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  1. The success and longevity of the ACC Network is much related to the digital platform that launches this year. If it what I expect it to be, a Netflix/Watch ESPN type service with live events and some original programming, it will most likely be a hit, and if (when) the cable bubble bursts, outlast the cable network. In terms of the linear platform, I believe there is enough of a widespread alumni network and fan base across the conference to be able to gain a healthy number of subscribers, especially if you factor ND into the equation. I figure, if the PAC 12 Network can get its 7 networks across the country without being attached to a major sports provider, ESPN should be able the do the same with the ACC Network, much like the SEC Network.
  2. Not to mention if Notre Dame was to relinquish their football independent status any time in the next 20 years, they have to go to the ACC. That deal looks better and better each day. Man, 5 years ago, this conference was pretty much left for dead. Now it's in a position to thrive. Quite the turnaround.
  3. Wisconsin: 🙂 Notre Dame: 😖
  4. WHY CANT I HAVE NICE THINGS EDIT: This is probably the maddest I've ever been as a sports fan. I didn't get mad over the CFP National Championship, and I didn't get mad over the Super Bowl. Those instances were just that my teams got outplayed and outschemed, and there was nothing that anyone other than the teams could dictate. This, was just an overreaching, bigoted man, who made a law that was just made in direct defiance of a city's law, and applied it to a whole state, jeopardizing the state's economy, and now costing the state a game that would've brought millions into the economy. All this could've been changed, but because one man and his administration wanted to show their power and bigotry, everyone in North Carolina has lost. I hope Pat McCrory gets trashed in the election, then chokes on a chicken biscuit, then gets shot into the sun.
  5. Ted Cruz is still an SOB, but what a G move to stand up there and not endorse Trump.
  6. Yep, Detroit has officially botched this thing.
  7. Kill me, fam.
  8. Previous memories aside, that's a dang good looking jersey.
  9. Yes and no. The actual jersey never had the checkerboard pattern and had an outline on the numbers.
  10. While we are in a lull of uniform unveils, Clemson is currently having it's annual team photo shoot for their various social media outlets. Of course, the new uniforms are being used, and I've got to say, I am absolutely in love with them. Also, the only real question was whether the white pants stripes were true throwbacks or the same as last year, and they are the latter. Here's a video of the shoot, and there are more photos and videos on the team's account:
  11. Well, was at least. He did some decent things in Charlotte, but he's trying to throw NC in the garbage now. Luckily it's an election year.
  12. So out of all this, our ever so bright governor decided that keeping body camera footage out of public record is the best idea! Thanks Pat, this male black youth certainly feels safer around police nowadays! This bill literally benefits no one. In no way can this bill strengthen trust between the public and police. And it's not like Pat is a bad guy, it's just that he's given into party demands. When he was Charlotte's mayor, he was a center leaning Republican, but now he has become a caricature of the party's platform.
  13. And Ronaldo couldn't play the majority of the game. That's the definition of bittersweet.
  14. Thanks for all the comments and critique. On to the next team. ABC: Very simplistic look here. Carried over the asymmetrical sleeve stripe idea from the previous concept, pinstripes on the home, and a monochrome black and yellow kit, resembling the channel's increases of the color scheme in recent years in their identity.