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  1. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    Brett Brown is a garbage coach, that's why.
  2. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    First off, I took it way out of hand with the "serious issues" part of my post, and I sincerely apologize. That was extremely wrong and disgusting on my part and just a flat-out incorrect statement. Anyways, everyone has a right to their opinion, and I respect yours, but I still am having a tough time understanding why this is a big deal. The meeting was organized in order to discuss what to do about the anthem protests. If an owner does not want his players to kneel, then why should they be allowed to? The owner is the boss, he should be able to make the rules for his organization and all of his employees. The players are employees of the owner, hence, the players are not in charge, and are subject to discipline at the owner's discretion for not following his rules. That is what McNair was trying to say. He was not attacking black people with his comment. Again, he could've said it in a more ideal way, but it is hard to remember every different way of saying the same analogy. Thus, labeling McNair as a racist I think would be incorrect.
  3. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    To be fair, McNair was just using a cliche to express his point. Why should everyone go around worrying about if they're accidentally going to offend someone all the time? His word choice was poor, I guess, but he obviously wasn't calling his players, or any players, inmates.
  4. Portland and other MLB expansion name possibilities

    The whole reason they were ever considered for expansion/relocation was because they would be home to DC's team. Once the Nationals arrived in DC itself and not the burbs, that killed any chance Northern VA had. I love Virginia Beach as a potential home for a new team. Not sure why they don't get much love. A baseball team would be the only game in town, in the 12th most populous state in the US. They are far enough from DC to carve out their own fanbase, and they could even draw from Northern NC in the long term. The drawbacks I see are that it would become the smallest TV market in the league (not by too much though), and it probably isn't realistic right now because Virginia Beach and Norfolk would almost surely fight to the death over who gets a potential Hampton Roads team. In any event I hope it happens.
  5. Portland and other MLB expansion name possibilities

    Pioneers or Lumberjacks, with brown and green as the colors. That would make for a unique color scheme.
  6. Love the Falcons! The colors go really well together, and they are used perfectly in the set. Cleveland, Pitt, and Indy all look solid as well. No complaints for any of the teams, except I hope Indy adopts the throwbacks full-time.
  7. Cleveland, Pitt, Indy, and another NY team? Maybe even Toronto?
  8. Imperials-Hurricanes Victory Bowl is my prediction, with the Imperials finally getting it done.
  9. "California Nuggets" always sounded off to me, thus I was happy to hear about the name change.
  10. The UFL Project – #3 Motor City Mustangs

    Very happy that this has returned, and Fresno and Miami look great! I think Miami's colors go together really well, and naturally create a nice look, while I like how for Fresno you used a bit of an exotic color scheme (that looks good as well). Looking forward to more!
  11. Which league has the best, most consistent team logos?

    Hurricanes and Capitals are the only NHL logos that I hate, so I'd say them.
  12. Should the Arizona Cardinals go back to being called Phoenix?

    Phoenix Diamondbacks sounds really good though, much better than Arizona Diamondbacks
  13. NY Rangers Logo Revamp

    I love it, the primary reads a lot better in your version than the real-life one.
  14. I got a Twisters-Racers Lewis Cup Finals, with Toronto winning in 7.
  15. Loving the look for the Wasps! They somewhat resemble the Bengals of the time but I think that's perfectly fine, it's an awesome look.