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  1. Clemson has switched over the Vapor Untouchable as well. This is the 3rd template in as many years for the team. Look closely on the last picture: EDIT: Better looks here:
  2. While we are on the Lakers, this is still somewhat on topic, but I'm highly confident every single major free agent since the birth of the internet has been photoshopped into a Laker uniform.
  3. Yeah, I really hope that this model doesn't become popular. Teams with simple stripes are looking awful, and I don't even want to see the back of Michigan's. More complex helmet designs are going to look ROUGH.
  4. Ok so based off of this, we can probably guess the Hornets uniforms, seeing how we know they are one of the classic teams: Association: White Icon: Teal (going off Nike's explanation, most fans know team by teal) Athlete: Purple (just kind of a numbers game at this point) Community: Black (I knew this one wasn't going away with Nike coming on) Classic: 90s' Teal Just as long as they wear the teal primarily, I'll be happy.
  5. Here's something you won't see again at least for a little while: the new NBA logo on an Adidas shirt:
  6. Applications of the Heat logo: So, fortunately and unfortunately, I'm going to have to put this series on ice for a little while. The good news out of this is that this concept was my final ever GIMP work, as Clemson has given me access to Illustrator for my upcoming studies, so I will need time to get adjusted to the program and fine tune my skills once again. See y'all around.
  7. ??????????????????????????????????
  8. Yeah, I think he somehow related chrome football helmets to homosexuality? It was weird and incoherent.
  9. No BS, I actually used the OKC blog's logo for an idea of color placement.
  10. Another sun logo! The Heat are about the only team that I think can pull off a gradient logo, so I gave them a secondary logo that can be used in both gradient and flat fashions, but also gives off a tropical vibe.
  11. Back from vacation, and I'm ready to get this one off. The Suns have essentially had the same logo for 50 years, although the styling changed. I view this as somewhat of a compromise of all eras. While I appreciate the unique rhombus shape of the current logo, I feel as if it restricts the real star (pun intended), the sunburst, so I kept the general shape without the actual shape, if you understand me. The sunburst logo would be mostly used on a purple background.
  12. $30 for an all day pass? That seems like a great way to spend a free Saturday.