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  1. NBA specifically has become unwatchable since the 1990s with all of the flopping and soft fouls.
  2. Maybe Cleveland Presidents? Or a silly 90s name like Cleveland Extreme?
  3. Agree with SD for sure, but Sacramento's current unis may be the best they've ever had. If not, these still don't rank higher.
  4. Maybe picking the Caps to win the Cup year after year is finally gonna pay off...
  5. What's the point if it is made to look like a letter? It is a classic logo as is, no need to screw it up.
  6. Waterloo Bucks, Madison Mallards, Green Bay Bullfrogs, and Duluth Huskies of the Northwoods League, which is close enough to a minor league.
  7. Wow California going full-90s! Looks similar to KC but it's nice. Denver looks great, those are uniforms that could stick around for a while.
  8. Nothing for me is stopping a Cavs-Warriors finals again...and the Warriors win that and get "revenge".
  9. Exactly. We had a ton of injuries and sold a couple of good players at the deadline but that doesn't mean it's justified losing to teams of that caliber. The Lightning could've easily been in the playoffs, and probably should've been. If nothing else, the strong finish restores confidence that after Stamkos comes back we return to being a top team in the East.
  10. Ruff is out in Dallas, first coaching domino to fall.
  11. Many of these are just flat-out amazing. I especially love Charleston and Grand Canyon. If you're taking requests, perhaps could you do the Oakland Golden Grizzlies?
  12. I'm surprised nobody is talking about Rob Connery's injury. That's huge for Seattle to lose such a talented guy. If that's it for him, is he the Greg Cook of the AFA?
  13. Philly is gonna get their first cup
  14. The white helmet for the Krewe looks phenominal! Definitely use it for 1982 and beyond