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  1. Throwbacks have always been about reproducing older looks with new templates and materials. Or getting as close as you can get. Saying “you can’t use the Showtime era wordmark because it’s ugly” misses the point. There’s nothing stopping Nike or the Lakers from putting it on a jersey, other then the desire not to. I mean I don’t think it’s aimed at Millenials. It’s aimed at the kids of the generation after them. And as someone who works with teenagers? Yeah. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say they can and do talk like that. I don’t see how the uniform they came out with honours Magic Johnson’s legacy, on court or off the court. Nothing about the design has anything to do with Johnson. You could replace the M logo on the waistband with a K or B, change the wording on the word-pinstripes, and claim it homages Koby Bryant. Or change that M to a W and change the wording on the pinstripes and look at that. Instant Jerry West homage. There’s nothing here that honours Magic Johnson, and insisting it does amounts to swallowing a shoe company’s marketing in full.
  2. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

    Are they?
  3. Ice_Cap

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    That’s a good attitude to take when designing new full-time looks. It’s a pretty bad attitude to take when reproducing throwbacks to honour a past team
  4. This is an extension of the discussion I had with the one dude who thought the 49ers’ throwbacks weren’t cohesive enough... Whether or not the “Showtime” Lakers wordmark sucks is irrelevant. If you’re going to honour a past team or player? You ought to get the look as accurate as you can manage. Warts and all. Designing something that looks like it came from the cutting room floor, a uniform Magic Johnson never wore, that doesn’t even include the proper version of the wordmark, is not honouring Magic Johnson. Whether or not the Showtime version of the wordmark looks good or not doesn’t matter. You want to honour Magic Johnson? Get the proper Magic Johnson look down properly.
  5. Ice_Cap

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    Geeze. I prefer the Steelers' italic numbers are your insistence on having this argument is making me agree with Goth. This isn't a thread about the Steelers. So drop it. Cincinnati Bengals, 1981 redesign Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1997 redesign Detroit Lions, 2009 redesign Buffalo Bills, 2011 redesign Minnesota Vikings, 2013 redesign Jacksonville Jaguars, 2018 redesign Just off the top of my head. So will you please give the "everyone here just likes old stuff" strawman a rest?
  6. Ice_Cap

    2018 NFL Season

    "Good" it relative when it comes to the NFC East and AFC South.
  7. Hello. I see you’re new to Dean Spanos.
  8. It’s a very good perspective for these sorts of things. Still I have to be a nitpicky and point out that America didn’t enter the war until 1917
  9. And yet we have NFL owners expressing doubts, even if unofficially. It's not as clear cut as you want to pretend it is.
  10. There's no shame in being the Clippers, if you don't mind being culturally irrelevant, save for jokes being made at your expense. DG already stated that a team can be very rich being the Clippers. For some teams that's enough.
  11. The Chargers are sharing a market with a team has far more fan support. They’re going to playing in a stadium owned by that other team, and will get a sweetheart deal to fill dates. They’re the butt of every joke about the league right now, be it for attendance or on-field issues. And that’s ok by them because that sweetheart deal means they’ll be profitable regardless. Dude. This is a Clippers/Lakers thing. It’s the textbook definition of being a Clippers/Lakers thing. The Chargers are the football Clippers. That’s the destiny they chose for themselves as soon as they opted to move. I’m a fan of the team. I want them to do well. In San Diego, Los Angeles, anywhere. It’s just that when the team moving is greated by boos in their new market? That’s a bad sign. It’s entirely possible that a few good seasons and the hype of a new building will be what they need, but it was still a mistake to move. They left a market they had been in for over fifty years to go to a market where they had little following and less history. The fact that NFL owners were even casually discussing the issue of the Chargers in LA should be enough to prove that we aren’t just making stuff up. There are issues here, issues that need to be addressed if the team is going to carve out a niche in LA. Going “I can’t hear you!” and expecting the problem to fix itself because “20 million people” is a recipe for disaster.
  12. That they will be tenants in, for the record. With their in-city rivals (cross-town doesn't really work) being their landlords.
  13. Ice_Cap

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    Exactly. These two caps currently coexist in MLB... This Marlins/Brewers comparison is a non-issue.
  14. Ice_Cap

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Ultimately? Sure, the Thunderbirds' ownership could sell the rights to the NHL ownership group. Anything's possible if there's a large enough cheque. The thing is that, as @Brian in Boston has stated, the Thunderbirds have no intention of moving. Despite a NHL team coming into the market. So think about it. You're the Thunderbirds. The NHL just moved in. Are you going to make things harder on yourselves by ditching the brand you've built up over thirty-three years? Continuing to draw despite the sport's top flight league coming into the market will be challenging enough. I happen to think the Thunderbirds are one of the teams that can pull it off, but the strength of the brand is a huge reason why. Again, it could happen if the cheque is big enough. I'm just not sure it's going to be, given the cash the Seattle NHL ownership group will already be handing over for the expansion fee in the first place. I mean yeah. The Thunderbirds have a cool, NHL-level identity. Still? The stars just aren't aligned for the incoming NHL team to have it. Every attempt to explain how it could happen is just an exercise in mental gymnastics. Often fuelled by ignorance regarding the nature of the relationship between the NHL and the CHL junior leagues.
  15. Bucfan56: Social Climber and Saviour of the Chargers?