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  1. I don't know. If all of these studios wanted to pay me a lot of money to be in movies? I'd probably say yes.
  2. That would end up looking bush league. Logos would be peeling off after the first week.
  3. It appears so. The policy's out in the open. No one has an excuse to miss it.
  4. Calgary native Jinder Mahal: Indian hero.
  5. What's Shane Douglas up to these days?
  6. Speaking of nicknames... Since when has Nakamura been an "artist"?
  7. It was more a nuking of the conversation rather than an attempt to punish anyone in particular. I'm just tired of rehashing the same arguments over and over again. If people want to piss and moan about Canadians or southerners liking the places they're from? Well you all know the way to HFBoards.
  8. Hockey's my favourite sport, but the Blue Jays just edge out the Leafs as my favourite team.
  9. So let's try something new. No more regional dick measuring. No more "Tennessians are racists" and no more "Canadians are stupid for liking Canada." I'm convinced that we wouldn't be retreading the same arguments over and over if it weren't for those two lines of "discussion." So consider them, and all forms of regional grandstanding, off limits for the rest of these playoffs. And all the ones afterward. Let's see how that goes.
  10. Jinder has the lamest Championship sideplates.
  11. The term, to me, jumped the shark when it started getting applied to the Stars. It made sense when applied to the Lightning and Hurricanes, because those looks echoed previously established O6 identities. It made no sense with Dallas, given that no other team (O6 or otherwise) was wearing kelly green and black.
  12. This team almost did something interesting. Close one. False alarm, everyone!
  13. I'm hoping they go navy at home and gold on the road.
  14. When my dad introduced me to James Bond it was with For Your Eyes Only. RIP 007
  15. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was surprisingly...not mindless in execution. That's not exactly glowing praise, but they did a lot of little things right re: the source material that helped propel the movie from a harmless "film that nobody wanted to be made" to an enjoyable reinvention of the Arthur myth.