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  1. Here's the field in Orlando:
  2. K i l l m e f a m
  3. Dallas vs. Minnesota Kansas City vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. New Orleans Los Angeles vs. New England Denver vs. Jacksonville Houston vs. Green Bay Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Baltimore San Francisco vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. San Diego NY Giants vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Carolina vs. Seattle (I need to let it go...) Indianapolis vs. NY Jets
  4. The Coastal Division is the designated home side in this year's ACC Championship, so this is the probable matchup: VT can either go with maroon pants, or change to a white or orange helmet, but I'd be surprised if they change the helmet.
  5. Let me ask this: Would people be having this conversation if we replace Ohio State with a less sexy and smaller brand, let's say Cal, but with a similar resume. I feel like if we did, we might have a different feeling about this.
  6. (I don't like what the Big 12 does and I do think the Western deserves a shot, but I digress.) The thing about the four "best" teams is that, once again, it's subjective. One might see Ohio State as a better team than Penn State, but there's no real way to quantify that, except that game that they played, which by score, showed that PSU was the better team. It's not perfect, and it's surely not clean, but things like head-to-head and conference championships are things that can't be disputed. Ohio State is a great team, but they lost the one game that ultimately cost them the division. And in my mind, OSU can't go in without the Big Ten champ, and leave out either Clemson or Washington, neither of which you can take a spot away from if they win their conference.
  7. Man, this is problematic. In my mind, since Ohio State hasn't even won the division, let alone the conference, if Bama, Clemson, and Washington win next week, they should only be as high as #4. Yes, they may pass the eye test, but conference championships have to mean something. Why should we reward a team for not playing a 13th game, one that every other playoff team had to play. That's less chance of injury, less chance to lose, and more time to rest. As a fan of a possible playoff team, I would feel extremely disrespected to see Ohio State above Clemson and Washington.
  8. Minnesota vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis (I forgot Luck was out) Tennessee vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Arizona vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. Cleveland Los Angeles vs. New Orleans San Francisco vs. Miami San Diego vs. Houston Seattle vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Oakland (FACTS DONT MATTER JUST PUT IT ON THE BOARD) New England vs. NY Jets Kansas City vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Philadelphia
  11. hahahahahahahaha
  13. Well, there goes one of those possible bid stealers, I guess.
  14. Just charge the Panthers pick to the game, Kramerica. Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Baltimore vs. Dallas Jacksonville vs. Detroit Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Minnesota Miami vs. Los Angeles New England vs. San Francisco Philadelphia vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. Washington Houston vs. Oakland