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  2. This, or at least I hope this. Lakers wouldn't be making a minor fuss about this if the changes were that insignificant.
  3. Larger images of the leaked designs courtesy of Conrad:
  4. Any particular reason the Lakers have never used gold numbers on the purple jerseys before?
  5. These two pictures are in conflict, look at the positioning of the white/purple piping on the arm/shoulder holes:
  6. The dropshadow is definitely coming back:
  7. Solid waistband or striped?
  8. These would also be ideal IMO:
  9. Should be the Sunday aways if they must have a black jersey...Just Do It Nike.
  10. I used to prefer the gold paint, but I think purple works better. Its contrast with the gold uniforms helps them stand out more. Gold key and gold uniforms becomes a bit much.
  11. I wonder if we'll see an updated court design? The court they had under the Shaq/Kobe teams was far superior to what they have now.
  12. Does anyone else prefer white lettering with purple dropshadow(what I posted on page 3) to the purple lettering with white dropshadow?
  13. So going by the above the home uniforms will have purple numbers but going by the below they would be white with purple dropshadow.