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  1. New Vikings Uniforms

    We have posted an article about the uniforms. Check it out and let us know how you feel.
  2. New Dolphins Uniforms

    We have our story posted, check it out and let us know what you think.
  3. Hope you have sent in your email! Vote today! Why, nice catch! I'll correct. Thanks.
  4. Note: Only votes and input received via EMAIL, as stated in the above linked post, will be counted! Go visit, click the email link, and tell us what you think!
  5. Hey, opinionated college football fan! Submit YOUR picks for Best and Worst NCAA football uniform released in 2012
  6. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    Many posts here seem to be directed at the help you fine readers can provide towards getting the logos and uniforms updated on the main site. We absolutely, completely crave that type of help. We welcome it. The simple fact is, we haven't been staffed at a level it takes to not only receive, but authenticate, then post new logos. We have to make sure every submission is valid. As badly as you may feel when a logo is missing, you'd be even more irritated if we posted something incorrect. That said, we have more resources now, so we do, in fact, want to solicit this type of input, so we can perfect the logos. Stay tuned, we will work on a template you can use to give us this info, so we can get all of your kind, generous help up on the site. Especially leagues outside of the "Big 4" where we have the most knowledge. Soccer, college, minor leagues... anything you think we need. We will be in touch soon with a way to submit. Thank you for all of your assistance.
  7. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    This is fair and accurate observation and feedback. We think there is a "Certain" amount of editorial license we can inject into the posts to liven them up, and to show some personality. The article you mention was, indeed, perhaps a little too much opinion. That said, the articles show the name, face, and bio of the author. The comments are attributed to that author. We think our audience can tell what are facts and what are opinions. That said, while the post you mention may be borderline, its not clearly OVER the line. It takes pains to point out inconsistencies, without calling names or providing too much conclusion for the reader. In vaguely related news, News will now be shown in Google News results. This will demand of us a more rigid approach, one that will be more careful of this issue.
  8. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    What I meant is why does the site need to have an News* why couldn't Chris or another mod have posted this thread? I really don't care and have NO problem with the News posting I was just curious. * Just to be clear I'm not talking about the actual site I'm strictly talking about this poster News, especially when Chris and other Mods are active on the forums anyway. Understood. This account is intended to be a single account that posts news. The replies here in this thread will be unusual, as the account is meant to post news with links to the story on the News site. You question is valid: Rather than have the News section contributors, some of which do not have Administrator accounts here, or even accounts with very many posts, we thought it would be best to create an account we can share so that this account's posts are news.
  9. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    There are several of us to write articles. You can see the author's name at the beginning of the article, and their brief profile at the end. What do you mean "just post the news?"
  10. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    Sure, suggestions on improvements would be welcome! Also, any new logos you hear about or see, any new uniforms, special patches... any leads for sports logo or uniform news we should cover that you hear about first.
  11. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    Like many others, you are probably a huge fan of the SL.N network, finding out about breaking logo, uniform, and team news, discussing with others who love the little details of design as much as you do. A question we get a lot here is, “How can I be more a part of the network? What can I do to help?” We love the help from fellow logo locos. One of the most powerful tools the internet has to offer is crowd sourcing. We can’t possibly be in every city, reading every paper, following every team. But we have readers in almost every city in North America. Thousands on other continents. We are lucky to have so many fans from so many places. So, how can this help? 1. Submit what you find There is no doubt that you have heard news before anyone else on the site. We'd love to have you tell us about it. Send us a FB message, CCSLC Message, Twitter, email, whatever! Email us at or If you hear about a press conference for a team in your area, go. If you see a blog or Twitter or FB post from your favorite team, share them with us. 2. Facebook a. Fan Did you know that only about 10% of CCSLC members are fans of on Facebook? Become a fan, we break stories, discuss, and show you what we are working on. b. Share Other folks out there feel like the only person they know who cares what alt jersey their favorite team wore last night. If you share our posts, or our page, a friend of yours may find our network of sites and really enjoy them. They will thank you. 3. Twitter a. Follow us! Get the first updates and links. We interact there, and share all of our top stories. See us @sportslogosnet b. Retweet Again, letting your friends know about our stories and sites will expand our reach and fans. Retweet anything we post that you find interesting! 4. Read all 3 We are surprised on a daily basis that some folks don't know all of the sections of We have the forums here for discussion, the News section for breaking changes and releases, and the Sports Logos page that started it all. Check them out! Thank you for any help you feel like providing. We are always glad to hear from our fans and getting news first! You guys are the reason we are here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  12. Thanks to twitter user @picketyp for letting us know about the new UMass uniforms being released today! Click to see and comment!
  13. Click to see the helmets and give your opinion!
  14. Virginia Tech Releases New White Helmet Click to view and comment!
  15. Should Penn State get new uniforms? Click to read and comment!