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  1. Lens flares. Lens flares everywhere.
  2. I'm still not sure how InGen made it to Jurassic World without being sued into oblivion ten times over.
  3. We went through all of that to prove that Canada is, indeed, really good at producing hockey players. Glad we went through all of that time and money to confirm that, Gary! I guess that if this tournament did one thing? It's drive home the fact that the American national team's mentality is horribly broken, and that it needs fixing. Whether or not The Powers That Be actually can Burke and Torts is another thing all together.
  4. Cuba is a communist nation. Communism = hating America in common American political discourse. DOES DONALD TRUMP HATE AMERICA?
  5. Up until 2003? Sure. The logo's suffered since they stuck it in that parallelogram.
  6. It's so bland. The teal looks washed out. The orange, Colour Rush aside, is marginalized in favour of navy. The logo looks like it belongs on a cruise ship or a retirement home sign. It's all so lifeless. The Dolphins need to commit to the throwback look as soon as possible. I wouldn't even mind it if they tweaked it, like Buffalo did to their retro look when they unveiled their current set. They just need to get away from the current design.
  7. Beautiful. Make this the primary as soon as possible.
  8. The site chronicles symbols that are commonly used by hate groups. Pepe, for whatever reason, is used enough by bigots to be worthy of a mention.
  9. Or include your name in your publicly viewable email account
  10. We could all be screwed.
  11. I listened to Toxicity from System of a Down for the first time since high school today. Chop Suey still rules.
  12. Nope. Especially not when you make your personal identity part of your online one. Hell, you use your name in your publicly-viewed email address. You also used it in your first post here under this account. Sorry. Internet tough guy acts don't fly anymore. And really, I'm using your name to make a point. You've been visiting these parts for a long time. And you have a track record of treating Chris, the admins, and the mods with nothing but contempt. You seem to hold this forum, those who maintain it, and those who frequent it, with so little regard. And yet despite that you keep coming back, under a number of different user names. And now you've let your own personal issues with this forum and community as a whole spill into a disagreement about hockey uniforms. If you want to contribute to this community? Do so productively. Leave whatever baggage you feel you have at the door.
  13. What curtain, exactly? Plenty of people with nothing better to do post here after getting banned or suspended. You seem to hold everyone involved with this community in contempt though, yet you keep coming back.
  14. Don't worry Tom. We all look forward to your next alt.