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  1. College Football uniforms- 2018

  2. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I actually still love the numbers, but see why people hate them. I still hate the helmet.
  3. Bro, you're just a bully with a moderator title. You and a few others around here epitomize the eye roll. Grow up.
  4. Um, just because you feel this way, doesn't make it true. The pretension around this place is atrocious. I'd love to meet some of you guys in person just to see if you're as big of dicks in real life as you are online. What some of you are missing is the fact that manufacturers are now using a lightweight stretch twill for numbering and team logos on athletic uniforms. It's much more lightweight and stretches with the fabric, eliminating the "pucker" of traditional, heavy twill, which has next to no stretch. This allows for the uniform to be lighter, tighter, and more comfortable for the athlete. The drawback? It's not quite as durable. So, unless these borders are being applied with the kiss-cut method, they may be layering 2 layers of lightweight stretch twill. For the Raiders, who have a 1-color number, this makes them less likely to tear or get small holes in them. For the Browns, the shadow may be sublimated with the white onto 1 layer of twill, and the outline is the 2nd layer. Or, maybe they just like the little bit of texture and outline look they get when adding it. Who cares. Seriously. Most people don't even notice it.
  5. Oh good grief, give it up, Ice Cap.
  6. The Raiders still have their numbers on their sleeves. It's doable. But the cap sleeve design of jerseys these days doesn't leave a lot of room, especially when Nike has to put the Swoosh there, per the NFL (a move I agree with). They're paying a lot of money to have that contract and they deserve to market their product. The Chiefs moved their numbers from the sleeves to the shoulders when Nike came in, and I'm super thankful...it allowed Nike to make the sleeve stripes much larger, instead of being just on the sleeve band, which is a much better look and the jersey overall just looks better. Also, numbers are more visible when on shoulders than sleeves for much of the stadium, especially the TV folk in the press box, so there's that to consider. At eye level sleeve numbers are more visible, but none of us are watching the game from the sideline...
  7. NFL 2018 changes

    I was referring more to the seam lines on the template. I agree on the fabric issues. I actually liked that the stripe was truncated at the top of the hip, before the waist...just made it a little bit different. The front shoulder seams and the wide neck collar seams, along with the sweatbox (again, not referring to the fabric issues) just created a really great silhouette when worn. I like the Vapor Untouchable, but the lack of seams basically makes it look like a compression shirt stretched over the jersey. Which is a lot like what Adidas did. And I hate Adidas. I went both ways on the Flywire, but it generally didn't bother me when the collar was solid all the way around and the Flyewire itself was tonal, and not a contrasting color. The VU pants do look great, I just miss the NPC Speed. Back to the main point, this color combo looked outstanding on Marshall. Great design with perfect balance and contrast.
  8. NFL 2018 changes

    Marshall University says otherwise: When executed properly, it works extremely well. Maybe just not for the Jets. Also, this photo makes me really miss the Pro Combat Speed template. Especially the pants.
  9. NFL 2018 changes

    Could agree on the Browns, disagree on the Jets. They're basically wearing a classic throwback full-time, so it's not that bad. The Donkey's look horrifically 90's and are responsible for the worst trend in football uniform history. They need to go to a version of their Color Rush unis full-time. Speaking of, I agree 100% on the Saints. Their White Color Rush look is simply amazing. It is perfect in every way. The Patriots have been so successful in the current uniforms its hard to see or think of them in anything else, but I would not mind an "evolution", similar to what Miami did there; get rid of the piping and double-outline numbers, sync up striping or colorblocking, and update the font to a cleaner, more modern block. Their CR unis are generally pretty good, minus the pant striping issue. I'd be fine if they went with those full-time, but they lack any Silver, which is an issue. Chargers do indeed need to ditch the Navy for Powder Blue, but they could probably use an "evolution" as well. It's just a stale look. I'm actually fine with the Buccaneers' uniforms. They'd be great if not for that number font, but I doubt they'd change just the number front in any kind of overhaul.
  10. NFL 2018 changes

    Bring on the 2019 NFL CHANGES thread... Team needing new unis: 1. Cardinals 2. Falcons 3. Broncos 4. Eagles 5. Browns 6. Ravens 7. Jets
  11. NFL 2018 changes

    Hopefully with Grey facemasks.
  12. So, Nike does the Titans and they’re the devil. Nike does these bland Jags unis and they’re the devil. Yet in both cases either the owner or the team president made the decisions and directed the design. The Nike hate here is so ridiculously misguided.
  13. If White jerseys had Teal numbers, they'd look fine over Teal pants. Otherwise, they'll look ridiculous.
  14. Mono Teal is the only set here that has any type of compelling look. What a total bland, boring, craptastic set. But hey, Tom Coughlin. Shad is so gullible.
  15. Miami showing Jacksonville how to do traditional yet modern the right way. I already definitely miss the previous Jags set. And absolutely hate the high-gloss helmet.