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  1. If they had done this but with the players' number, I'd dig it. Thw Lions wordmark there is a miss I think.
  2. These would be better.
  3. Things like the OLED helmet make me cry as an engineer. Interesting? Sure. Happening anytime in the next two decades? No way.
  4. Playing the Chicago Wolves - definitely a shame they couldn't blow a 3-1 lead, tie the game at the end of regulation, and get blown out in a shootout all while LeBron watched and pretended to care about another sport/team because he needs to pretend he gives a :censored: about Cleveland.
  5. Vengeance Z10 from Schutt.
  6. Interesting choice of words... And yes, those visors look silly.
  7. There's not a lot of visible real estate inside a shell - I'd imagine that's why a label is on the exterior. Every helmet I had when playing football had a level of redundancy with the warning in that both a label was placed and there was a raised, molded warning usually in a similar location that labels are placed. For my HS, the label addition was a bit of a pokeyoke to ensure that that helmet was actually reconditioned in the offseason. For pros, it would make more sense (IMO) to have it molded into the shell in a similar spot and just to buy a new helmet every season for every player (which is likely happening a large % of the time anyway). That said, good luck removing the warning with all of the CTE and other health-based lawsuits the league faces.
  8. I mean - it is his site to do with what he wants *shrug* On the flag decals, I don't like the faux patriotism that came post-9/11. It's here to stay, unfortunately, but doesn't bring anything to a sense of nationalism/patriotism. It's just another marketing tool (which is fairly disappointing IMO).
  9. He's not. It's just a jersey for him being their second round pick. It will definitely change when the #s matter.
  10. What is the material like? Does it have a standard cotton hoodie feel or a more "athletic" material? How is the fit? It's mostly a standard cotton hoodie - the tan areas may be just slightly rougher. The numbers/lettering are all stitched. The colors are exactly as shown in the picture. It may run a tad large in sizing (which surprised me a bit), and the hood is fairly large. Some stitching isn't perfect, but they're all strong stitches from what I can tell.
  11. I ordered the Payton hoodie with the wishbone C on the chest. It showed up today. It's pretty nice. I'm definitely going to wear this a lot this fall.
  12. I just bought a bears one. I'll let you guys know if it's crap. I'm against counterfeit stuff. This is exactly what I've been planning for a DIY, though, so I went for it.
  13. Could have* Anyway, the mockups look nice. Hopefully the uniforms are fairly close to that and not a train wreck of somewhat fleshed out ideas that show promise but aren't well executed.