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  1. NY Rangers Logo Revamp

    I love it, the primary reads a lot better in your version than the real-life one.
  2. Hurricane Watch 2017

    Irma's track has shifted from the east coast of FL to the west coast. Prayers for those in Fort Myers, Tampa, Naples, Key West, etc, hoping you all stay strong during these difficult times.
  3. I got a Twisters-Racers Lewis Cup Finals, with Toronto winning in 7.
  4. Loving the look for the Wasps! They somewhat resemble the Bengals of the time but I think that's perfectly fine, it's an awesome look.
  5. NoE38's New Look NHL (Bruins posted 9/13)(Requests taken)

    Yeah, now it's just about perfect imo. Can't wait to see your next team!
  6. NoE38's New Look NHL (Bruins posted 9/13)(Requests taken)

    Maybe make the webbed-D shoulder logos on the home white instead of jade. Otherwise, really like what you've done for the Ducks.
  7. Go Stare at the Sun

    I decided I'd be dumb and see how long I could look at the sun near peak time with sunglasses on. I lasted a full 2-3 seconds before my eyes began to hurt.
  8. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    Looks like the Mad Scientist has great taste for uniforms. These all look fantastic, I'm trying to find something to complain about but I can't.
  9. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    No. Vegas already has 2 sports teams now and the Rays will do just fine when they get their new ballpark in Tampa proper.
  10. The Packers staying in Green Bay all this time qualifies as extraordinarily unlikely. They were actually on the verge of being moved or folded in the mid-1950s, when they were really bad. However, with the arrival of Vince Lombardi, quite possibly the greatest coach of all time, they of course became a powerhouse and hung around. That being said, I don't think it would've been very plausible for the Royals to have replicated a similar scenario by staying in Richmond all this time. To me they reflect the time when the small-market teams moved into bigger markets (Decatur to Chicago, Portsmouth to Detroit). I could see the AFA back in Richmond at some point only if Baltimore relocates back there, since Richmond is too close to the DC/Baltimore metro. Also, the Seattle Pilots scenario was due to the decrepit Sick's Stadium. With an expansion council in place, I doubt there would be a franchise awarded to a city with a lack of a suitable stadium plan. Therefore, a similar scenario in the AFA universe would've only been plausible in its first 15-20 years.
  11. Which NFL teams have fewer fans than their namesake?

    Maybe before there were but not now, that's the only way I can explain that number.
  12. Winning that World Series early on really helped the D-Backs gain popularity in Arizona. No coincidence that the Coyotes aren't the most popular since they haven't won anything, but if I recall their arena was rockin when the Yotes made the WCF in 2012. It is also a top-16 market in the country, which is good for TV deals.
  13. Is it safe to call Appleby the greatest player of all time? What a career he's had, hope the Spirits surprise and do well in his last season.
  14. NFL Alternate Universe - 2009 Offseason

    Defenders gets my vote.
  15. Philips Arena Renovation Begins

    I'm pretty sure this renovation is being done to optimize sightlines for basketball. So I doubt from this point forward Philips is gonna attract an NHL team, unless they want to go through what the Isles are with Barclays.