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    Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    At this point I think they're going to go full powder blue when the new stadium opens, too many signs of them using that color combination across all of their media/promoting/merchandise and since the Rams are going with a rebrand it would make sense for them to make their own splash too.
  2. colortv

    Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Another view of the logo(bottom left):
  3. colortv

    Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Are we going to get this logo on the mothership?
  4. colortv

    Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    That makes anything but sense. Why would you want a similar look to a competing brand in the same city? You want to differentiate yourself and stand out. I'm personally hoping the Chargers go with a powder blue dominated look while the Rams go with a yellow dominant yellow/royal look.
  5. colortv

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Watching the Browns right now and I think the current uniforms look really good on tv. Or at least the color shades they chose.
  6. They don't look banana yellow.
  7. If they had done the purple jerseys properly I'd be inclined to say these are the best unis the Lakers ever had:
  8. This set is SO good and the black panel is SO bad I'm just flabbergasted.
  9. Has anyone gotten a good look at the shorts? Are we looking at panels like showtime or stripes like some thought?
  10. Best analogy I've seen regarding the inclusion of the black panel on this set.
  11. What on Earth were they thinking..
  12. Isn't that supposed to be some sort of tribute jersey to Magic?
  13. That looks like last seasons Nike jersey with the panels, not the new one.
  14. Based on what? Why would they hold that back and introduce the outlier jersey with the other standard ones first?
  15. colortv

    On the subject of the Lakers’ Giraffe

    The Lakers championship history, unique name/color scheme, and glamour franchise reputation are all the brand identification they need.
  16. colortv

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    Preference for the powder blue seems to be pretty widespread among the Charger fanbase. Apparently the official reasoning is that team pariarch Alex Spanos prefers the navy but I think that's just a cover for the real reason: That if they ever did move to LA they would be able to use them as sort of a brand refresh without changing too much.
  17. The black panel is an abomination for the following reasons: 1. It's not part of the color scheme 2. It's inclusion serves no particular purpose 3. It just looks off aesthetically.
  18. Would have been so simple and classic
  19. The black panel is an abomination.
  20. Where did you read the black panel is honor a player?
  21. colortv

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    Yeeeah...I still prefer these: