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  1. Hi everybody, How are you fine folks doing? Just wanted to check in and let you know that I don't have an update right now! But I do still plan on coming back to this project when some time frees up for me. Unfortunately, I just don't know when that is. I'll most likely leap ahead a few seasons so we can get right into the next rounds of expansion(s). P.S. The next rounds most likely will have four teams! Three in the outer planets, and one on a moon on a gas giant. I do have a question for anybody who may know this: What's the minimum length before this thread gets locked or something due to inactivity? I just don't want to live out my life, and come back to this thread all locked. Thanks! All the best, RR9
  2. RoughRiders99

    Terrible names, amazing uniforms

    The other day I was shooting a baseball game between the Iowa Cubs and the New Orleans Baby Cakes. While I thought the Baby Cakes moniker is a TERRIBLE name, their uniforms did look pretty good. I love their color scheme and the designs/fonts of the logos. It screams New Orleans. I thought the look was fitting for a team from NOLA. Just... the name itself sucks in my opinion. Any other teams whose names suck, but have amazing uniforms in their set?
  3. RoughRiders99

    MLB changes 2018?

    That sounds like an idea that would be the greatest thing ever if it was done a long time ago and had some history associated with it. But if you slapped on it now, people might complain about it. Kinda like how the Dodgers have that mismatched red numbers on the front jersey while they're primary a blue-white team. It's a quirk that works because it've been there from the start. If the Dodgers had blue numbers and decide to use red numbers all of sudden, people would go nuts. I'm just using the Dodgers as an example, though.
  4. Nah, it’s just the mascot of the high school I attended. You’re not the first person to ask me this! Haha
  5. Hey guys! Just wanted to give out an update to everybody: I’ve been so busy lately I’m juggling three separate jobs and personal life things, I haven’t had the time to fire up OOTP and play around with this league. But one one of the jobs is ending at the end of the school year (late May/early June), so maybe I might be able to get some time to work on this league! I wanted everybody to know that this league isn’t dead. It’s just on a brief hiatus. I love this project and I want to keep it going for as long as I can. Thanks for your support and patience! If it wasn’t for your comments and followings, this gig would have never gotten off the ground! You guys rock!
  6. Sounds good, man. I have the same feeling. It's more fun to expand this league and whatnot. Here's a brief outlook for the future. The next expansion probably will come with four new teams at predetermined locations (not saying where they will be yet!). Once there are 20 teams, I'll let the league sit for a while, before listing up to possibly 20-25 cities around the galaxy, and hopefully have some of the regular readers select a city or two and try to debate with each other about where the next expansion teams should be! It's an idea right now, I don't have all the details cranked out yet. But it's something I'm working on.
  7. Nice to see you again! No worries about life getting in the way. It's happening to me too. Juggling three jobs (which two just started when MLB* started again), girlfriend, family, and all that stuff can be daunting. That's why the updates have been so sparse lately! I've been toying with the idea of possibly of doing a time skip so I can get started on the next expansion rounds. Would anybody be ok with that? I'd probably post a few abbreviated seasons recaps to speed things up. I'm itching to get to the next rounds of expansions! In my two previous Solar League threads (in the concept forums), I've always said that I'll finish at 20 teams, and I never did. But right now at 16 teams, I'm so close I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I already have an idea of the next 2-4 locations. It's just the matter of helping out with the branding/design/etc. THEN... after 20 teams, I might try something different. *In case anybody was wondering, I work with as a photo editor and also am the team photographer for the local minor league team. EDIT: My point of this post - I'm busy with my lifetime, so my updates inevitably are going to be slow. BUT... I love this project and I want to keep it going for as long as I can. So all I ask you SLB fans is for your patience, and your support, and your engagements in helping me expand the league! Thanks!
  8. Whoops. It was a typo. Their record should have been 71-91 instead of 72-90.
  9. Yeah, I'm not a fan of that too. I'm toying with the idea of possibly realigning the league into two leagues of 8 teams each (no divisions) and try to implement a more balanced schedule, but I don't know yet. In the early days of the NHL playoffs, when they expanded to 8 teams, they had some teams with losing records, so... Haha, when I was working on the lower minor league teams, I just picked random cities around North America and gave them basic names. I didn't put in too much of an effort for these names. However, when I expand the league again (no idea when), I have a feeling that the minors will undergo a major shakeup (new teams, new names (that fits better), new leagues, etc.) WELL..................................
  10. 2530 Postseason Astro League Division Series (1) Earth Astronauts vs. (4) Mercury Mets Game 2 of the ALDS between the Astronauts and Mets were arguably one of the greatest games ever in the SLB lore. Down by two in the bottom of the 9th inning, Earth tied the Mets with a two-run homer from Alex Mondragon. In top of the 13th, the Mets scored three runs, but the Astronauts immediately answered back with three runs of their own. In bottom of the 16th, superstar Ramon Poston hit a two-run, walk-off home run to seal Game 2 for Earth. Earth went on to win the series in five games. (2) Jupiter Kings vs. (3) Venus Sparrows The Kings can’t seem to figure their way in the postseason, as they lost three straight first-round postseason matchups, as they got swept out by the Venus Sparrows in three games. Cosmo League Division Series (1) Valles Marineris Canyons vs. (4) Venus Reign The Canyons started out by winning the first two games at home to command a 2-0 lead over the Reign. When the series moved to the Sky Cities on Venus, the Reign tied the series to force a Game 5 back on the cliffs of the Valles Marineris on Mars. The Canyons won the game and the series thanks to strong pitching from Sean Matthews. (2) Kennedy Rockets vs. (3) PUA Emperors The Rockets capitalized on the Emperors’ postseason inexperience and cruised to the CLCS in four games. The Rockets had two starting pitchers, Jose Stephens and Ricky Molina, throw two separate shutouts in Game 1 and Game 4. The Emperors, despite their youth, were just happy to win one game. Astro League Championship Series (1) Earth Astronauts vs. (3) Venus Sparrows In a rematch of the 2529 ACLS, it was a seesaw affair for the Astronauts and the Sparrows. Earth took Game 1, and then Venus took Game 2. Moving to the surface on Venus for three games, the Sparrows were able to end their homestand with the series lead, 3 games to 2. However, back home in the Astrodome V, the Astronauts turned on the offense and outscored them 17-6 in two games to clinch a berth in the Galactic Series in Game 7. Cosmo League Championship Series (1) Valles Marineris Canyons vs. (2) Kennedy Rockets Could this be the year for the Canyons that they finally destroy their reputation of being the worst best team of all time? The Canyons were able to clinch their first ever berth in the Galactic Series by defeating the Rockets in six games, 4 games to 2. Jared Yuko earned the MVP honors with nine hits, six RBIs, and a homer in 22 at-bats. Galactic Series (1) Earth Astronauts vs. (1) Valles Marineris Canyons The Astronauts started out fast by winning the first three games with a major comeback victory in Game 2. They scored three runs, including two-run homer from Alex Mondragon, in the bottom of the eighth inning to win the game, 4-3. Faced with adversity by begin down three games to nothing, de facto team captain Chance Larson held a players-only meeting for the Canyons to light a fire under their butts. Larson led the Canyons by batting .360/.433/.600 with nine hits, a homer and four RBIs in 25 at-bats. Overall, their stats were ugly as in nothing stood out, but they used timely hits, productive outs, and small ball to scrap out runs. Thanks to the “Speech heard ‘round the galaxy,” they rattled off FOUR consecutive wins to defeat the almighty Astronauts and win their first-ever Galactic Series, in their third season of 100+ wins. In a rare oddity, Mondragon from the losing Astronauts was named the Series MVP after hitting three homers and driving in eight runs with a batting line of .480/.552/.920. Mondragon became the first player in SLB history to be named the series MVP in all three postseason series in the same season. He also set postseason records for the most hits (35), home runs (10), and total bases (67) in 19 games. In the regular season, Mondragon was worth 3.7 WAR. He was worth 2.2 WAR in the postseason alone. Game-by-Game Results G1 – Astronauts 5, Canyons 3 G2 – Astronauts 4, Canyons 3 G3 – Astronauts 5, Canyons 1 G4 – Canyons 4, Astronauts 1 G5 – Canyons 6, Astronauts 3 G6 – Canyons 6, Astronauts 5 G7 – Canyons 2, Astronauts 1 Past Galactic Series 2529 – Venus S. over Venus R., 4-2 2528 – Earth over Venus R., 4-2 2527 – Luna over Ganymede, 4-3 2526 – Earth over Mendez, 4-1 2525 – Earth over Kennedy, 4-2 2524 – Venus S. over Venus R., 4-2 2523 – Earth over Venus R., 4-2 2522 – Venus R. over Venus S., 4-2 2521 – Venus R. over Ceres, 4-3 2520 – Ganymede over Mercury, 4-3 2519 – Earth over Jupiter, 4-2 2518 – Mercury over Venus R., 4-1 2517 – Jupiter over Venus S., 4-3 2516 – Mars over Mendez, 4-2 2515 – Ceres over Jupiter, 4-3 2514 – Luna over Mendez, 4-3 2513 – Mercury over Mendez, 4-3 2512 – Mendez over Luna, 4-1 2511 – Ceres over Luna, 4-3 2510 – Luna over Earth, 4-3 2509 – Luna over Mars, 4-1 2508 – Mars over Luna, 4-2 2507 – Luna over Mars, 4-3 2506 – Mars over Earth, 4-2 2505 – Mars over Earth, 4-1 2504 – Mars over Mercury, 4-1 2503 – Earth over Mercury, 4-1 2502 – Earth over Mercury, 4-0 2501 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2 2500 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2
  11. 2530 Season I realized there are some old logos in there. I didn't see it until I already uploaded it to imgur. I'll be sure the next one has the correct logos! Awards Astro League Reliever of the Year RP Carlos Whitmer, Earth Rookie of the Year C Joel Heuer, Callisto Manager of the Year MG Austin Oakes, Earth Pitcher of the Year SP Jorge Bustillos, Earth Most Valuable Player 1B Ramon Poston, Earth Cosmo League Reliever of the Year RP Ron King, Titan Rookie of the Year 3B Brad Fry, Venus R Manager of the Year MG Mike LeGant, Valles Mariners Pitcher of the Year SP Willie Simpson, Valles Marineris Most Valuable Player CF Bobby Keenan, PUA Awards Tidbits: Poston’s 6th MVP award in seven years, new SLB record for most MVPs of all time… Keenan’s 1st MVP award… Bustillos’ 2nd consecutive Pitcher of the Year… Simpson’s 1st Pitcher of the Year award… Heuer led AL rookies with a slash line of .344/.416/.501/.917 for 5.6 WAR… Fry led CL rookies with 197 hits, 40 doubles, 51 stolen bases and 4.9 WAR… Whitmer’s 2nd consecutive Reliever of the Year award … King’s 5th Reliever of the Year award… Teams Quick Recaps Earth: The Astronauts matched their 106-win season from 2528 with another one in 2530, thanks to their perennial powerhouse offensive team who finished 1st in team runs, homers, and OPS. Ramon Poston continued his surefire Hall-of-Fame career by winning his sixth MVP award by leading SLB with .399 average and 9.5 WAR on the season. Lefty ace Jorge Bustillos also picked up his 2nd Pitcher of the Year with an era of 2.34 in 150 innings and led the league with 179 strikeouts and 6.2 WAR. Jupiter: During the final three games of the season, the Kings had to battle the new-look Ceres Belters for the AL Endeavour Divisional Title. The Kings won two of three to take the division by one game. The Kings won their third straight AL Endeavour Divisional title with an 84-win season. Their no. 1 starter Tony Crosley led the league with 20 wins, posting an era of 3.35 over 209.2 innings. 35-year old shortstop Nate Reppert collected 200 hits for the season, his 10th 200+ hits season. Venus (AL): The defending SLB champions Sparrows improved from their 91-win season last year with 92 wins this year. Despite their weak pitching, they had depth in their lineup with at least eight players posting 2.2+ WAR. As a team, they finished behind Earth in most offensive categories. Adam Oechsner had 3.8 WAR on the offensive side, while Chris Menner had 4.0 WAR on the pitching side. Mercury: Similar to the Kings, the Mets had to battle the new-look Ceres Belters for the final wild card spot in the AL. The Mets won just enough games to beat the Belters by one game to clinch the final AL wild card spot. Shortstop Scott Short had a career high 6.1 WAR season and led the league with 127 runs. First baseman Khullana Patterjee paced the SLB with 120 RBIs. Their pitching staff had a wealth of injuries, but veteran ace Mario Main still managed a 4.4 WAR season with 4.06 ERA over 199.1 innings. -- Valles Marineris: The Canyons is becoming a historical team, as they posted their third straight 100+ wins season with 104 for 2530. As a team, they led the SLB in runs against, defensive efficiency, and starting pitcher ERA, and batting average as well. They had four players posting 5.1+ WAR, with the reigning CL MVP Chance Larson fourth on the team. Second baseman Nobuhisa Shimokawa had 224 hits and 11 triples. Starting pitcher Sean Matthews had an era of 3.14 and a WHIP of 0.97 over 229.1 innings. Team ace Ziven Prudnikov dealt with injuries, but still had a strong season with 3.9 WAR. Kennedy: The new look Rockets leapt from last place to a CL Sputnik Divisional Title with a 13-win improvement for a record of 88-74. Thanks to ace Jose Stephens, who had a breakout season, struck out 193 batters on his way to a 4.8 WAR season, good for 1st in the league. Newly acquired second baseman Ismael Marennikov led the SLB with 43 doubles and finished with 5.9 WAR, good for first on the team. PUA: For the first time in their eight-year history, the Emperors made the postseason as a wild card team. Superstar centerfielder Bobby Keenan tore up the league with strong defense and OPS of 1.004 and 7.3 WAR, both good for first in the CL. He also had 33 homers and 101 RBIs. Venus (CL): Despite struggling with their offense for most of the season, they still managed to sneak in the postseason as a CL wild card team. They had solid pitching, with two starting pitchers posting 3.3 WAR apiece in Jack Robertson and Jason Newman. Rookie third baseman and lead-off hitter Brad Fry paced the Reign with .308 average and 4.9 WAR. He also had 51 stolen bases as well. 2530 Milestones · Venus (AL) third baseman Dante Nunez collected his 1,000th career run and 1,000th career RBI. · Earth third baseman Toshikazu Kudo drove in his 1,000th career RBI. · Warriors outfielder Phil Price drove in his 1,000th career RBI. All-Solar Game With a fairly new lineup for the Astro League (5 first-time starters), they were able to defeat the experienced Cosmo League team 4-2 at Kennedy Field on the Moon. Jason Shafer of Earth knocked a game-winning, two-run homer in the top of the eighth inning to give the AL the lead. He earned the MVP honors for that homer. Keith Miller of Mars also scored a run on a wild pitch and drove in a run himself. Astro League Starting Lineup (in July 2530) 1. SS Scott Short, Mercury 2. 1B Sergo Ryther, Luna 3. DH Ramon Poston, Earth 4. RF Alex Mondragon, Earth 5. C Keith Miller, Mars 6. 2B Gabe Louis, Mars 7. LF Angelo Rossman, Luna 8. CF Aaron Taylor, Ceres 9. 3B Kyle Taylor, Mercury --- SP. Mickey Dickson, Jupiter Cosmo League Starters (in July 2530) 1. 3B Ivan Tleuj, Kennedy 2. DH Santos DeWitt, Valles Marineris 3. SS Chance Larson, Valles Marineris 4. 1B Aroghetti Ghiberti, Ganymede 5. LF Jesse Miner, Valles Marineris 6. RF Armando Grba, Venus R. 7. LF Nelson Delgado, Valles Marineris 8. 2B Ismael Marennikov, Kennedy 9. C Jesus Trout, PUA --- SP. Jose Stephens, Kennedy
  12. 2530 Preseason Hall of Fame Adam Morgenstern, 2B (74.3 percent of ballots, 1st year) Team: Venus Sparrows, Earth Astronauts, Mendez Islanders, Ceres Belters, Kennedy Rockets, Venus Reign, Ganymede Giants, Jupiter Kings Defining stats: Played for 23 seasons… Career slash line of .293/.338/.458/796… All-time leader in hits (3,514) and games played (2,969)… 420 career home runs, 291 stolen bases… 5x Platinum Stick at 2B, 5x All-Solar, 2x Galactic Series winner, 2501 Rookie of the Year… Played with eight teams… 11.6 WAR with Ceres Belters (highest of any team) Ian Martin, 2B (71.2 percent of ballots, 5th year) Team: Luna Apollos, Mendez Islanders, Venus Reign, Venus Sparrows, Titan Scorpions Defining stats: Career slash line of .309/.369/.432/.801… All-time leader in career triples (136)… leads all 2B in career stolen bases (319)… 4x Galactic Series winner… Played 17 seasons I wish Morgenstern's image didn't have the new Ceres Belters logo on it, but oh well. HOF Classes 2530 – 2B Adam Morgenstern (Ceres), 2B Ian Martin (Luna) 2529 – 3B Peter Dierauer (Mars) 2528 – 3B Rob Beckman (Venus S.), RF Bubba Forrest (Mars), 2B Kyle Recupero (Mars), SP Steve Shook (Luna) 2527 – CL Joe Tieszen (Jupiter), 1B Bret Hopson (Mars) 2526 – no players inducted 2525 – 1B Skip Flanagan (Earth), C Matt Bradbury (Venus S.) 2524 – RF Josh Macura (Luna), CL Alex Pier (Mercury) 2523 – LF Jim Jackson (Luna) 2522 – RF Miguel Medrano (Mars) 2521 – no players inducted 2520 – SS Zack Dobson (Earth) 2519 – C Dylan Nulph (Mars), SP Dylan Heuer (Earth) 2518 – CF Luke Tasler (Earth) 2517 – RF Xie-li Shui (Mercury), CL Jerrod Pickens (Mercury), 3B Jonny Furman (Earth) Players are listed with their primary team Major off-season signings Above $75 million total · SP John Berndt signs with the Mars Warriors for 4-year, $73.6 million. · 2B Rob Wiesman signs with the Mercury Mets for 5-year, $128 million. · SP Jason Menter signs with the Earth Astronauts for 6-year, $116.3 million. · 2B Ismael Marennikov signs with the Kennedy Rockets for 4-year, $77.2 million. · C Keith Miller signs with the Mars Warriors for 5-year, $78 million. Preseason Predictions As of Opening Day ASTRO LEAGUE AL Enterprise 1. Earth Astronauts 2. Venus Sparrows 3. Mercury Mets 4. Luna Apollos AL Endeavour 1. Ceres Belters 2. Jupiter Kings 3. Mars Warriors 4. Callisto Cubs Cosmo League CL Sputnik 1. PUA Emperors 2. Venus Reign 3. Kennedy Rockets 4. Mendez Islanders CL Soyuz 1. Valles Marineris Canyons 2. Europa Mastodons 3. Ganymede Giants 4. Titan Scorpions Top 10 Hitters Position, Name, Team, Total WAR of last 2 seasons (2528-2529) · 1B Ramon Poston, 17.9, Earth · SS Chance Larson, 15.3, Valles Marineris · 1B Aroghetto Ghiberti, 12.9, Ganymede · 2B Adam Oechsner, 12.8, Venus S. · CF Bobby Keenan, 12.1, PUA · 2B Nobuhisa Shimokawa, 11.6, Valles Marineris · 3B Jacob Havens, 11.3, Venus S. · 2B Rod Wiesman, 10.7, Mercury · SS Nate Reppert, 10.7, Jupiter · SS Scott Short, 9.8, Mercury Top 10 Pitchers Position, Name, Team, Total WAR of last 2 seasons (2528-2529) · SP Jorge Bustillos, 10.7, Earth · SP Ziven Prudnikov, 10.1, Valles Marineris · SP Juan Joo, 8.8, Mars · SP Brett Sanders, 8.1, Mercury · SP Mario Reynoso, 7.3, Earth · SP Edwin Cruz, 6.9, Venus R. · SP Kazuhisa Okumura, 6.9, Venus S. · SP Steve Moffett, 6.7, Luna · SP Sean Griffith, 6.7, Mercury · SP Jose Stephens, 6.7, Kennedy Top 10 Prospects Overall ranking, Position, Name, Age, Team 1) C Joel Heuer, 22, Callisto 2) RHP Mike Coggeshall, 25, Venus 3) CF Aaron Taylor, 21, Ceres 4) 2B Devon Shumway, 22, Mendez 5) 1B Matt Freed, 25, Callisto 6) RHP Gunther Nulph, 22, Mars 7) RF Sean Watkins, 22, Callisto 8) CF Corey Alessio, 22, Europa 9) RF Li-zhi Kuang, 23, Venus 10) SS Travis Vicari, 22, Mars Minor League System Rankings 1. Callisto Cubs 2. Venus Reign 3. Venus Sparrows 4. Mars Warriors 5. Valles Marineris Canyons 6. Mercury Mets 7. Ceres Belters 8. Europa Mastodons 9. Jupiter Kings 10. Luna Apollos 11. PUA Emperors 12. Mendez Islanders 13. Ganymede Giants 14. Titan Scorpions 15. Earth Astronauts 16. Kennedy Rockets
  13. Due to the huge backlash from the people of Titan and around the Space United Nations (SUN), the Titan Scorpions will be returning to their old set. Personal note: I honestly don't blame you guys one bit. It was my least favorite redesign/recolor of the seven teams I did it for. But thanks for the kind words on the other teams! Can't wait to see how they shake out in the near future.
  14. Solar League Baseball Minor Leagues Triple A Crescent League (Region: Luna) · Alma Falcons (Earth) · Alpes Purple Warriors (V.M.) · Atlas Colony Thunder (Mendez) · Borealis Lights (Kennedy) · Discovery Rockets (Luna) · Hadley Sparrows (Venus S.) · Mond Sound Tigers (PUA) · Moonapolis Bats (Venus R.) · Pico Piants (Europa) · Renae Navigators (Callisto) Martian League (Mars) · Kepler Scarlet Knights (Ganymede) · Kilmer Saints (Ceres) · Marsport Highlanders (Jupiter) · Pennsylvania Hitmen (Mercury) · Stone Canyon Missions (Mars) · Wells Night Hawks (Titan) Double A Lunarian League (Luna) · Boa Vista Hawks (Luna) · Bradley Bisons (Mars) · Capella Tycoons (Venus R.) · Farside Crows (Venus S.) · Johnson City Zephyrs (Kennedy) · Jura Natives (Mercury) · New Capetown Storm (Mendez) · Wolff Patriots (Earth) Galilean League (Jupiter Moons) · Asgard Bishops (V.M.) · Burr Generals (Jupiter) · Callistopolis Blue Knights (Callisto) · Galileo Dolphins (Ganymede) · Io City Miners (Titan) · Kamino Troopers (Ceres) · Marius Angels (PUA) · Tara Superstars (Europa) Single A Homeworld League (Earth) · Angel Grove Rangers (Europa) · Arizona Diamondbacks (Earth) · Florida Alligators (Mendez) · Havana Cubans (Titan) · Iowa Cubs (Callisto) · Mexico City Juggernauts (Jupiter) · Miami Heat (V.M.) · Monterrey Red Devils (Mars) · Texas Longhorns (Venus R.) · Toronto Maples (PUA) Lagrange Islands League (Lagrange Islands) · East Pamoja Vulcans (Ganymede) · Ft. Nevada Invaders (Mercury) · Harmony One Freedom (Venus S.) · Isla Mendez Tigers (Kennedy) · Nolan Station Pilots (Luna) · West Pamoja Captains (Ceres) Note: Once SLB expands to 20 teams, the minor league system will undergo a major realignment, with teams moving closer to their parent teams, and adding a third league here and there. Space Collegiate Athletic Association Sol-16 Conference 1. Asteroid State University (Ceres, ASB) 2. Blueland University (Mars) 3. Ceres University (ASB) 4. Kennedy State University (Luna) 5. Lunar State University 6. Mars State University 7. Mercury State University 8. Red Mountain State (Mars) 9. Revelation Institute of Technology (Luna) 10. Shepard University of The Moon 11. University of Lake Armstrong 12. University of Mars 13. University of Mercury 14. University of The Moon 15. University of Venus 16. Venus State University Rocky Planets Conference 1. Bespin State University (Venus) 2. Calrissian State (Venus) 3. Farside University (Luna) 4. Gagarin State University (Luna) 5. Hermes State University (Mercury) 6. Isla Mendez University (LGI) 7. Nolan University (LGI) 8. Olympus State University (Mars) 9. Pamoja State University (LGI) 10. Sky College (Venus) 11. SUN Air Force (Venus) 12. SUN Army (Luna) 13. SUN Navy (Mercury) 14. Sunview College (Mercury) 15. University of Lagrange One (LGI) 16. University of The Moon, Buzz City (Luna) Crescent Athletic Association 1. Ganymede State University 2. Io State University 3. Kamino University (Europa) 4. Titan State University 5. Troy University (Ganymede) 6. University of Callisto 7. University of Enceladus (Saturn) 8. University of Europa 9. University of Ganymede 10. University of Io 11. University of Neptune, Leviathan 12. University of Neptune, Triton 13. University of Rhea (Saturn) 14. University of Titan (Saturn) 15. University of Uranus, Oberon 16. University of Uranus, Ursula Galactic Sun Conference 1. Cronus University (Saturn) 2. Damon University (Mars) 3. Discovery University (Luna) 4. Heritage College (Luna) 5. Jura State University (Luna) 6. Kuiper State University (Neptune) 7. Red Spot State University (Jupiter) 8. University of Asgard (Callisto) 9. University of Charon 10. University of Jupiter 11. University of Oceanus (Neptune) 12. University of Pallas (ASB) 13. University of Pluto 14. University of The Rings (Saturn, B Station) 15. University of Valeria (Uranus) 16. Xanadu State University (Saturn) Most wins 1. Sky College Flyers, 991-809 2. Troy Jackalopes, 959-842 3. Ceres Tanks, 958-845 4. Ursula Gophers, 958-845 5. Jura State Diamond Miners, 949-855 6. Enceladus Blue Sox, 944-861 7. Hermes State Rangers, 942-863 8. Calrissian State Ambassadors, 933-870 9. Blueland Vikings, 932-868 10. Shepard Surge, 932-868 Teams with 2 SCAA Championships · Asteroid State Jesters · Ganymede Odyssey · Heritage Magicians · Lagrange One Alligators · Oceanus Sea Lions · Revelation Institute of Technology Tigers · Valeria Shorebirds