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  1. Arena Football League Gets New Commissioner; Fan Yawns

    UIF and UFL = IFL (Indoor Football League) and CIF (Champions Indoor Football). Had to fix that for you. I always thought that it may be best if there was a national "federation" of indoor football leagues, and conduct a "champions league" concept much like European soccer. It'll never happen, because egos.
  2. I may be in the minority here, but I believe that Atlanta is delightfully tacky. The "shoulder stripe snakes" are wonderful. Portland, on the other hand, should be a modern classic in this universe. Splendid colors, and awesome logos.
  3. Veras, I'm still seeing the 1987 standings graphic for the 1988 season. The graphic and the write-up were confusing me at first, until I saw the year. Looking forward to seeing how the playoffs shake out!
  4. Beginning of the end of Arena Football League? (again)

    Orlando shut down its operations, compared to Jacksonville's jump to the National Arena League. And I wouldn't say that the IFL is more spread out than the AFL. The majority of the IFL's franchises are based in the Midwest, save for Arizona. Sadly, as someone who keeps his ears on the ground when it comes to indoor football, there won't be any mergers anytime soon. There was talk of a potential merger between Champions Indoor Football and the IFL earlier this year, but that fell through and fell through hard. Egos are to blame, for the most part.
  5. Veras, Everything looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the USFA. I do have a quick question for you. When were Reagan Stadium and Roberts Field built? Just curious about that. Thanks!
  6. High School Football Uniforms 2017

    Here are a few uniforms from my neck of the woods, in the Texas Panhandle. The Dumas Demons' (District 3-5A) home and away uniforms are simple, coupled with the Arizona State fork logo on the helmets. The Demons also switched over from Russell uniforms to Nike last season. Sunray (District 1-2A, Division I) switched from blue helmets to white helmets this season. Their home combination is white, blue, white. Their away combo is a pure whiteout. While their template is older, the Bobcats have the "Arizona fade" stripe on the sleeve. On their pants, the word "Cats" is in place of a stripe, much like the Demons' uniforms. On the helmet is the old school Montana State "Cats" logo. The Wellington Skyrockets (District 2-2A, Division II) has a home combination of white, red and red. They have the Washington "W" logo with a star marking their 2013 state championship within the logo itself. It's a nice touch. Their uniforms are also much the Miami Hurricanes, before they made the switch to Adidas. West Texas High (Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips, based in Stinnett) is known as the Comanches. They also reside in District 1-2A Division I, and their away combination is white, white and gold. The Comaches' home set is white, red jersey and gold pants. Their spear is a retouched version of the old Florida State "spear" logo. This is another really nice set.
  7. I see a possible 11 of 12 teams. I'd be curious to see if San Antonio is named one of the initial 12 USFA franchises.
  8. 2017 High School Football

    I know that all too well. My school (Southeast Webster) merged to become East Sac County's conference rival Southeast Valley three years ago. In my neck of the woods (the Texas Panhandle), the Dumas Demons and the Sunray Bobcats are 1-0. Tomorrow, Dumas travels down to Lubbock to face Estacado, nicknamed the Matadors. On Friday, Sunray heads to the small town of Gruver, where they will take on the Greyhounds. I'm tempted to showcase their uniforms in the high school football uniform thread. Both schools have nice looks to them.
  9. NBA G-League Still Needs to Expand

    At least the G-League Clippers logo is better than the Clippers logo. Not by much, but still.
  10. Veras, I dig both updates for the Gladiators and the Krewe. I also need to chime in that the winged helmet is the way to go. The logo above that you put together is pretty awesome. In all honesty, if I was in your shoes, I'd save this logo (with your original tweaking and reworking) for a potential update in the late-1990s or early-2000s. Keep up the great work, like always. There's no doubt that I'm pumped up for the 1982 season.
  11. Sorry for resurrecting the topic, but the "Double H" logo doesn't really scream "hurricane" to me. Would something like...having two tails, one up top and one on the bottom, make the hurricane logo too obvious? Or is that just me? Regardless, I do love the update to Houston, as with the inclusions of Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Three really nice, classy designs.
  12. missing logo thread

    Since this is front and center in the Logos board, I do have one suggestion: Including Champions Indoor Football under the "Indoor Football" section of the Football tab on the mothership. It's the merger between Champions Professional Indoor Football League and Lone Star Football League, shares Tier II with the Indoor Football League beneath the AFL while the main site hosts dead leagues such as the PIFL and the X-League. I have most of the logos on file, including an expansion team tapped for the 2016 season. Here are the logos, along with a few notes. Hang in there, it's a bit of a long post. Main reason being is that I just wanted to have all of the bases covered. Champions Indoor Football: primary logo, 2015-present. Amarillo Venom: primary logo, 2015-present. Amarillo Venom: secondary logo, 2016- present. Insert other media Bloomington Edge: primary logo, 2016-present. CenTex Fightin' Cavalry: Announced to join the CIF for the 2017 season. Gary Dawgs: 2015, never played. Renamed to the Illiana Eagles, who became the Chicago Eagles. Chicago Eagles: primary, 2016-present. Chicago Eagles: secondary, 2016-present. Dodge City Law: primary, 2015-present. Duke City (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Gladiators: primary logo, 2015-present. Duke City Gladiators: secondary logo, 2015-present. Mesquite Marshals: primary logo, 2016. Renamed to Dallas Marshals for 2017 season. Dallas Marshals: primary logo, 2017-present. Omaha Beef: primary logo, 2015-present. Salina Bombers: primary logo, 2015. Folded midseason, not connected to Salina Liberty franchise. Salina Liberty: primary logo, 2016-present. Salina Liberty: secondary logo, 2016-present. San Angelo Bandits: primary, 2015. Changed their colors for the 2016 season. San Angelo Bandits: primary, 2016-present. San Angelo Bandits: secondary, 2016-present. Sioux City Bandits: primary, 2015-present. Sioux City Bandits: secondary, 2015-present. Texas Revolution: primary, 2015-present. Wichita Force: primary, 2015-present.
  13. Is it just me or is the North Texas Fresh subtly racist?
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    All it just needs is a little orange in the middle helmet stripe, middle stripe of the jersey sleeve and in the middle pant stripe. That's all this combination lacks to make it a nice special uniform.
  15. Veras, I was curious. Which nickname are you leaning toward concerning Tampa Bay? Lately, I've become a fan of the "Brawlers" nickname that you came up a while ago. It echoes the Tampa Bay Rowdies (who surely don't exist in the AFA-verse) of the old North American Soccer League, which is one of my all-time favorite team names. By the way, I'm really digging the "Kansas City Crows." A crow is such an underutilized mascot in pro sports. Also, it's easy to note that you've stayed away from using birds, compared to a certain professional football league. Kudos to you, my friend.