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  1. I think these are all horrible, or have horrible components that ruin potentially solid sets. Really not impressed with Joe Bosack’s work here, again.
  2. Announced a few hours ago that Riddell is the official protective partner of the AAF. Will be wearing the Speed and Speed Flex, no mention of Precision Fit. Could be a solid move by both parties and opens up the door for Schutt or VICIS to make a play at the XFL. I am not holding my breath for the uniform reveals tomorrow night in hopes that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Volt

    Birmingham Iron uniforms?

    The official uniforms have not been unveiled yet. When they are, you can be sure there will be an article and a thread about it on this website. That's an old Nike image and template, certainly not official, and most likely just fan-made.
  4. These are all really bad. I really want to like them, but I can't. The logos are all substandard, the wordmarks are cookie cutter, and the color combos are trying way too hard to be different, are misplaced to the city, or just not really strong together. Fail. Looking forward to hopefully better results from the XFL.
  5. I actually really like both of these combos. I'm hoping the Anthracite/Yellow is Orlando. (Just because I may move there soon.)
  6. New Era has had their own line of "basics" for about a year or two now. The quality is good: https://www.sanmar.com/Brands/New-Era/c/bra-newera Hard to say whether this is a win or loss for the CFL or New Era, but at least it's something different than the Big 3. So...does this mean that Adidas is doing the XFL?
  7. The Eagles, Falcons, and Cardinals have the worst and most-dated looks in the entire league. All 3 teams' traditional/throwback looks are 100x better than what they have been wearing for the last 15+ seasons.
  8. Not sure if posted already, but it looks like the Bengals are wearing their White Color Rush unis today. EDIT: nevermind, I didn’t go back far enough in the thread.
  9. Volt

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Wyoming went Adidas?! What a heartbreaker. They look like hot trash in that template, too. So sad.
  10. It's not the finish, it's moisture. Get a little sweat on a matte/satin helmet and it looks glossy. When it's try and the light isn't strong, it can appear matte. When there's hard light on it, they'll look shinier. It's not like the helmet reconditioner is mixing up different paint ingredients every time Cleveland gets their helmets done.
  11. Correct. Nike’s colors are more saturated. Check out the Chiefs prior to the Nike switchover and check them out now. That Red is RED. Not sure if it is for aesthetics/trends or it’s fabric-related, but the colors prior to the Nike switch were muted. UA, Adidas have also brightened it increased saturation in their fabrics. It’s a good thing. That top photo of Marshall most likely was edited which is why that Kelly looks so bright. By the way, Marshall’s look here is basically perfect.
  12. Rawlings does make unis for the High School and College levels and they actually have a nice quality option. However, MLB just bought Rawlings. I doubt providing unis for the CFL is something that's on their radar. Champion & Starter - Wal-Mart was selling Starter-branded product for awhile, but now the vintage-inspired Starter gear is sold (I think) exclusively on Amazon. Champion has made a similar vintage-inspired resurgence but I doubt either will last long, and they won't be manufacturing uniforms. Champion-branded athletic-wear, as pointed out, is sold at Target. UA could make a play but who knows. If anything, I'd bet on Russell. Augusta Sportswear just partnered with Russell to manufacture uniforms for them again. The CFL would be a solid re-entry into the market. Alleson & Badger merged last year, and they've been rumbling about the uniform business. Alleson manufactures a lot of UA product, including their custom ArmourFuse sublimated line. Siege Sports is a fully-sublimated uniform company that is the official uniform provider of USA Football's U.S. National Team, but I don't know if they could handle the load of the CFL. So yeah, not many options outside of Nike or UA with adidas out of the picture.
  13. Volt

    Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil 1979 Throwback Uniform

    White cleats & basketball shoes for teams have actually gotten really popular again. And yes, in this case, the Steelers should be able to pump out the same exact replica, minus the logo and with block numbers.
  14. Volt

    Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil 1979 Throwback Uniform

    Right on. If they truly want this to be a throwback, they've gotta wear predominantly high white socks (black colorblocking at the top, but only about 25% or less of the sock or tight underneath a white sock) and white shoes. They missed the opportunity to swap out to a grey facemask here, which is a huge miss, but they could at least get the socks/shoes right.
  15. Volt

    NFL 2018 changes

    Has this been confirmed? I hope it's true. Otherwise, not much of a throwback look, although I'll greatly appreciate the block number font. The leaked images say something about the 1979 Steelers, and they wore black facemasks. They switched to black I think in '77, maybe a season or two earlier.