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  1. So between the hundreds of millions they would likely lose(NFL G-4 loan for the LA stadium, LA relocation fee, moving costs to LA then San Antonio, overall money invested in LA) plus funding for a stadium in San Antonio when one is being built in LA etc. they would do all that in order to move from the 2nd largest market to the 25th? Makes sense.
  2. Between the Raiders brand and all the tickets the casinos will buy up and traveling fans for a weekend in Vegas etc. they shouldn't have a problem printing money. Vegas isn't going to be your typical franchise/city situation. They are going to be more of a theme park type attraction.
  4. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but the uniforms look like Lakers gold tonight.
  5. colortv

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    It's shocking how much better the Browns and Jets color rush uniforms look compared to their standard ones:
  6. My first thought was "That doesn't look like a primary NFL team logo" but then I remembered the Giants. With the way things are going it looks like they will end up going with the shield or an updated version of the shield as their primary logo, hopefully this will be a secondary. Those $150 and $400 million revenue figures don't seem to make sense. They might not just be for stadium revenue, but total revenue: If they had projected $400 million just from stadium revenue alone they would be projecting over $650 million in total revenue just from tickets and the tv contract ALONE, which would be more than every team except the Cowboys. However, $150 million cannot be total revenue because they will make over $250 million from the tv contract alone. We need clarification on these numbers.
  7. It's called competitively pricing your product in order to gain market share(IE fans). It's exactly what they should be doing.
  8. Of course it is. As much as sports teams like to pretend otherwise, and fans tend to forget is that they are just a business at the end of the day. The Chargers will print money in LA over the long-term that is what will ultimately prevent a move, especially to San Diego.
  9. San Diegans seem to have no problem rooting for the Lakers, that might be why you don't see Clipper fans. We both know there are plenty of casual fans who aren't going to take to heart the Chargers moving a couple hours up the road...this isn't a Colts moving to Indy in the middle of the night thing. It's moving two hours up the road in the same state...and over time a lot of wounds can heal. We both know the 5 between LA and San Diego is packed constantly with people going back and forth, it's not exactly the border between the Koreas. Does it matter? As long as the money is green it doesn't make a difference to the bottom line. The Chargers accountants aren't sitting there going, "Mr. Spanos, we looked at the books. Even though we've sold out our season tickets even with them being astronomically priced due to the size of Stubhub, it's a total disaster because not as high a proportion of Chargers fans bought tickets". Building a fanbase takes time. If anything, that should tell us that there are probably enough fans of every NFL team in the market to help sell plenty of tickets to fans of opposing teams for the 8 home games a year. They won't be paying with monopoly money. I'll get to this in a minute, but first let me address the Islanders. I don't know why they keep being brought up when I already stated the venue situation is entirely different. Even then: 1. They play in a league with a fraction of the popularity of the NFL. 2. They play in a market with 2 other NHL teams, not 1. 3. They are STAYING IN the market. Now for the Clippers. The Chargers aren't the Clippers for the reasons I outlined previously but let's say for argument's sake they are. Let's say you guys are right, and I concede that the Chargers are destined to be the football equivalent of the Clippers. That means they are destined to: 1. Be one of the 10 most valuable franchises in the league, and one of the most profitable. 2. Have a reliable fan base and move plenty of merchandise. 3. Be a team who is perennially top 10 in attendance in their good years and still fill over 90% capacity in their down years(looking at the last decade or so) 4. Stay in the market and begin planning their own stadium. If that's the logic being applied here for the Chargers having a good chance of LEAVING, then I'd say merely being condescending is quite generous. It's clear we have different perceptions of the market and what constitutes a successful business so I'm just going to leave it at what I've already said in the thread and let history judge who will be right.
  10. Well apparently the chargers revenue is already greater than what it was in San Diego, so there’s that.
  11. Why don’t we try a little critical thinking to see why it’s different than a hypothetical move back to San Diego: 1. The Brooklyn arena wasn’t designed for hockey which is the primary reason they are moving, not the case with the Inglewood stadium. 2. Islanders are building a new arena, Spanos family can’t afford to build a stadium in San Diego on their own. 3. They are still staying in the New York market.
  12. Chargers are actually considered one of the most talented teams in the AFC and are being discussed as a possible Super Bowl contender. That's with one of the best defensive players in the league sitting out until a few weeks from now.
  13. Oh, and after everything I've said if people still feel there is any kind of remote possibility the Chargers could/would move 100 miles away to play in a 50 year old stadium they tried to replace for 20 years then well.... You want a bridge in Brooklyn?
  14. Oh, and for everything we can say about what is going on RIGHT NOW, the Chargers have sold out their season tickets both years they've been in LA. They literally cannot fail based on the market size. That's all I'm saying.
  15. People care about the Clippers, and they were run by the worst owner in history and the biggest joke in sports for 30 years. This isn't a Clippers/Lakers thing, where you've got the most glamorous franchise in the league and the biggest joke in the league sharing the city for decades. The Rams have history, but 20 years is a long time for people to forget things and they were never as successful as the Lakers. That's not even factoring the whole "People can have an NFC team and an AFC team" thing. You've got two basketball teams , two hockey teams, two baseball teams, hell 2 soccer teams all with good fanbases. Chargers just need time. People are judging a move which should be analyzed over decades based on 2 years.
  16. Which they are playing in for basically free. $200 million loan from the league to play in a $2 billion stadium in a market of 20 million people.
  17. 20 million people in case anyone didn't hear me the first time.
  18. I'm going to repeat what I said in the Angels thread. The Chargers basically have a market from the Mexican border in the south to Santa Barbara in the North, stretching 230 miles North to South with 20 million people. 20 million people. With a brand new stadium being likened to the Death Star. With the NFL's TV contact, and everything else that comes with being an NFL team. They will not "fail".
  19. That's why I find this Chargers stuff in the other thread so silly. They have a market from the Mexican border in the south to basically Santa Barbara in the North, stretching 230 miles North to South with 20 million people. You would have to try to fail in order to do so.
  20. NFL owners discussing the finances of teams, and how to maximize profitability? Someone stop the presses.
  21. Angel Stadium is less than 30 miles from downtown LA. I don't think most people realize how big the LA metro area is, as Bill Simmons put it. There are points that are well over 100 miles apart.
  22. The Chargers aren't moving, and if for some pie in the sky one a million reason they would, it wouldn't be back to San Diego. The two teams most likely to move in the next 10 years are the Jaguars and Bengals. Just a lot of wasted breath in here. I'm not sure why this isn't computing:
  23. Did anyone notice the purple jersey also doesn’t have the parallel shoulder/neck piping color layout to the gold that it should? It makes it look even worse than it would with just the abonimable black stripes on the side.
  24. colortv

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    From what I read that had more to do with the fact that the NFL had 3 teams with two competing projects trying to move to LA, and wanting to have control over the process of it's return to the 2nd biggest market which it viewed as a 2 team market rather than any specific desire to keep the Rams in St. Louis.