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  1. Name That Font!

    What is this font called?
  2. Damn, Can A Brotha Get A Job?

    Kubiak was sought by the Texans the first time around and I believe he took himself out of the running. I think this is more of Bob McNair getting who he originally wanted than stiffing a candidate who is black. I think it's a bad policy for the NFL to continue this practice. Teams will continue to conduct token interviews just so they don't get fined. Is it really accomplishing what it set out to do? I believe that quality OCs & DCs will get the opportunity for head coaching positions regardless of race or ethnicity.
  3. New Spider-Man Uniform

    I say you don't fluff with anything Jack Kirby designed.
  4. Dan Reeves being hired by the Texans

    Both Reeves and Texans owner Bob McNair are University of South Carolina alumni.
  5. As a Special Consultant. Press conference at 3:30pm central.
  6. The Single Greatest Football Uniform Of All Time?

    It's screaming...CLOWN SHOES!!!
  7. Saints Owner Tom Benson

    I think a big reason for the lack of fan support right now is there are a lot of people who still have not returned to New Orleans and the reasons are many ranging from the ability to get a job and the lack of basic services (groceries, trash pick up, etc.) I don't see the Saints surviving in Louisiana for the next couple of years unless they get financial support from the league.
  8. NHL in Houston ?

    If Houston gets an NHL team I hope it's Edmonton, just to piss Bud Adams off.
  9. John Lennon

    That doesn't mean I haven't been around these parts before. There's many members or "lerkers" who have skimmed through here before posting before! Umm.. yea, you need to leave... You're a funny man! Anyway, carry on.... He's not being funny...
  10. Stros-Braves

    Ultimately he will replace Biggio at 2nd base when he calls it a career.
  11. Does this look familiar?

    I was marveling over that as well.
  12. Does this look familiar?

    Surfing around, I came across this. Helmet Logo Wasn't this a MLF logo?