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  1. Nice call with the Cardinals vibe
  2. People’s Union of Asia Emperors Behind the Name: The team is named after the many different emperors that ruled over the Far East region of Asia in ancient history. Stadium: Honshu Dome is a stadium built on the Honshu Island, the largest island of the Japanese Islands. Nestled in the heart of downtown Tokyo, the domed stadium is also an open-air venue, with openings between the first and second deck. You can see the bustling skyline through it. If weather becomes bad, the stadium activates force fields around the opening to prevent bad weather. Logo and Colors: The primary logo is the Japanese and Chinese symbol of the word Emperor, and the red is based on the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean flags. Inspired by: St. Louis Cardinals Valles Marineris Canyons Behind the Name: Due to Bradbury’s location along the rims of the Valles Marineris, the team was accurately named the Canyons for its many different canyons that make up the largest canyon in the solar system. Stadium: Every time there’s an expansion team, one of them always seem to get an amazing stadium that shoots up to the top of best stadiums in the SLB. Valley Stadium has spectacular views of the “Grand Canyon of Space” with a mountain range surrounding the stadium as well. If you hit a homer far enough over the outfield walls, it could land in the Marineris Strait. Get your air-kayaks out! Logo and Colors: Despite having a color scheme that closely resembles the Mars Warriors, the Canyons have a more orange hue in their primary red, and they also have orange and yellow as accent colors. The logo is a picture of the Valles Marineris with the Marineris Strait flowing through it. The word marks are based on the Old West of Earth. Inspired by: Colorado Rockies AND @raysox's own Rockies concept I just wanted to make sure that he gets all of the credit for the inspiration!
  3. Whoops, thanks. It has been fixed in the post above. And I like option one better. It's more balanced like you said, and I also enjoy interleague matchups as well. The only problem is that the schedule isn't readily available in OOTP, so I'll have to create the schedule myself by coding (which will take a while, I'm not quite an expert at it). The 2nd option was just the schedule that OOTP already has in game for that kind of league layout (2 leagues, 7 teams each).
  4. The day is finally here. Today is the day that the two newest expansion teams, one located on Earth and the other on Mars, unveiled their cap logos. They will be called the People’s Union of Asia (PUA) Emperors and the Valles Marineris Canyons. The Emperors will play in the Honshu Dome on the largest island in Tokyo, Japan. The Canyons will play at Valley Stadium in Bradbury, Mars, which sits on the rim of Valles Marineris, one of the largest canyons in the solar system. “While our goal was to expand the league to the outer system, these locations weren’t ready for us,” The Commissioner said. “However, these two locations on Earth and Mars were ready for their own team, and it was the right time to expand the league, so we awarded them two new expansion teams.” Below are the cap logos that the expansion teams will be donning on their primary home caps. Now with 14 teams in the league, the league will have a small realignment. The two separate leagues – or “conferences” – will remain the same, but with seven teams each. The original six teams – Mercury, Venus (AL), Earth, Luna, Mars, and Ceres – will remain in the Astro League, with Jupiter moving from the Cosmo League to become the seventh team in the AL. The PUA and Valles Marineris will join the Cosmo League – with Venus (CL), Mendez, Kennedy, Ganymede, and Titan – as the sixth and seventh team. Here’s the proposed league layout: “The reason why we switched the [Jupiter] Kings over to the Astro League is because we wanted to divide up the SLB as evenly as we could,” The Commissioner explained. In short, since there were two Jupiter teams in the Cosmo League, one of them needed to move so each of the major locations in the solar system would have one team in each league. The Kings volunteered to move to the Astro League. “It’s a huge honor to play in the Astro League, to be part of the Original Six,” the Kings’ owner said. “We couldn’t turn down this opportunity, and we are definitely up to the challenge.” The league also wanted to create as many “natural interleague” rivalries as they could. For example, there’s the Sparrows-Reign rivalry, Apollos-Rockets, and now the Kings-Giants along with the Astronauts-Emperors and Warriors-Canyons. The schedule will remain the same at 162 games. As of now, there are two potential plans for the scheduling format: (1) a team will play 13 games – 6/7 homes, 6/7 roads – against the other six teams within its own league for a total of 78 games. They will also play 12 interleague games – 6 homes, 6 aways – against the seven teams from the other league for a total of 84 games. (2) a team will play 20 games – 10 homes, 10 roads – against the other six teams within its own league for a total of 120 games. They will also play six interleague games – 3 homes, 3 aways – against the seven teams from the other league for a total of 42 games. “Ever since interleague play started, there have been some awesome rivalries developing, such as the Reign and Sparrows, Apollos and Rockets, and oddly enough, the Mets and the Scorpions,” The Commissioner added. “With the new natural rivalries, the fan bases will be going crazy during these interleague series on Earth and Mars, and now in the Jupiter System.” The postseason will remain the same at six teams, which is just below half of the league. The leagues winners will clinch a home-field advantage in the best-of-seven League Championship Series (LCS). The no. 2 and 3 teams in each league will face each other in a one-game Wild Card game for the right to face the division winners in the LCS. Then the winners of each LCS will face each other in the famous best-of-seven Galactic Series. “Even with the expansion of the league, we didn’t want to dilute the postseason too much. I hate the concept of over half of the league making the postseason,” The Commissioner remarked. “The regular season games should count for something.” League official have said that they expect the Cosmo League may be a little top-heavy with the two new expansion teams to prey on, while the Astro League will become more competitive with the addition of the Kings. In the next few days, the two teams will be unveiling their full logo and uniform sets. The 2523 SLB Expansion Draft will take place in the coming weeks in Tokyo, Japan on Earth at the Honshu Dome.
  5. Okay, that's pretty hilarious. And oddly enough, this post may have inspired a new branding idea *coughs* Venus Mummies *coughs* but who knows? We'll see. Maybe someday! Not sure how serious I was with that post, but I am open to the possibility of rebranding the Venus Sparrows. It was always one of my least favorites designs out of the Original Six teams. Just in no rush to do it. New post coming up soon!
  6. Looks like I logged on the right time! Thanks for the heads up. I'll update the post above with the correct bracket.
  7. 2522 Postseason Wild Card Games The Venus Sparrows defeated the Luna Apollos, 8-5, in the AWCG. Leftfielder Vinny Espinoza and shortstop Gerardo Hubbell hit a base-clearing triple drove in five runs in the third inning to pad the Sparrows’ lead early in the game. The Apollos made things interesting as they scored four runs in the top of the ninth inning, but the gap was too large for them to catch up. Titan Scorpions starter Bobby Boen, a 23-year old rookie, had himself a game, as he threw seven innings of one-run ball and struck out nine en route to a 5-1 victory over the Jupiter Kings in the CWCG. Scorpions outfielder Mario Jimenez also went 3 for 4 with three runs. League Championship Series Just for the second time in their franchise history, the Venus Sparrows clinched a berth in the Galactic Series by defeating the Mercury Mets four games to two games. First baseman Hector Takamiya led the Sparrows with seven RBIs and 12 hits. He also hit a homer in Game 3. It was all business for the defending Galactic Series champions, as the Venus Reign swept the Titan Scorpions in four games. The Reign shut out the Scorpions twice, in Game 1 and Game 3. Mario Reynoso, the ’21 Pitcher of the Year winner, tossed a two-hit shutout in Game 1. In Game 3, the Scorpions were held to just two hits. Galactic Series It was the Galactic Series that the Venusians were waiting for since the Reign entered the league in 2515. For the first time ever, two teams from the same planet, Venus Sparrows and Venus Reign faced each other in the series. There were a lot riding on this series for both teams. The Reign was facing the opportunity to become the first back-to-back winners since the Luna Apollos did so in 2509 and 2510. The Sparrows were on the verge of winning their first ever title. It was unfortunate for the latter, as the Reign took care of the Sparrows in six games to clinch a back-to-back title. ’21 GS hero Tom Short of the Reign picked up right where he left off in the ’22 series, as he tossed 14 innings and allowed just three runs. Second baseman Lev Agayan picked up the series MVP honors by collecting 13 hits and five timely RBIs in 24 at-bats. Game-by-Game Results G1 – Reign 9, Sparrows 2 G2 – Reign 6, Sparrows 3 G3 – Sparrows 5, Reign 0 G4 – Sparrows 10, Reign 7 G5 – Reign 9, Sparrows 5 G6 – Reign 7, Sparrows 2 Past Galactic Series 2521 – Venus R. over Ceres, 4-3 2520 – Ganymede over Mercury, 4-3 2519 – Earth over Jupiter, 4-2 2518 – Mercury over Venus R., 4-1 2517 – Jupiter over Venus S., 4-3 2516 – Mars over Mendez, 4-2 2515 – Ceres over Jupiter, 4-3 2514 – Luna over Mendez, 4-3 2513 – Mercury over Mendez, 4-3 2512 – Mendez over Luna, 4-1 2511 – Ceres over Luna, 4-3 2510 – Luna over Earth, 4-3 2509 – Luna over Mars, 4-1 2508 – Mars over Luna, 4-2 2507 – Luna over Mars, 4-3 2506 – Mars over Earth, 4-2 2505 – Mars over Earth, 4-1 2504 – Mars over Mercury, 4-1 2503 – Earth over Mercury, 4-1 2502 – Earth over Mercury, 4-0 2501 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2 2500 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2
  8. 2522 Season Standings Season Recap Astro League The Mercury Mets have 10 consecutive winning seasons, and made the postseason seven times in the past 10 seasons as well. The team was led by superstar shortstop Jacob Havens who was first in the AL in OBP, Slugging, and WAR. Closer Arturo Sundholm racked up 40 saves while posting an ERA of 2.48… The Venus Sparrows had an identical record from last season at 87-75… The Luna Apollos made their third appearance in the postseason in four seasons. 34-year old ace pitcher Nick Businelle led the league with an ERA of 3.17, his third career ERA title. Dante Nunez, who was the ’21 AL MVP, led the league with 105 RBIs… Peter Dierauer of the Mars Warriors collected his 3,000th career hit this season… Rob Beckman of the Ceres Belters hit his 500th homer of his career. At the end of the season, he had 509, which is good for the all-time lead. Cosmo League The defending Galactic Series champions Venus Reign picked up their second straight regular season title with 95 wins. Starter Mario Reynoso set an SLB record with 23 wins. He also led the league with 2.64 ERA and 1.08 WHIP… The Titan Scorpions had two rookies in pitcher Bobby Boen and outfielder Alex Keck who made an impact. Boen had an ERA of 2.78 over 116 innings while Keck hit 26 homers while serving as the Scorpions’ cleanup hitter. Yoshiomi Miyagai continued his terrific career by leading the league with 6.9 WAR for the third straight year… The Jupiter Kings made the postseason for the seventh time in eight seasons. They have a superstar in the making in 25-year old outfielder Hiroshi Taniguchi, who led the league in homers (46), RBIs (126), and OPS (.895). In the meantime, their shortstop, Nate Reppert, also led the league with 234 hits, 11 triples, and 63 stolen bases (all three for the second year in row) and also won the batting title by batting .342. All-Solar Game Hiroshi Taniguchi shined brightly tonight against the best talent that the SLB has to offer. The Jupiter Kings All-Solar was named MVP for the annual mid-season showcase held at Jupiter Castle, as his Cosmo League All-Solars downed the Astro League All-Solars by a count of 9-0. "It's humbling to even play in a game like this with legends of the sport all around you," he said. Taniguchi went 3 for 3 with a homer and three RBIs to capture the honor. Astro League Starting Lineup (in July 2522) 1. CF Chris Shawver, Ceres 2. 3B Mike Lazcano, Earth 3. RF Takatsugu Nakasone, Mars 4. SS Dante Nunez, Luna 5. 1B Caleb Day, Venus 6. DH Rob Beckman, Ceres 7. 2B Jon Marquez, Earth 8. LF Vinny Espinoza, Mercury 9. C Jeremy Lewis, Mars --- SP. Nick Businelle, Luna Cosmo League Starters (in July 2522) 1. RF Amreet Suruchi, Ganymede 2. SS Nate Reppert, Jupiter 3. 1B Jonas Pahl, Venus 4. LF Hiroshi Taniguchi, Jupiter 5. DH Brad Geddes, Ganymede 6. 2B Kazuhiro Fujimoto, Ganymede 7. CF Yoshiomi Miyagai, Titan 8. 3B Eddie Centeno, Titan 9. C Victor Cortez, Titan --- SP. Luke Herring, Titan Awards Astro League Reliever of the Year RP Arturo Sundholm, Mercury Rookie of the Year 1B Ramon Poston, Earth Manager of the Year MG Aurelien Viguier, Mercury Pitcher of the Year SP Nick Businelle, Luna Most Valuable Player SS Jacob Havens, Mercury Cosmo League Reliever of the Year RP Tyler Davis, Venus Rookie of the Year LF Alex Keck, Titan Manager of the Year MG Seth Hall, Venus Pitcher of the Year SP Mario Reynoso, Venus Most Valuable Player LF Hiroshi Taniguchi, Jupiter Top Hitters (by WAR) 1. SS Jacob Havens, Mercury 2. CF Yoshiomi Miyagai, Titan 3. RF Takatsugu Nakason, Mars 4. SS Nate Reppert, Jupiter 5. RF Amreet Suruchi, Ganymede 6. 3B George O’Donohue, Venus R. 7. CF Jerry Wolff, Venus R. 8. LF Hiroshi Taniguchi, Jupiter 9. 2B Lev Agayan, Venus R. 10. 2B Rob Wiseman, Earth Top Pitchers (by WAR) 1. SP Edwin Curiel, Venus S. 2. SP Mitsuru Nakamura, Mendez 3. SP Nick Businelle, Luna 4. SP Toichiro Saito, Jupiter 5. SP Mario Reynoso, Venus R. 6. SP Qian-hua Zhen, Luna 7. SP Luke Herring, Titan 8. SP Sean Griffith, Mercury 9. SP Aaron Williams, Venus S. 10. SP Marty Thomas, Mercury
  9. A little of both, yes. Goran has part of it correct though! Nice guess. I won’t tell you which one you got right, but you have a 50-50 shot Good idea. Maybe I’ll make a special post that focus on the minor leagues. But here’s the basic layout (to my best memory, don’t have OOTP open now): AAA - 6 teams on the moon, 6 on Mars AA - 8 on the moon, 4 on the Galilean Moons A - 6 on the Lagrange Islands, 6 in North America on Earth. Most of the teams were just mostly randomized generated by OOTP using the fictional space cities that I added to the game file, but I also tried to make the affliations make sense, such as Ganymede’s AA team also on Ganymede, Mars’ AAA team on Mars, etc. I also have 64 college teams split in four conferences as a feeder league for the SLB.
  10. Whoops. Thanks for the heads up. I'll either use Venus S. / Venus R. or Venus (AL) / Venus (CL)
  11. 2522 Preseason Hall of Fame January 7th, 2522 One of the best players ever, right fielder Miguel Medrano, has received the ultimate honor for a baseball player -- being inducted into the Solar League Baseball Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony, which was held today, included tributes from his former teammates. One of them recognized his unparalleled work ethic, another his "naturally pure" swing, and yet another, his love for the game. Medrano received numerous awards during his playing days, but he said nothing could compare to being enshrined into the Hall of Fame. In a career spanning 1866 games, Medrano batted .305 with 2059 hits, 340 home runs, 1326 RBIs and 1270 runs scored. He played 15 seasons for the Mars Warriors. In his final two years, he played for the Ganymede Giants and Kennedy Rockets as a part-time player. He retired in 2517. He was elected to the Hall on his 1st try, with 67.9% of the vote. Players require 66% of ballots cast to be elected to the Hall, may stay on the ballot for up to 10 years if they receive at least 5% of the votes. Players must be retired for 5 years before they are eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame. HOF Classes 2522 – RF Miguel Medrano (Mars) 2521 – no players inducted 2520 – SS Zack Dobson (Earth) 2519 – C Dylan Nulph (Mars), SP Dylan Heuer (Earth) 2518 – CF Luke Tasler (Earth) 2517 – RF Xie-li Shui (Mercury), CL Jerrod Pickens (Mercury), 3B Jonny Furman (Earth) Players are listed with their primary team Preseason Predictions According to OOTP Scouting Association (OSA) Astro League 1. Luna Apollos 2. Earth Astronauts 3. Ceres Belters 4. Mercury Mets 5. Venus Sparrows 6. Mars Warriors Cosmo League 1. Venus Reign 2. Titan Scorpions 3. Mendez Islanders 4. Jupiter Kings 5. Ganymede Giants 6. Kennedy Rockets Top Prospects Overall ranking, Position, Name, Team, Age Top 10 Hitters 1) 1B Ramon Poston, Earth, 24 2) C Nick Miller, Earth, 19 3) RF Marcos Houston, Mendez, 22 7) LF Tim Glisson, Venus, 21 9) 3B Hidekazu Asano, Mars, 21 13) RF Russell Bernard, Jupiter, 22 14) CF Chris Weatherby, Jupiter, 24 16) CF C.J. Robinette, Luna, 22 18) CF Alex Casados, Jupiter, 22 19) RF Johnny Haist, Mendez, 24 Top 10 Pitchers 4) SP Jason Menter, Venus, 23 5) SP Edgar Burke, Mendez, 24 6) RP Brett Sanders, Titan, 22 8) SP Bill Evans, Mendez, 25 10) RP Danny Zamudio, Ganymede, 24 11) SP Bobby Boen, Titan, 23 12) SP Jake Toppel, Kennedy, 22 15) RP Jesus Lopez, Ganymede, 19 17) SP Jorge Buzzell, Luna, 25 22) SP Mario Eckhardt, Venus, 22 Minor League System Rankings 1. Jupiter Kings 2. Mendez Islanders 3. Earth Astronauts 4. Venus Sparrows 5. Venus Reign 6. Titan Scorpions 7. Mars Warriors 8. Luna Apollos 9. Ganymede Giants 10. Mercury Mets 11. Kennedy Rockets 12. Ceres Belters RoughRiders99's Notes/Disclaimers: Thought I'd try something new, a "preseason" post! Let me know what you think of it, and if there's anything else you'd like to see/removed/etc. This is more of an experimental post, so forgive the crude formatting/information if you feel there is one. I'm going to let this post sit for a while and get some comments on it before I post the 2522 season recap and postseason posts.
  12. To be honest, I'm not really planning on doing that too much. I tried to keep as many teams "timeless" as I can, but every once in a while, I may change a team or two a little bit. No major rebranding, but just little tweaks here and there. I actually already have a minor one planned for the Jupiter Kings (for when the expansion teams enter the league). I also wouldn't mind doing one for the Venus Sparrows (mostly the colors because the orange/yellow blends too much). Otherwise, I have no plans right now. As of now, the Venus Sparrows (one of the Original Six teams), Titan Scorpions, and Kennedy Rockets are the only ones that haven't won a Galactic Series title yet. To pour salt on wound, the Sparrows also have never won a single regular season title (best record) while the Rockets and Scorpions already have one each.
  13. 2521 Postseason Wild Card Games Sometimes the heroes can come out of nowhere, and that was the case for a 39-year old journeyman infielder Matt Townsend of the Ceres Belters. As the no. 9 hitter in the lineup, he drove in all three of the Belters’ runs to help them clinch a 3-1 victory over the Venus Sparrows in the AWCG. He hit a two-run single in the second inning, and added an insurance homer in the eighth inning. It was a game where if you blinked your eyes, you missed it. In the CWCG, the Jupiter Kings battled the Titan Scorpions until the bottom of the 10th inning, where Hiroshi Taniguchi hit a walk-off single to lift the Kings to a 1-0 victory. Kings starter Vince Dell’Orto pitched 9.1 shutout innings and allowed just three hits and one walk on 97 pitches to pick up the MVP honors. League Championship Series Inspired by Matt Townsend’s heroics in the AWCG, the Ceres Belters swept the heavily favored Mars Warriors in four games in the ALCS. Outfielder Joe Van den Boom of the Belters got his 15 minutes of fame, as he earned the MVP honors by leading the team with five RBIs while slugging two homers. Ernesto Reyes, a two-time All-Solar pitcher, pitched a complete game and allowed no earned runs in Game 2. The CLCS almost was the exact same as the ALCS. But the Venus Reign had something to say about it. After being down three games, the Reign rattled off four straight victories to defeat the Jupiter Kings to clinch a berth in the Galactic Series. CL Rookie of the Year Cory Bassage had six RBIs while two-time All-Solar Ben Mapstone had seven RBIs for the Reign. In a losing effort, Kings outfielder Hiroshi Taniguchi picked up the Series MVP after driving in 14 RBIs on five homers and 11 hits. Galactic Series The Venus Reign has a knack for making things dramatic. After winning the first three games, history nearly repeated itself as the Ceres Belters won three straight games to force a Game 7. However, the Reign won the game decisively by the score of 11-1 to pick up their first Galactic Series title in franchise history. Reign starter Tom Short, who won Game 3 with a complete game, put a stop on the Belters’ streak with another complete game effort, striking out nine to win Game 7. He allowed just four runs in 18 innings of work. Cory Bassage continued his torrid streak in the postseason by slugging .621 with three homers and seven RBIs on 11 hits to pick up the Galactic Series MVP. Game-by-Game Results G1 – Venus 4, Ceres 3 G2 – Venus 8, Ceres 3 G3 – Venus 11, Ceres 3 G4 – Ceres 8, Venus 3 G5 – Ceres 6, Venus 2 G6 – Ceres 7, Venus 2 G7 – Venus 11, Ceres 1 Past Galactic Series 2520 – Ganymede over Mercury, 4-3 2519 – Earth over Jupiter, 4-2 2518 – Mercury over Venus R., 4-1 2517 – Jupiter over Venus S., 4-3 2516 – Mars over Mendez, 4-2 2515 – Ceres over Jupiter, 4-3 2514 – Luna over Mendez, 4-3 2513 – Mercury over Mendez, 4-3 2512 – Mendez over Luna, 4-1 2511 – Ceres over Luna, 4-3 2510 – Luna over Earth, 4-3 2509 – Luna over Mars, 4-1 2508 – Mars over Luna, 4-2 2507 – Luna over Mars, 4-3 2506 – Mars over Earth, 4-2 2505 – Mars over Earth, 4-1 2504 – Mars over Mercury, 4-1 2503 – Earth over Mercury, 4-1 2502 – Earth over Mercury, 4-0 2501 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2 2500 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2 RoughRiders99's Notes/Disclaimers: I'm pretty much done with the expansion teams' logo and uniforms. Still a few more housekeeping things for me to do. I need to sim one more season (2522) in OOTP, then implement the two teams into OOTP. I also have to work on the 14-team schedule layout. I have it ready, just need to get the coding right for OOTP (coding is a bitch). And then I want to experiment with a possible "pre-season post" where I'd post the preseason predictions, major FA signings, Hall-of-Fame info and so on forth. No promises on that one. Also, the last few "season recaps" had something different at the end of it. The recent one was top 10 hitters/pitchers sorted by WAR. The other one was provided by OOTP itself. What do you think? Do you like it or nah? Do you prefer OOTP's system (based on ratings, I believe) or sorted by WAR from said season? Not sure when the next posts will be, but as always, I'll be around so we can still discuss this league!
  14. 2521 Season Season Recap Astro League The Mars Warriors had a 16-win improvement from last season and won their first regular season title since 2508, where they won four in a row back then. They had strong pitching at the top of their rotation with Pat Barnes (16 wins, 3.54 ERA) and Larry Moorhead (15 wins, 3.86 ERA). They also led the league with .345 OBP. Veteran third baseman Peter Dierauer led the league in walks for the fifth consecutive year with 88 trips… The Venus Sparrows had a 1-2 punch of their own in the rotation with Mike Cesario (222 innings, 3.20 era) and Edwin Curiel who led the AL with 2.90 ERA). The team also was a triples machine, as Javy Iglesias (16), Bill Walters (14), and Gerardo Hubbell (12) finished in the top three in the AL with triples… The Ceres Belters used a balanced lineup and pitching to earn the third slot in the postseason. Ernesto Reyes led the league with three shutouts and just .48 homers per 9 innings. The team also finished first in average, homers, and stolen bases. Cosmo League The Venus Reign won their first regular season title in franchise history by winning 96 games. They used lots of small ball to win games, as they led the league in AVG, OBP, runs scored, and stolen bases. They had four players with 40+ stolen bases, three players with an average above .320, two players with 100+ runs, and one player who led the league in RBIs; Jonas Pahl with 114 RBIs. Starter Mario Reynoso also broke out and led the league in ERA with 2.80 while gathering a WAR of 5.0… Despite a losing record, the Jupiter Kings returned to the postseason after missing last year. Shortstop Nate Reppert paced the league with 223 hits, 11 triples, 115 runs, and 52 stolen bases for a WAR of 6.6… The Titan Scorpions seemed to come back to Earth (or Titan?) after their 91-win season with a 79-win season. But due to the weak division, the Scorpions were able to clinch the no. 3 slot in the postseason. Yoshiomi Miyagi picked up his second MVP honors by leading the league with 40 homers once again. All-Solar Game It felt like they only needed two innings to play this All-Solar Game, as the Astro League defeated the Cosmo League 13-3 at Warrior Stadium in Ares City on Mars. The Cosmo League opened the scoring with a three-run inning in the second inning. Eddie Centeno (Titan) hit a two-run double. However, the Astro League had their own huge inning, scoring 12 runs in the seventh inning. They just kept on stringing together hits to keep the rally going. Five AL players picked up two hits in the game. Sandy Weil (Earth) earned the MVP honors by going 2 for 2 with two RBIs. Surprisingly, there was no homers the game. Astro League Starting Lineup (in July 2521) 1. CF Manny Perez, Mercury 2. DH Mike Lazcano, Earth 3. 3B Jacob Havens, Mercury 4. SS Dante Nunez, Luna 5. 1B Rob Beckman, Earth 6. RF Bobby Schnabel, Mars 7. LF Vinny Espinoza, Mercury 8. C Jeremy Lewis, Mars 9. 2B Bill Walters, Venus --- SP. Mike Cesario, Venus Cosmo League Starters (in July 2521) 1. SS Nate Reppert, Jupiter 2. 2B Ben Mapstone, Venus 3. RF Amreet Suruchi, Ganymede 4. 1B Tom Kirby, Kennedy 5. CF Yoshiomi Miyagai, Titan 6. 3B Eddie Centeno, Titan 7. LF Ryan Cox, Mendez 8. DH Jesus Diaz, Mendez 9. C Dave Lanuza, Jupiter --- SP. Mario Reynoso, Venus Awards Astro League Reliever of the Year RP Bobby Fitzgerald, Ceres Rookie of the Year RHP Edwin Cuirel, Venus Manager of the Year MG Bill Esquibel, Ceres Pitcher of the Year SP Mike Cesario, Venus Most Valuable Player SS Dante Nunez, Luna Cosmo League Reliever of the Year RP Zack Mooney, Mendez Rookie of the Year 1B Cory Bassage, Venus Manager of the Year MG Seth Hall, Venus Pitcher of the Year SP Mario Reynoso, Venus Most Valuable Player CF Yoshiomi Miyagi, Titan (2x) Top Hitters (by WAR) 1. CF Yoshiomi Miyagi, Titan 2. SS Dante Nunez, Luna 3. SS Nate Reppert, Jupiter 4. 3B Jacob Havens, Mercury 5. 3B Eddie Centeno, Titan 6. SS Ben Mapstone, Venus R. 7. CF Jared Wood, Mendez 8. 1B Jason Bigelow, Titan 9. 1B Jonas Pahl, Venus R. 10. RF Takatsgu Nakason, Mars Top Pitchers (by WAR) 1. SP Mario Reynoso, Venus R. 2. SP Danny Lozano, Luna 3. SP Mike Cesario, Venus S. 4. SP Luke Herring, Titan 5. SP Pat Barnes, Mars 6. SP Aaron Willilams, Mendez 7. SP Ernesto Reyes, Ceres 8. SP Sergio Ulmer, Jupiter 9. SP Larry Moorehead, Mars 10. SP Dennis Stillwell, Mendez