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  1. The set did have some influence by Jordan brand, although I forgot if it was total design. I'm expecting just the jumpman on the uniforms myself, but let's see where this goes.
  2. Iso Joe came in and took over the final 6 minutes of this game.
  3. Yeah, I feel like the Dash's identity is already dated, no I didn't realize how ugly warthogs actually are. Y'all really don't read this stuff, so look at the concept and tell me what I did wrong.
  4. I... I might be having a love affair with the Grizzlies...
  6. It's all perspective based off the previous set for me. This is a perfectly fine uniform: Compared to that, it seems like these uniforms are extremely phoned in. Whether that's the school's or Nike's fault, I have no clue.
  7. Washington State: "Nike, lemme get uhhhhhhhhh 1 new set of original uniforms please." Nike: "Uniform machine broke."
  8. If it's like this I might have to shell out a little more money for either a Pulisic or a customized one cause that is what I've been wanting for years.
  9. All I'm gonna say is Jerry Richardson's patch is gonna be a sight to see.* *It's gonna be awful.
  10. 2 of the next 3 in the series will be aired on TNT. Chicago might rap this one up quick.
  11. Yeah, in a recent commercial I saw they used that same logo on the building and then proceeded to use the current (former???) logo throughout the rest of the commercial. I also saw this logo on a newly renovated restaurant in Winston-Salem. Weird stuff.
  12. And I understand that. Although I didn't know that the Leafs played tonight, I do know that hockey comes first in Canada. But I do know that there were probably a decent amount of people who thought like me and saw a fan base that might have moved on from the team after just one bad game. Again, I know that's not the case, but others could take it differently.
  13. ESPN's closing shot from the game is a horde of fans in Jurassic Park, dressed in Maple Leafs gear that I assume was changed into, chanting "Go Leafs Go". Not a good look for the Raptors.
  14. I'd be mildly surprised. Until I see it, I won't bet against LeBron until The Finals, so 6.
  15. Yes, I'm gonna pick the Raiders to win the AFC. No, I don't care how old Marshawn Lynch is.