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  1. It sucks to see him go, but more likely than not, they're picking either Fournette or Cook at the #8 pick, so I anticipate a two back system similar to what Tennessee uses now.
  2. "Oh, really?"
  3. He's got company from guess who...
  4. Why the American flag, though? I need an explanation because it makes no sense here.
  5. A running joke between Durant and Westbrook:
  6. When KD guarded Russ for the first time, the whole crowd got up on their feet like when Jordan was on Iverson back in '97.
  7. If you were looking for someone that ran the ball when they needed to, buddy, I got some bad news...
  8. We have our first supplier switch of the year! Who is it you may ask? YOU ALREADY KNOW IT'S RUTGERS GOING FOR THAT SWEET ADIDAS MONEY.
  9. Alright so hear me out: This year's logo had red details. The Falcons primary color is red. Next year's logo apparently has light blue accents. So with that, it's either the Panthers or Lions. SAVE THIS POST TO EMBARRASS ME IN MONTHS TIME.
  10. This somehow feels worse than last year.
  11. FOLKS
  12. folks...
  13. Patriots came out to Crazy Train, Falcons came out to the Trick Daddy version. This might be a blowout.
  14. Mannnnnnnn..... Give me the Falcons.