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  1. 70's or 80's for sure the best, and 90's were the worst.
  2. Winnipeg looks 100 times better than the filth that is Nashville and New Jersey's new jerseys.
  3. Teams that still look like crap: Florida, Ottawa, Caps, Flames Teams that look worse: pretty much everyone, especially Nashville and New Jersey Teams that look good: Avs, Hurricanes Vegas: uh, too much grey
  4. Some of these logos are very badly photoshopped on, they throw off the whole reveal for me.
  5. Yeah they did, but the pattern is in a darker shade of red instead of black.
  6. I'm pretty sure you can't open this without posting a concept first, and you can't have others do the work for your thread.
  7. Des Moines, Albuquerque, and Huntsville are too small for pro sports.
  8. If Colorado is really going back to the cup-winning unis then my day will be made.
  9. Isn't their home jersey already confirmed to be grey? Also the white looks out of place on the home.
  10. Drouin-Sergachev is a very fair trade in a vacuum, but now the Habs have lost their top trade chip and still do not have a first-line center. The Lightning needed another defenseman and they got exactly what they needed. Plus, Drouin seems a like a bit of a locker room cancer. Overall, I think TB wins this trade if Sergachev lives up to his potential.
  11. Great move in my opinion. They were always the third wheel in Staples and Ballmer seems eager to carve out a legacy for the Clips in their own building. Also much respect to him for planning to fully finance this arena.
  12. I'd donate my house before having to become a Falcons fan. Sounds like you weren't really a Utah fan in the first place if you were bothered by fans trash-talking BYU.
  13. Kunitz having the same number of cups as Gretzky is pretty weird too. Agree 100%, Malkin was the guy I think should've got it. Guentzel probably was more deserving than Crosby as well.
  14. @Dan Gilbert ^^^