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  1. New Orleans Zephyrs Concept

    It's not a beaver, it a nutria.
  2. 2007 NCAA Football Schedule Sigs

    Could you please do one for Northeastern again? Som of my players really like it last season. Thanks.
  3. Arena Football question

    As someone who worked in the AFL I can tell you that the both the AFL and af2 have a deal with Sportexe who makes the fields. They are very good and well made and are very easy to work with. As for using that type of surface solely, it's the only alternative. When I worked in the league, we did have talks with Field Turf about possibly using their system. They were open to it; however, it was going to be difficult to use it becuase it would have been on trays and that type of system does not store easily. Rolling up the field and storing it is the best method. The field comes in 13 rolls.
  4. Schutt DNA Helmets

    As someone who works on these helmets on the daily basis, they are very awesome and realistic. The only problem is that the top strap is too short. You need to go a little higher with the clip, but other than that it's friggin sweet! BTW, I love the fact that you put the Schutt logo on the straps! Brilliams!
  5. Little Leaguers In Negro League Uniforms

    That is one of the coolest things that I've ever seen. Props to them for doing it.
  6. New LSU "Logo"

    I love it when LSU fans cry.
  7. New Orleans investors want MLS team

    Ok, well since I was the last Equipment Manager for the New Orleans Storm (1998) and was the Assistant Director of Media and Public Relations for the New Orleans Gamblers (1997), I feel that I am the only person here who can shed some light on the subject. When the Gamblers began in 1993, they were a thrid division team within the USISL. They play at Pan American Stadium in City Park. Now in the seasons that they played at PanAm, they drew fairly well. For the majority of games, they sold out. Then when the owner of the team secided to make the jump to the A-League in 1997, we had some major financial problems. We made the move to Tad Gormley Stadium. We went from seating 2,000 at PanAm to averaging just over 1,000 in a stadium that sat over 24,000. Now did we expect 24,000 a game? Hell no. However, we thought that we'd average about 5,000. That would get us to the break-even point and we would be able to make payroll for the players. In that same 1997 season, we had the best team in the league. With Stern John and Mickey Trotman running up front, we were virtually unstopable. Before Sternie came to us in a trade, we were six matches under .500, losers of 4 in a row with an average of under a goal a match. Upon Stern's arrival, we went on a seventeen match winning streak. We played well in the U.S. Open Cup which allowed us to advance to the quarterfinals against the Dallas Burn. That match, becuase of the demand of tickets and the desire to play on grass as opposed to turf, was moved to Zephyr Field in Metairie. When we stepped out onto the pitch for the match, the stadium was sold out. The promotion for the match was ran by the Zephyrs and U.S. Soccer. And eventhough we lost, we won. Won in the sense that we proved that soccer could work in the New Orleans area. We finished that season as the number two seeded team in the conference. We won our opening round series and lost to Milwaukee in the next round. Then at the end of the 1997 season, we were sold to Rob Couhig, the owner of the Z's, for $2 million. That's when things really got cooking. In the '98 season, we had a really good side. We struggled at times, but still made it to the U.S. Open Cup and the A-League playoffs, loosing in the second round to San Diego. Also that season, we hosted the semi-finals of the U.S. Open Cup. I assisted the folks from U.S. Soccer with the set-up of the stadium, practice pitch, amd match pitch. The four teams that played were Chicago, D.C., Dallas, and Columbus. We sold the place out. So hopes were high. What the public did not know was that we were hemoraging money badly. Couhig lost interest, so did the employees of the stadium and the team, and the fans for that matter. The Storm went on to play another season before shutting it down in 1999. The Gamblers/Storm did something that I do not think has never been done in professional sports, that is make the playoffs in every season of it's existance. From 1993 to 1999, the Storm won more matches than any team in pro soccer in the U.S. And I am proud to say to say that I was a part of it. The point of this whole thing is that I do feel that soccer could surrvive in NOLA, if it is done the right way. There has never been an oversaturation of professional sports in New Orleans, and more than likely never will. The "high school stadium" that was referred to hosted the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials in 1996. And since the storm, has been redone thanks in large part to Reggie Bush and Addidas. That stadium, although maybe to big for soccer, is still the perfect place for it. Personally, if there wuold be a team placed there, I'd like to see it called New Orleans United SC. That's my two cents. Aloha!
  8. Football Uniform Template

    I would also like the templates in Illustrator, please.
  9. Old Dominion Football

    I really like what you did with this set. There are only two gripes that I have: 1. Since ODU is a Nike school, I would like to see what you could do with a Nike template. 2. If you notice in their color scheme, they use a Columbia Blue. I would like to see what you could do with that. Other than that, a solid concept as usual. BTW, I love this series of concepts.
  10. 2007 College Football Schedule Sigs

    Northeastern again, please. If you need the schedule, PM me and I'll send it to you. Mahalo a nui loa.
  11. Interesting NCAA rule.

    Being that I am the only NCAA equipment manager that posts on this board, the rule is that at home, your jersey can be any color other than white or yellow. Home jerseys must be dark. The general rule of thumb is that you can have white in the trim, numbers, and piping. However, the body of the home jersey cannot be white (see the BYU bib style). Road jerseys have to be white. The body and sleeves must be white. The only parts of the jersey that can contain a color are the numbers, trim, and lettering. You are allowed to use any color for those items, as long as yellow is not a predominant color. By the way, the Jets' style is legal. After reading the rule that started this thread, you can now see why the NCAA makes our lives a living hell. And if you think that rule ticky tack, then look at some of the others, not just in football but in other sports as well. Aloha y'all!
  12. U of Miami new football uniforms?

    Those images are from Powers' catalog. Generally, manufacturers use templates for teams that they do in the publication so that people can identify with the style. I do not think that the jersey depicted is the U's or Utah's for that matter. In the past, Nike has used Powers for their uniform manufacturing. However, I do not know if they still are. The jersey could just be a sample of something that Nike was trying and that Powers liked and decided to go to production with it. If you get a chance, look in Russell Athletics' F07 catalog. In it, you will see knockoffs of USC's, Carolina Panthers', LSU's, and the Minnesota Vikings' styles. Everyone copies everyone else in the industry. Just ask Carlos Mencia. Aloha.
  13. 2008 ASG at Yankee Stadium

    I dunno if anyone has posted this or not, but I just saw the 2008 ASG logo. It is very nice. Aloha!

    Ok, I'm going to say this. . . I really like my burnt toast with butter. And my DBs with speed, size, and a brain. I just really think that his time has come and gone. We need a corner. I love the sig though!!!!!
  15. Question regarding logos on FielfTurf

    In most instances, the paint is washed off and then the logos are painted back on. At the Superdome, they do this for the Saints and Tulane. The paint requires some time to dry. It does not get caked on. The outdoor stadiums that have the surface has some types of drainage system, so it can handle the paint and washing it off. In the indoor stadiums, there is a type of machine that cleans off the paint with a brush and then the field crew comes in and paints the logos and such in. In the cases of stadiums being football only, the lines and numbers are inlaid and the hashes and logos are painted, such as the case at Ford Field in Detroit and Atlanta.