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  1. He's also holding the team back. Sure, Old Tyme Iced Hockey mentality and all of that, but Joe Thorton is at the age where he's kind of a lug on the ice even when he's 100%. Playing injured like that is just more dead weight the Sharks had to carry going up against a younger and faster Oilers team. Joe needs to retire. Or at the very least move on so the Sharks can try to successfully rebuild on the fly.
  2. The Caps struggled with a team they should have destroyed but they still came through when they had to in order to win. It's called finishing. Something the Wild just aren't great at. And you know what? Everyone will be saying they're underachievers who should blow it up and start over again if they get beat by the Pens. Constantly underperform in the playoffs? Well that's the sign of a core that just can't get over the hump. Welcome to the world of Bruce Boudreau. You were warned this would happen.
  3. This place often does hold itself to a certain standard where you have to show your work and prove a position to have it accepted. It's special like that. This place often has another side, where people reply to passive aggressiveness with salty .gifs. This is an example of the latter.
  4. We don't know the exact numbers but speculation is that it's far, far less than that.
  5. You know what Hedley? You do you. You want to do the whole unjustifiably large ego and unwarranted sense of superiority thing? Have at it. I'm gonna enjoy the surprise season my team just had and the rest of the post-season.
  6. Thanks for the season, boys Go Leafs go! And Washington? Hell of a fight. Best of luck going forward!
  7. I don't think that's wrong per say. Again, I don't think the fact that a Canadian team hasn't won the Cup since 1993 would be much more than an amusing sidenote if American fans didn't celebrate every time the last Canadian team is knocked out of the post-season. I would definitely enjoy some not-Leafs Canadian Cup wins more than others due to rivalries, certainly. Going back to my first point though? I don't think this "rally around the last Canadian team" thing even happens anymore once a team manages to break the drought. Fake Edit- GO LEAFS GO! CANCEL THE MOTHER ING APOCALYPSE
  8. These two statements can be seen as being in contradiction. Say the Oilers are the only Canadian team left in it at some point. And say I chose to cheer for the Oilers for the rest of their run because I, as a Canadian hockey fan, want to see a Canadian team succeed. How is that "wrong"? At most you can say you disagree with my reasoning, but if that's what I feel in my gut? Well then, that's my rationale and my opinion. It's no more irrational than you rooting for the Ducks despite being an Albertan. And to be perfectly fair? Neither are no more irrational than cheering for the Flames if you happen to be from the Calgary area. Sports are inherently irrational. They're private businesses engaged in competition that's ultimately meaningless. We invest ourselves in them because we're fans, and that's ok. It just means we're just that. Fanatics. And there's a degree of irrationality attached to that. So root for whoever you want, for whatever reasons you want. My issue comes when people decide to see fans being fans in their own way and take it upon themselves to dictate to them. Be it someone telling a Canadian hockey fan who wants to see the last Canadian team do well that their reasoning is wrong, or someone telling a pessimistic fan after a brutal loss that their pessimism means they have a "loser mentality." It all just reeks of unwarranted ego and an undeserved sense of superiority. Don't like my rationale for who I wan to win the Stanley Cup? Too bad. Don't give me grief over it, and I won't give you grief over yours. And we'll all be good
  9. Well I don't think anyone claimed Gretzky's number was retired due to any adversity he may or may not have faced. It was retired league-wide because he was, to be perfectly frank, the best hockey player who will ever live. This is a guy who was so dominant that if you take away every goal he scored? Still has the record for all time points on assists alone. No one ever came close. It's Gretzky and everyone else fighting to be a distant second. So if the rationale is "we retired your number league-wide because you're the best there is, the best there was, and the best that ever will be"? I see no problem with it.
  10. Dean was faced with a decision. He made the wrong choice, as is tradition.
  11. I'm just saying. A Ducks fan in Western Canada ought to be more open minded about how other fans choose to follow the playoffs
  12. This place holds itself to a certain standard. People will respect any claim you make if you can back it up.
  13. I don't have a problem with league-wide retirements. Or retired numbers at all. I really don't get what it is about them that sends some people off.