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  1. I was actually thinking about this the other day. About the notion of WWE creating their own "National Wrestling Alliance." Their own network of developmental territories. Buying ROH and running shows under that banner would be step one. Factor in the rumoured UK show? That's three "regional" promotions under the WWE's umbrella. Ultimately I think such a system could be a huge boon, but I don't think WWE as it's currently run could do it properly. Vince insists on a harmonized style. No way he'd let ROH be ROH, or let the rumoured WWE UK show play up to the best of UK indy wrestling. Everything would, sooner or later, be turned into WWE-lite. At least as long as Vince is calling the shots.
  2. My contention is that they got a "traditional, dignified" look by ripping off one from two other teams
  3. They mostly ran arenas from IX-22. There were a few exceptions, yes, but mostly they stuck to smaller venues. All the shows from 23 onward have been in larger stadiums.
  4. Signs was good. Everything else he did until The Visit was ass though.
  5. They used to. Rock was actually under contract until 2005, and Vince got executive producer credits on all of his movies. That contracted wasn't renewed. Rumour has it WWE felt like Dwayne would fall flat on his face in Hollywood and come crawling back. The Rock himself allegedly took the WWE's decision to not renew his deal as an insult. Regardless, Vince hasn't made any money off of Dwayne's movies since 2005. You can mark the cut-off on that around the time he went from being billed as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to just Dwayne Johnson.
  6. No. Probably. The WWE has been all about the brand. 50/50 booking is designed to ensure that no one eclipses the "brand" that is WWE.
  7. Well I don't agree with that, but I'm not saying Team China ought to use a Chinesey script. I would like them to use actual Chinese characters for their wordmark. The use of old English script for Team China seems misplaced.
  8. Sorry, he's not that good. He just isn't. Once the rest of the league got tape on him? His run at the top was over. Now that being said. There are plenty of subpar NFL quarterbacks that have jobs. Kaepernick doesn't because of his politics. If you're going to take a controversial political stand in the NFL? You damn well better be good, and Kaep just isn't. He would make a perfectly serviceable backup or third stringer, but no team is going to put up with the scrutiny that comes with him for him to sit on the bench all year.
  9. I'm still shocked that's a real name. And not something the game randomly generates when you go to create a player in NHL 2005.
  10. You're showing your youth here. The Penguins and Blackhawks being good still seems like a new thing to me.
  11. Yep. Jose Fernandez wasn't the innocent victim of a freak boating accident after having one light beer two hours before. The guy was drunk and high on cocaine. He deserves the condemnation he's getting.
  12. Then those 30 million people made incredibly selfish and indefensible choices. And if any of those instances resulted in injuries or, G-d forbid, the death of innocent people? Then the impaired driver would rightfully be defined by that selfish choice. "A lot of people do it, you guys" doesn't mitigate how terrible an act it is. I'm honestly finding myself questioning why some people go to such lengths to defend drunk drivers. Though again. I ask how was the question qualified? Did it consider everyone who, say, drank one beer and then drove a "drunk driver"? It's not hard to massage the statistics of any survey.
  13. How do we qualify it though? I was actually pulled over for speeding after have one drink at the start of the night at a friend's place. I did a shot of whisky, then had a full meal and only drove five hours or so later. The officer asked if I had been drinking and, being honest, I coped to that one drink. He tested me, and my blood alcohol level was so far below the limit that he actually apologised (*insert Canadian joke here*) and let me off with a warning re: speeding. So clearly driving a car at some point during the same day as having one drink is a pretty broad category. To put an example like mine in the same category as Jose Fernandez, who was high and drunk while driving a boat, is incredibly disingenuous. See, I drove home that night because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever effect that one shot had on me was long gone by the time I got behind the wheel. This wasn't me being buzzed and willing to risk it. It was me being fully aware that the buzz had long since passed. I'm sure plenty of people have been in that situation, but you should be smart enough to know that's not what any of us mean when we're harsh on people who drive while impaired. Meanwhile there were plenty of times when I was buzzed or drunk but opted to spend the night somewhere because I knew I was in no condition to drive. Even when blitzed out of my mind "don't get behind the wheel of a car" seemed obvious. Maybe I'm being optimistic and/or naive, but I feel like the amount of people who actually do opt to drive while buzzed or drunk is a lot smaller than you're making it out to be.
  14. Jim Cornette is highly overrated. Both as someone with a "mind" for pro wrestling and as a manager.