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  1. Deflategate -- Patriots Busted

    Fire Goodell,if the NFL had prior knowledge and performed a sting operation instead of confronting the New England. Allowing a cheating team to advance to the Super Bowl and win it hurts the NFL product.
  2. The dead UFL

    I liked the tusk down by the facemask on the Tuskers' helmet. I recall a lot of helmets getting knocked off during UFL games, could have inspired a drinking game.
  3. USFL modernization *STARS added*

    I would suggest a silver helmet with a blue breaking waves logo with a white facemask.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getting New Logo, Helmet & Uniforms

    Sure hope they don't rip-off the Jaguars...
  5. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    It's too late, the floodgates have opened...
  6. New Jaguars Uniforms

    I'm curious, are you really offended by these elements or do you just not like them? If you're offended, why? I don't understand why you would find a team's choice of uniforms offensive (unless you are a Native American talking about the Redskins, for example). Not picking on you; I've seen lots of people on these boards use this or similar language that takes their dislike of a particular logo or uniform and frames it not just as an issue of personal taste but as something they take personally, or something that is hurtful or somehow psychologically distressing to them. I've always wondered if this is just imprecise word choice or if people actually feel this way, and if it's the latter, why that is. The one (non-racial) scenario I can imagine is if a team dramatically changes a brand that has become synonymous with the franchise--like, if the Packers or Yankees or Celtics made dramatic changes to look like the Seahawks, Marlins or late-90s Rockets, I can understand longtime fans being offended. I'm a loyal Dodger fan and I would feel that way if we were rebranded. But it wouldn't be because of the way the new brand looks, it would be the act of rebranding itself that would offend me, as the Dodgers brand and franchise have become synonymous, and to rebrand would be like chucking the franchise to which I have been a loyal fan for 30 years. They wouldn't feel like the Dodgers anymore in green and gold. But other than that, I just can't imagine why someone would be offended by uniform elements they didn't like. I'm curious to hear what you (or anyone else) thinks. Offends their design sensibilities I would think.
  7. New Jaguars Uniforms

    So is it still brit slang in the plural? Kinda silly that the NFL went there imo.
  8. I'm hearing that this league has an agreement with CBS Sportsnet to broadcast 3 games a week so they may have something here. Nice league logo.
  9. UFL - Ain't Dead Yet?

    The article teases 5 and mentions Hartford as one of them. I don't know how solid his info is.
  10. New USFL Logo

    Now it's official. USFL
  11. New USFL Logo

    Face it. The USFL has been dead and buried all these years so just look at this attempt as the "Pet Sematary" version. What comes up out of the ground is not quite what it used to be.
  12. New USFL Logo

    Here is a screen capture from a KWSB story on the USFL from July 3rd. Pictured is the President & CEO of the USFL Jamie Cuadra.
  13. New USFL Logo

  14. Post your pic!

    Chielfs does have a certain ring to it.