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  1. love Kentucky Colonels prime logo
  2. you updated classic look of steel curtain
  3. what if Atlanta Flames never moved to Calgary
  4. don't miss with my teams logo it's perfectly fine as is right now
  5. what if Memphis Southmen and Birmingham Americans had enter NFL with Tampa Bay and Seattle
  6. what if Minnesota North Stars had moved to Houston instead of Dallas
  7. what if Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Nashville instead of Memphis
  8. what if Indianapolis Colts never left Baltimore and indianpolis got expansion team in 94
  9. please move Memphis Showboats to Nashville and rename them Tennessee Titans
  10. good chose on color scheme with this concept
  11. love update of Birmingham Stallions
  12. here are my chooses for expansion locations for national football league Charlotte Houston San Antonio Oklahoma City Orlando
  13. it's time start thinking about expansion team in Houston and Charlotte
  14. like St.Louis Explorers concept think helemet needs to be different color
  15. if nba ever grants pittsburgh team,think team should be know as Pittsburgh Maulers or Pittsburgh Power do like updated concept for team that played American Basketball Association