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  1. Thad

    Your favorite minor league ballpark?

    I have partial season tickets to the Bulls and 100% agree.
  2. Thad

    NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    The blacks are an abomination. I'd like the yellows a lot more if the "Mountaineers" script matched the one in the block A. Personally, I'd like for App to go back to the set they wore when I was up there...just lose the Yosef head and replace with the block A:
  3. Thad

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    This was one instance where I think the black block A would have looked better on the helmets than the white one. I get what they were shooting for, but even from my seats (20 or so rows from the field) the helmets were hard to make out. I am looking forward to seeing the new black uniforms on the field on Saturday.
  4. Thad

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    New look for the Apps this year.
  5. Thad

    NFL Offseason '16

    The NFL comes off more as The OC (or insert any other scripted "reality show") more and more by the day it seems like. Good gosh.
  6. Thad

    NFL Offseason '16

    I had scroll away from the picture three times until I convinced myself that WASN'T Lane Kiffin.
  7. Thad

    2015-16 College hoops

    I believe it was Winthrop, but the resident expert can confirm or deny that.
  8. Thad

    Your Favorite Teams?

    You could just read my signature, but I guess that's no fun... College Team 1.0 - Alabama - I was bred to be an insane Alabama fan. My dad's side of the family is from there and he graduated from there in the late 70s. In the hospital room I was born in, an Alabama basketball game was on TV. I can't remember a time where I was not an Alabama fan, even during the DuBose and Franchoine eras. The opinion in my parent's house is that if you don't remember the Freddie Kitchens led Tide teams, you are a bandwagon fan. College Team 2.0 - Appalachian State - Since Fall of '05 when I got accepted during my senior year of high school. I jumped on right before the national championship run and admittedly got spoiled that in my first two years in school, we won 2 national championships in football, had a hell of a run in men's basketball in 06-07 (should have made the tournament, and then got gypped with an away game at Ole Miss in the NIT), and oh yeah, beat Michigan at the Big House. I think that day was the day I was locked in to being a Mountaineer fan for life. I'm a "booster" and have had football season tickets since I graduated in 2010. NFL - New York Jets - Probably the least "solid" of any of my fandoms, since I'm usually exhausted from watching college football from Thursday-Saturday. My dad was a Jets fan because of Joe Namath (Alabama connection), and I picked it up sadly. Plus Chad Pennington was my favorite player as I went up the ranks of playing football myself. NBA - Atlanta Hawks - I grew up in Atlanta and we had season tickets at the Omni growing up. Dominique Wilkins was my idol growing up as opposed to Michael Jordan. When he got traded, my world was crushed. Though players like Mutombo and Steve Smith quickly filled the gap. I try to forget that the Lon Kruger era existed and that they passed on CP3 for Marvin Williams. Plus, what 6 year-old can resist the giant hawk jersey? MLB - Atlanta Braves - Grew up in Atlanta and played baseball growing up, so it was kind of the default. I wore #10 in little league and Chipper Jones was my favorite player. One of my favorite memories as a kid was after moving to Delaware, my parents took us to a game when the Braves were in town. I (and my three siblings) have a ball signed by Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz. It's actually in my safe deposit box. My wife and I still go back for 2-3 series a year. BPL - Everton - My newest fandom, as I got bit by the soccer bug last summer during the World Cup. I don't think I've missed a game the past two seasons. I'm not sure how I picked the Toffees, except for the fact Tim Howard plays for them. It just kind of happened. Other teams: UNC - my wife is/grew up as a fan of the Heels and it rubbed off. Doesn't hurt we live 20 minutes from campus and can usually get tickets cheap. Carolina Hurricanes - I get free tickets through work. I like free.
  9. Thad

    College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I laughed at this probably harder than I should have.HBCUs gon HBCU. They wore plain white shells and a fairly generic uniform against App this year as well. Even my wife said "Their uniforms aren't as loud as SC State's or NC A&T's." It took almost 10 years, but my uniform talk has finally seeped in.
  10. Thad

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    You mean it's not a clear material? I like the idea of a black and teal jersey for the Hornets, but not that one. Some more purple would look so much better.
  11. Thad

    FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges

    99% of my work is in Banking compliance (including limited AML and FCPA work)... This whole situation fascinates me. My business life and sports life rarely, if ever, intersect. That being said - where was the Audit and Compliance committee in all of this? They have a presentation online talking about "self regulation" that was published last year. The main question was, is it still sustainable for FIFA to be a self-regulating body. I guess the answer is a loud "No". Reading the (probably) limited charter on FIFA's website for the A&C Committee, it looks like there was a tone at the top where compliance was not a priority to "upper management". Only making sure the final financial statements are right is mentioned in there, that should be the tip of the iceberg for a compliance committee - especially considering FIFA probably has limited users depending on their financials. Please, pass the popcorn on this one! /compliancegeekmode
  12. Thad

    College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Elon University (FCS - CAA) has new uniforms - they are finally ditching the old Missouri template. Looks pretty good.
  13. Thad

    2015 NCAA Football Thread

    That's a shame. The MEAC teams, while they rarely won in the playoffs, always brought great crowds to Boone. But I guess they will make more money in that "bowl" game than they would in a playoff.
  14. I think of NC State as a Red and White team with black trims. They can do the BFBS well, but this basketball uniform was AWFUL: