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  1. And yes, the Jags look tremendous in this combo. I actually truly like their uniforms and don't think they need to be changed; just fix the helmet by making it matte or satin black.
  2. I sell teamwear, uniforms, footwear, equipment, headwear, etc. for a living for the largest sporting goods team dealer in the country; this is just a Stock, off-the-shelf, blank New Era cap that someone embroidered post-manufacturing. They're widely available from wholesale distributor Sanmar. I can tell from the cap style (non-trucker mesh back). Also, your costs are way high, so it's feasible someone created this design and had it embroidered and is now retailing it (illegally I might add - that embroidery is not 3D/Puff and doesn't look as tight as New Era embroidery from the factory).
  3. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    I think the most curious element of that graphic from the Lions' website that you're overlooking is the 2nd shade of Grey. Perhaps they will take a cue from Tennessee's Smokey Mountain Grey set, and mix Anthracite in with Silver & Honolulu Blue. That would give things some depth and no one else, unless you count the Buccaneers' new Pewter, is using it. Chrome, if anywhere, does make sense for this team...but I think that fad is dying.
  4. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    I don't think that would be a bad thing at all: Now, if they really wanted to push it, they could work in Anthracite + Steel Grey - with a brighter Honolulu Blue, it'd be pretty electric: Tennessee's Smoky Mountain unis are incredible.
  5. NFL 2017 changes?

    I didn't hate the Black, just the overall use of the colors in the logos and uniforms is what didn't work for me. Hopefully with this rebrand, they'll have a very clean, crisp, 2-color look. If I were guessing, since they're going to have all new uniforms, they'll likely be wearing the Vapor Untouchable template. I am interested in what Colorwerx said about more surprises to come. Anxious, actually. I hate that we have to wait until April 13th to see the uniform unveil!
  6. NFL 2017 changes?

    Got me. Fairly big miss by me. That, however, is a lighter shade of Grey, and an alternate. The Falcons could go darker and own it.
  7. NFL 2017 changes?

    At the risk of being banned for the sake of supporting Gray for Gray's Sake (say that 5 times) - I thought one of the best looks in football this year was Colorado's Dark Steel Gray. The helmet is stunning and the shade of Gray that Nike has in play here is what Oregon and Baylor have been using, as well as a a few others, in years past - not Pewter (Silver in Nike's world) and not Anthracite, but somewhere in between. It's the perfect shade. No one in the NFL currently features Gray as a major uniform component, with only the Pats (helmets, home pants) Raiders (helmets, home & away pants), Panthers (helmets, home & away pants), Lions (helmets, home & away pants - pending new unis), and Giants (away pants) having the color a part of their schemes (the Cowboys also have Grey helmets, of course...but those pants ain't gray). However, most would classify those teams as all using "Silver" rather than a true mid-tone Gray, with only the Buccaneers using a darker tone. The Falcons could distinguish themselves from these teams, as well as other Black-on-Color teams (Cardinals, Bengals, Steelers, Saints, Panthers) by featuring Gray. They could easily rotate a White away jersey with Gray or White pants, while also mixing in alternate Black or Red jerseys on top of Gray pants. Bringing Gray back into the Falcons color scheme, gone since the Reebok rebrand disaster, but in a modern way, while tweaking Colorado's look to keep the redesign simple and clean. Use Red as the poignant pop color on a tweaked logo, the Swoosh logos, and the number outlines, as well as some detailing with black on the sleeves, and they'd have a sleek new look to go with their sleek new stadium. The black & red logo would pop like crazy on that helmet. I always thought Army's 2013 Army-Navy game pants were tremendously effective, despite how simple they were. Add a small hint of red to that side panel and you've got a look. Here are some other instances where Baylor and Oklahoma State made the tone look really good:
  8. Wow....ashamedly, I'm a huge Chiefs fan, and I never noticed that!!! Still would love to find that Colts helmet logo. It is definitely different - the top tips are different, and it's now as obtuse. It looks like it may have been an "old" logo they've never changed. It definitely, definitely fits better on a helmet. If anyone has it, please post!
  9. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I realized that the horseshoe logo on the Colts' helmet does not match their standard team logo; it's less round, more vertical, and the top edges have rounded upward-pointing bottom corners, rather than corners that point downward and out. However, I've tried searching for this logo and can't find it anywhere; every logo I see is their standard team logo. Does anyone have their actual helmet logo that they can post?
  10. NFL Changes - 2016

    Nike wanted to phase it out last year from their product lines, but the demand was still too high. They are working to phase it out of most of this year's coming product - that could be permanent, could be temporary, but apparently they're a little bit over it. Most visible color to the human eye, but now that everyone is Lime Greening the ish out of everything, I think they're just annoyed, so of course, they want to steer the market again, and everyone will just follow. Things could always change, but this is what I was told by a Nike employee (corporate, not store) this past Fall, and from a corporate buyer in a company that would definitely know.
  11. NFL Changes - 2016

    I noticed this right away...and loved it. Obviously. Insider info that will make you all very happy: Volt is on the outs. Or at least taking a break for a year or two, for the most part.
  12. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Again, this is purely your opinion. I have mine, and it's different, but that doesn't make it wrong. I was simply speculating and suggesting what could happen or what I'd like to see happen. If it makes you feel better to try to convince everyone that you're the wise resource of this online message board, then knock yourself out.
  13. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    "This would've been a better example" Actually, that's also a terrible example. These, however, are not: So, it's not just BFBS; it's a tertiary color used to enhance contrast. If anyone thought I was calling for predominantly black jerseys or pants, that was not my meaning. If you want these to be even more impactful, instead of Navy, keep Royal Blue; someone take one of these and Photoshop the Navy to royal and the contrast is even more striking.
  14. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Beautiful. Of course, I just got ridiculed for suggesting this yesterday. That is not what you suggested. You suggested adding dark grey, or worse, black to the Rams blue and yellow. I can't picture either looking good. Edit: Here's what happens when you use black with those colors PUKE No, I suggested first that they keep the Navy from the current St. Louis sets and update it with the Athletic Gold from the previous sets as a way to combine both histories. I then speculated that Black or Grey might be added. Additionally, that's a terrible set of photos used to try to illustrate your point. It's not that adding Black or Grey to either doesn't work, it's just that some of you don't like/want it, and thus you are trying to discredit it as non-workable.
  15. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Beautiful. Of course, I just got ridiculed for suggesting this yesterday.