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  1. Good thing it wasn't!
  2. A return to red and green would help. Red and black is serviceable. Utilitarian. It's no fun. Red and green is whimsical in a way.
  3. Call me a first world chauvinist if you want but... The issues with Sochi and Rio are indicative of the problems that come with giving such a high profile event to a country that doesn't have the economic infrastructure or stability to pull it off (Brazil's World Cup and the disaster taking shape in Qatar also qualify). Point being that there's a lot of positive sentiment behind putting these events in "emerging markets," but things will inevitably end up embarrassing everyone involved one way or another. Now the response is "well the more established countries aren't as keen on hosting as they used to be." Which is true. Bejing's getting the winter games following Pyeongchang because Norway told the IOC to kick rocks. The solution, though, isn't to award games to countries that are rife with corruption and instability. The solution should be a reform of how the IOC does business, so that more dependable nations actually want to participate.
  4. I just wrote up a lengthy reply to BGJ in the NHL off-season thread about "OTH" vs "sunbelt" fans, so I'm not in the mood to go into a whole spiel here. So I'll just leave it at this. What's your problem, guy?
  5. Well I don't think anyone would consider Columbus a "non-traditional" market. It's actually in prime "OTH" market territory, geographically and culturally speaking. It just happens to be a newer team. Much like Ottawa. I can't speak for every "OTH" fan, but I think I've been fairly consistent in saying that the league is stronger because of the successes seen in LA, Anahiem, Tampa, Nashville, and Dallas. My point has always been that those successes shouldn't mean the league should continue to piss away money and time in markets where things just aren't working. The successes of the sunbelt experiment don't negate the failures, just as the failures don't negate the successes. As for the Islanders and Devils...I can see being skeptical of the Devils, but the Islanders? Sure their attendance in Brooklyn was sub-par, but it's a LA Clippers situation. The Clippers drew flies before they turned the corner, but were never in danger because their lease with the Staples Centre was a licence to print money. Same with the Islanders in Brooklyn. So they either ride it out there (not a bad situation) or they get a new building in Queens, closer to their traditional base. Either way, they're in a good spot. The Devils though? Yeah, I have the feeling the wheels will fly off that one out of the blue one day. The Habs, Leafs, and Rangers are the league's three most profitable teams. The Jets went from being on league welfare in a sunbelt metropolis to being a highly profitable enterprise in a small Canadian prairie town. Buffalo is always on NBC because they pull in monster ratings even when they suck. It seems like cities where it snows pull the majority of the weight in this league, but the league would rather take risks than reward their most loyal consumers. I think it's a case of being at an impass. Southern fans take exception to a perceived "air of superiority," which perhaps overcompensates (go read HFBoards and you'll find plenty of sunbelt fans going on about how they're the "better" fans because of rec league, or not showing up when the team sucks) and elicits the same response from northern fans. The end result is that we all just keep talking past each other.
  6. The CHL is looking for a new owner to take over the Michigan Stags franchise. Owners who meet CCLSC Fantasy requirements are encouraged to apply. Application thread is located here and applications will be accepted until September 4th. We have cookies.
  7. You are, again, missing the point that a tremendous amount of pressure exists in "OTH" markets. Hell, one reason top tier Canadian players don't want to sign with Canadian teams is because the pressure is too much to deal with. Just spend a day in Toronto. Or you know what? It doesn't even need to be Toronto. Pick any city or town between Windsor and Toronto. Spend that day reading the sports section of the newspapers, listen to some sports talk radio, watch some tv. Go to a sports bar and just listen to what people talk about. There's pressure. To unbelievable degrees. Cosmic is right. When the losses start piling up? It's all anyone talks about. You can go from the discussion being "the Cup is practically ours" during a three game winning streak to "fire the coach, fire the GM, trade everyone" during a two game losing streak. Why do you think Edmonton finally did something and re-organised their coaching staff when they landed McDavid? They knew that fans wouldn't tolerate them wasting a once-in-a-generation prospect like they have their previous top draft picks. Why do you think Toronto went out and landed Brandon Shanahan, Mike Babcock, and Lou Lamoriello? Those aren't names you bring in if you're just happy to sit back and rake in the cash with minimal effort and expenses. MLSE gave Babcock the highest coaching salary in the league ffs. Like Cosmic said...maybe these moves work maybe they don't. Still, you can't say these don't try to succeed, or that they don't respond to fan pressures. As for fanbases...meh. Your posting on the topic was loaded with condecension. "Well OTH fans will watch any crappy team, and their teams don't care, sucks to be them! But it's only because they're so loyal. We sunbelt fans are have GMs who respect us and we only tolerate the best product! But that's only because there aren't as many of us, not like you great 'OTH' fans *rolls eyes* " Maybe that's not how you meant it, but it's how it comes across. I have no idea what any of this has to do with the "OTH" teams making poor personal decisions and their fanbase's willingness to tolerate it. You're swinging for the fences and hitting a single, at best.
  8. Yeah these opening ceremonies aren't impressing.
  9. Yes. Yeeees. Yeeeeeeeees. THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN!! *ahem* That sounds promising.
  10. So more "sunbelt fans are better" spiels? Nah. "Big picture fans got it." No crap they did. They, beyond a shadow of a doubt, saw their team improve on the blue line. Congrats. Your GM waited for another GM to do something stupid, and you recognized that your team benefited. "I guess we're just better than those schmucks in Montreal who will watch anything"? Again, nah.
  11. "Knights" would be my first choice. Any name that's "____ Knights" would be shortened to just "Knights" by fans and media anyway. "Silver Knights" would be cool in the sense that it combines the awesome name of "Knights" with the local flair that @BeerGuyJordan wants. Nevada is the "Silver State" after all. They could also adopt a form of dark-ish grey for their primary dark sweater. Which would help them stand out from a branding perspective. Think of what the gold primaries did for Nashville's branding. "Neon Knights" again has a local tie-in, with the signage of Vegas itself. It's also so goofy it passes "no, never do that" territory into a realm of hipster-dom I would totally be on board with. I would like to see a Big Four team with the name "Knights," but I would never buy a Las Vegas Black Knights, Silver Knights, or Knights sweater. A Las Vegas Neon Knights sweater though? Hells yeah. Everything else naming-wise is a non-starter ("Aces," anything gambling related) or lame ("Scorpions," "Sidewinders," anything named after local wildlife). "Outlaws" is the best non-Knights choice, but all the imagery is either a non-starter (guns) or just really done to death (so many "cowboys wearing bandanas logos). Knights gives you so much imagery that's never been used at the Big Four level before (the closest being the Chargers' on-and-off flirtations with the charger horse imagery). Give it a local adjective like "Silver" or "Neon" if you must and go to town.
  12. So this is happening in southern Ontario. An Arabic language newspaper in Ontario that is government-recommended blames the Jews for the Holocaust. Just so you Americans can rest assured you don't have a monopoly on stupid.
  13. Even if he did manage to get by Clinton in 2000? He still would have crashed and burned in 2008. Hell, Obama practically beat him in that election.
  14. He said the league, as in the whole league. I responded in kind.