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  1. We'll see what happens with that arena. It only holds 16k for basketball and seems pretty cookie cutter.
  2. The forum is far too outdated in every sense to be the home of a professional team.
  3. Spurs concept incorporating the Alamo, got it from here:
  4. Wrong thread.
  5. NBA isn't looking to expand anytime soon according to the commissioner.
  7. Look at the uniforms they wore in game 7 of the finals last year, arguably the greatest moment in Cleveland sports history and you'll see why they did this
  8. Can anyone explain why the Knicks shade of orange seems to translate across different images with so much variance? This is how it should look IMO: But more often than not it appears lighter and more "washed out". Not singling out your designs in particular just something I've noticed for a long time.
  9. Yes, with some minor modifications as sayahh did. Although it is great to see the inverse version. Thank you. The Cavs courts look breathtaking. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you. I should have just used the Lakers court as a reference for the color layout. I think this layout would improve the Knicks court tremendously, although the inverse version might be even better. Any thoughts?
  10. The fans clearly want yellow in the Rams color scheme, doesn't make any sense.
  11. Couldn't find the NFL LA topic, could this just be to emphasize the change to the LA Rams colors with the yellow in 2018?
  12. Mark should just save himself $700 million in relocation/construction fees and move into Levis.
  13. What about the $500 million they will have paid to move to LA?
  14. First, it's $500 million. 650 is what it would have been if they paid it off over a longer period of time. Second, no interest is included in that. it's a flat 500. That's about a 1/3 what it would cost to build a stadium in San Diego. Not including interest from construction loans.Even the $300 million from the NFL were in the form of low interest loans which would need to be paid back.
  15. The sweetheart deal they have now in LA ensures they will be.