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  1. Seems like a cool idea. I'll throw my hat in this thang.
  2. I actually love Arizona's uniforms and the only change I'd make would be for a navy to white fade on the home. I will stand by this take.
  3. I don't care about the politics of the whole thing since teams are tripping over themselves to sign rapists and abusers. If Josh McCown and freaking Mike Glennon can get deals, Kaep can get a contract thrown his way.
  4. *breaks through window, shattering glass and debris all over, screaming* "TOO BAD WE'RE A FOOTBALL CONFERENCE." *slips, breaks neck, dies in own blood*
  5. That whole series by Jon Bois is outstanding. I'd advise everyone to watch it, you'll find something you'll like.
  6. NIT with the pettiest matchup in recent history.
  7. Yeah that game looked awful to be at. Why would anyone willingly want to play in that?
  8. Also, a post from 10 years ago, Julius Peppers is once again a Panther. Righting your wrongs>>>>
  9. Lost in the shuffle is that Alshon Jeffery is now an Eagle, and we're about to get one hell of a video from our man EDP:
  10. Texans gotta get Romo now, right?
  11. The tournament does move about quite frequently, now it's been from Brooklyn to Washington DC to Atlanta to Tampa all within the last 10 years. Greensboro, although it's not in the most glamorous of location, works well for the league because there is no regular team that plays there except for UNCG, so they can pretty much do whatever they want for 2 weeks with both the men's and women's tournaments. It's also centralized, with obviously all the NC schools being able to make a quick trip, but also teams like Virginia Tech and Clemson not terribly far away. And Boeheim needs to sit down somewhere. It's not Greensboro's fault he can't win a ACC tournament game.
  12. As someone who's seen a football game in Bobby Dodd, I'm incredibly intrigued in seeing how the layout fares. Are they going to play the whole season in there? I'm pretty sure the metal sphincter opens up in August.
  13. I just think they'll slap the jumpman onto what they have now, but I do believe they kept their previous uniforms for only like 3 years so I won't be shocked if they change. EDIT: Jordan himself was out at halftime of the UNC-Duke game to officially announce the deal, and the shirt he was wearing seems to bode well for my prediction: PS: "The ceiling is the roof." -Michael Jordan
  14. So uhhhh, Carolina looks to be making the switch to Jordan for their uniforms in a move that everyone predicted: