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  1. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion
  2. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    It's pretty funny when you look at how poorly run the Rams and Chargers have been for the last 10 odd years and how poorly both have handled the LA move. Same dogs, different day.
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Do we have any idea what their 4th jersey is?
  4. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    No, follow the Rams social media and you'll see the fans clearly care. All the league needs to do is let them wear a blue and white jersey to complement the helmets, it's pure stupidity to make them wear mismatched uniforms.
  5. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    How can the league be so thick and oblivious to an issue which is so easily remedied? I'm baffled by their foolishness.
  6. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    The bolded. I was referring to Ferdinand about narrative, not you. I also have nothing against Kroenke or the Rams. I'm actually both a Rams and Chargers fan. A bigger Rams fan at the moment for obvious reasons. As far as the Chargers "initial" fanbase, I don't think an out of towner can truly understand how Southern California sports works here unless they've lived here. We don't live and die by sports like other towns. There's just too much going on and too much to do. It doesn't mean we can't or won't support teams or that we don't love sports. They just don't define us as much as they do other places. It just means it's a process for a team to build themselves in the market more than it is other places.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    They were printing money in the 90's before Staples ever opened. Obviously not to the Lakers extent but they were a profitable franchise. The Chargers also have a sweetheart lease in Inglewood, the league forced Kroenke to give it to them.
  8. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Speak of the devil, I just saw an ad on Facebook for Chargers-Broncos tickets, and people are saying bring down the ticket and parking prices a bit(Chargers ticket prices are some of the highest in the league right now, I imagine to makeup for the small venue) and parking is apparently $100 in some places, and they will be more inclined to go to games.
  9. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Could just be for marketing purposes. They post a ton of photos to social media and the fans get excited whenever they see throwbacks/the color rush uniforms.
  10. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    It's their first year, and they sold out their season ticket packages so there is a demand that can be built upon. see everything I wrote above about growing over time. The Clippers were in LA for 30 years before their recent success, and they were printing money long before Chris Paul or Blake Griffin ever wore a uniform. That's just it, isn't it. The Chargers don't need to be #1. They can be a distant #2 in a market that size and STILL print money and turn a profit like the Clippers and Jets. There are countless companies who will purchase luxury boxes for the novelty and to wine and dine clients. The NFL isn't even a gate-driven league. The TV contracts alone virtually guarantee a profit. The NFL has a franchise in Jacksonville that turns a tidy profit while only putting 60k fans in the seats. Jacksonville. The Brooklyn Nets right now are in talks to sell off a piece of the franchise valuing the whole team at over $2 billion. The Nets, who are as mickey mouse of a franchise as the Clippers and play in the smallest arena in the league, simply because they play in New York. All the Spanos family has to do is turn a nice profit in LA, and that's virtually guaranteed in a market that big. At the end of the day the NFL is a business and teams care as much if not more about turning a profit as being the next 80's 49ers. The Chargers don't have to do much of anything to turn a nice profit in a market like LA, and for precisely that reason they won't move.
  11. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Here's the difference between what we are saying. I'm saying a multi-billion dollar entertainment enterprise built around the most popular sport in the country with endless resources at it's disposal will be able to expand upon it's fan base in an area of 20 million people with countless wealth and businesses willing to buy up seats and luxury boxes, over the course of years, sufficient enough to put 60-70k people in seats 8 times a year, with opposing fans factored in as well. I'm saying you can look at another San Diego team that moved in the Clippers, in a less popular sport with worse ownership that moved 40 years ago when there were less people, less resources, and less money in sports and went through decades of futility but is now one of the most valuable franchises in sports based purely on the size of the market. Now what you're saying is... They won't be able to build a fanbase, just because it doesn't fit my narrative or what I want to believe will happen.
  12. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    I think you're comparing apples to oranges. Hockey is a niche sport that expanded into the sunbelt when it shouldn't have. Atlanta wasn't a great sports town to begin with on top of that. The Chargers sold out their season-ticket packages, just to be clear about that. I'm not saying any team should aspire to be the Clippers. I'm talking purely in terms of economics. The Chargers will print money in LA over the long-term just by the size of the market.
  13. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Again, nothing you are saying as any basis in the actual facts of sports business. Fanbases aren't built overnight. It's a business that takes time and strategic growth. Not a season or half a season. The Chargers sold out their season-ticket packages in stubhub, that's a fact. You're talking about precedents. Your precedent is the Clippers and Knicks, who in spite of being arguably the two worst run franchises in sports for periods of decades are among the most valuable in sports. purely by the markets they reside in. You're basically saying, "the value of the franchise will plummet and they won't be able to build a fanbase over time" without anything to back it up. You're using talking points and emotions, not facts.
  14. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    There are over 20 million people in Southern California. That's bigger than Toronto and Chicago combined. It's equal to the entire population of Florida. They will be fine.
  15. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    I also addressed your idea of the league forcing Spanos to sell, much less being forced to sell to move it back to San Diego. That is a non-starter and not based on reality. Additionally, saying the team will not be able to build a greater fan base over the course of years more than it does now without any supporting basis also doesn't make sense. Fanbases take time to build. I again refer you to the Clippers on court ineptitude and financial success. The Chargers will be able to adequately fill the stadium if nothing else by also selling tickets to fans of opposing teams. Lastly, the value of the team will not plummet. The Knicks might be the worst run organization in sports and they are the highest valued NBA team, purely by being in a giant market. None of your points are supported by the actual business of sports.