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  1. You could always use yellow horns instead of white horns
  2. Seems like it's still unpopular with the folks here. If you had a say in it, then how would you incorporate gold in their set?
  3. Now that a full year has passed along, what does everybody think of the addition of Kasota Gold to the Twins' home jerseys?
  4. I was hoping that maybe anybody else could perhaps make some suggestions? One idea I had is basically put up a list of the team's all-stars there along with the ASG logo next to the names.
  5. I actually planned on doing that on the "team article" page, which will come right before this "team info page." Thanks for the suggestion though!
  6. Hello all, Heavily inspired by the amazing yearbook created by Doug Houvener and his NCFA yearbooks, I took it upon myself to do one for my own baseball fantasy league. This would be the second "issue" for our league, which is its third year. I'm almost done with everything and will post it all once it is all done. HOWEVER... there's a small section that I just can't decide what to do with. Perhaps you could help me out with some ideas or suggestions? It could be anything. Stats? Facts? Trivia? Leave it blank? Whatever? FYI, each team will have four pages: An article page, team info page, logos page, and uniforms page. You'll see what I mean in the image below, in the red circle just below the records. Thanks!! (Covered owner/GM info for the time being. It'll be uncovered when all is done.)
  7. I absolutely understand where you're coming from with that standpoint, and I do agree with you. Teams should look their best in the postseason. HOWEVER, sometimes teams will keep wearing the jersey that they've done so well with in the regular season so they can keep that "streak" alive. Like, "don't mess with a good thing" sort of thing. That's probably why the teams wore certain alts so far in the postseason. So, really, it's ultimately up to the teams to decide what they want to wear because they're the ones who's playing the game, not the fans. I'm not trying to start an argument or anything like that. Just stating what I've read from various sources.
  8. Can't believe nobody has said the Houston Astros yet.
  9. Just caught up with Miami. A very well done job, OP. I'm not exactly a soccer fan so I can't tell if the uniforms are "right" or not, but I can tell that they're great. You took a color scheme that's perfect for Miami and yet still different from the usual "hot, vibrant" colors such as hot pink, yellow, ocean blue, etc... Right now the color scheme gives off a "rich people that lives on the beach lifestyle" that's from the 1920's. Great job, as always!!
  10. That's the main reason why I wanted to do something like this! To bring my designs alive by making it more photorealistic. Thanks again for the help! To the other two posters, thanks for the kind words. I'm hoping to make some more of these, and I'll post them up later on.
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't go with vests for the Red Wings at all. Model their uniforms after the Detroit Tigers (similar piping, layou and everything), and you've got a winner.
  12. Principal Park, home of the Iowa Cubs, have the Iowa State Capitol looming behind the CF wall.
  13. Hello folks, I'm back with yet another artwork from my fantasy baseball league, a.k.a. Fantasy Mendoza League. I'm sure some of you may have seen my previous work here, here, here, and here. So you can see that this league/project is quite my baby and I've always been playing with it over the past several years. Anyway, with some help from levijeromeSF, an user on these boards, I was able to master the jersey swaps!! (to a certain degree). I worked on two of the teams from my league, and I wanted to show them off!! Below you will see six images, 3 per team. One with the jersey swap, two with the branding (They're early preview of the yearbook i'm putting together for this season). The reason why I'm including the branding is just so you can know what the uniforms are supposed to look like in the player photo. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks!! Bryce Harper, Rochester Americans Kris Bryant, Chicago Zephyrs