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  1. 1) You've attacked enough people's "minds" yourself. 2) That "no more personal attacks" post was directed at EVERYONE. Not just you. 3) Move. On.
  2. So the personal attacks end, NOW. Let's move on.
  3. Best and Worst Sports Logos

    MLS   Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst Best Worst
  4. World Baseball Classic needs more logos

    That original British cap is beautiful.
  5. I'll be buying a new sweater because I like the new logo. A company I have brand loyalty to is putting out a new product I like. So I reward them with my purchase. Welcome to the free market.
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Oh Jeeze. Yeah. Obama's just an angry terrorist. Sure. Though if you want a case of Obama compromising? Obamacare. No public tier at all. Obamacare was actually modelled after Mitt Romeny's healthcare reform policy while governor of Massachusets. And yet you have people calling it a job killer and "socialist." Which shows you just how far to the right the American conservative movement has skewed.  
  7. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    He and Kasich are the only two in the GOP clown car who aren't raving lunatics. I've got fundamental disagreements with both, but I at least get the sense that they're reasonable human beings who could be open to compromise. And surprise surprise. They're trailing behind a neo-fascist robber baron, a Canadian Ivy Leaguer pretending to be a higher education loathing Evangelical, someone who believes the pyramids were grain silos, and a guy whose idea of bridging the wealth gap is "get a second job."   It's no surprise that the GOP keeps losing. They either force their moderate nominees to go far right to appeal to "The Base" or they just drown the moderates out with crazy. Like it or not? Nominating Jeb Bush and letting him run on his track record in Florida without forcing him to pander to the religious right and Tea Party is probably the GOP's best chance at capturing the White House in November.
  8. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    I'd like to see the best people in each party rise to the top. If that person comes from a long line of MPs, Senators, PMs, or Presidents? So be it. Saying "we're not going to support a segment of experienced, educated people because of who their family members are" seems counter-intuitive to maintaining a successful democracy.
  9. Your major flaw in this reasoning is that you've assumed that I've just gone "well Leafs are closer herp-derp." It started out as a local thing, and in time it grew into a true fandom. Through the ups of the Sundin/Roberts/Tucker years through the scuttling and rebuild after rebuild. I've see the team come within a few games of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals as well as finish in the league basement. Going "hey the Sens could be good for a while, I think I'll root for them!" would just be cheap. Ultimately EVERY reason given for rooting for any one team is silly. Even your "northern Ontario Flyers players" justification. It's no more or less sound then the Leafs being local to me. Still though? I think once you cast your lot in with a team then you ought to be loyal. Is writing off every season that doesn't end with a championship a failure any way to live as a fan? Maybe not. Neither is hopping from team to team because you think the one you're rooting for currently will stop being good.
  10. That's nifty. How many Cups have the Flyers won since you jumped on their bandwagon? I say that because the Leafs could win the East, get swept in the Cup Finals, and it ultimately wouldn't matter. The drought would continue. It's the Cup or bust.
  11. Well I wouldn't be so quick to throw the "evil media corporation overlord" label on the Maple Leafs and MLSE, considering that you're a Flyers fan
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    You can keep Harold Ballard's legacy if you want. We're just fine getting rid of it.
  13. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Hi.   Seriously, that's a rather limited mentality. Jeb Bush just might be the most reasonable Republican candidate. Yet he's not going to get the nod because of who his father and brother are. That seems...well...just a tad un-American. Wouldn't you say?
  14. There's nothing "border" about it. Their uniforms are very traditional and their logo fits in just fine with the Original Six.