa Cubs, Oklahoma City Dodgers, Pawtucket Red Sox, etc.) Thoughts?
  3. Do you think it'll be possible for the NBA to expand their draft to maybe 3-4 rounds so they can have more players to stash in the D-League once it has 30 teams? Make it a true minor league system.
  4. I second this, and perhaps give us around 4-6 "superstars" for us to follow so we can have some kind of a connection with them and root them on. Like CodeG said, it'd make it feel more real. Also, have you ever checked out the Dynasty Reports on the OOTP Development Forums? They have some cool stuff there. Not trying to do a dig at what you've done so far. I think you're doing great so far! You might find some cool ideas to borrow from there. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  5. Awesome, looking forward to this! Keep up the good work, sir.
  6. Great updates as always. Very excited to see the future of the league expansions and new leagues as well. Questions: what is the source of the players in those leagues? Where do they come from? Do you have a minor or feeder leagues? How do you deal with potentially incomplete rosters for some teams if you expand too quickly?
  7. That's awesome! Just out of curiosity, how did you set that "tournament" up in OOTP? Is it all in one file or do you export/import and use separate game files?
  8. This is great! I was sorta waiting for you, Raysox, to start something up on this new sub! I plan on doing the same thing with OOTP, but not quite yet. Down the road, for sure. Keeping a close eye on this!
  9. No thoughts?
  10. Now that there will be 25 teams in next year's D-League season, how would you realign the conferences/divisions? 5 divisions of 5 teams apiece? Or 2 conferences with 2 divisions and 6 teams (one with 7 teams) in each conference?
  11. You could always use yellow horns instead of white horns
  12. Seems like it's still unpopular with the folks here. If you had a say in it, then how would you incorporate gold in their set?
  13. Now that a full year has passed along, what does everybody think of the addition of Kasota Gold to the Twins' home jerseys?
  14. I was hoping that maybe anybody else could perhaps make some suggestions? One idea I had is basically put up a list of the team's all-stars there along with the ASG logo next to the names.
  15. I actually planned on doing that on the "team article" page, which will come right before this "team info page." Thanks for the suggestion though!