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  1. when are you going to introduce rivial league
  2. appropriate name for Vancouver based NBA team.

    Vancouver Voyagers it has nice ring to name
  3. Miami Marlins rework

    like what you did with Marlins uniforms
  4. New Detroit Lions Logo

    love what you did with Detroit Lions reminds me of Michigan Pathers helmet
  5. Washington Arena League Name/Logo Ideas

    why not Washington commandos something from arena football early years
  6. Fun Nordiques Concept (Update With Jersey No More Puck)

    love how did this concept in retro style
  7. Denver Nuggets Redesign (updated 2/23 - #6)

    bold move on using past and present with this nuggets concept
  8. KC Scouts Concepts

    grpahics look to retro for 21st century
  9. My Own Super Bowl Logo Concepts

    2021 would be perfect year for Nashville to host super bowl and perfect entertainment for half time show would be lynyrd skynyrd
  10. Hawaii Shutome (jerseys added)

    not crazy about color scheme
  11. ECHL: Northern Nevada's Hockey Club

    like name but concept needs work
  12. Minnesota Muskies Logo: Wolves D-League Team

    this concept looks better than logos the American Basketball Association used in late sixties
  13. MLB Alternate Universe

    how about putting team in Nashville
  14. Houston Galaxy NHL Expansion Concept

    still think Houston Aeroes is better name for Houston base hockey team
  15. Arizona Diamondbacks

    yes bring back the purple