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  1. Ice_Cap

    Popular Defunct Teams

    That’s some peak NHL.
  2. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

    It’s not “pointless semantics” just because you didn’t understand what others were talking about.
  3. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

    “A patch on the heart”? Overly flowery language aside, congrats. They’re two decades behind the Steelers and Jets on that one. As for everything else? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Outside of the collar design? The “sleeve stripes” and “sock stripes” will barely be noticeable because they barely qualify as noticeable design. The entire look lacks anything to make it stand out. And this will become very very apparent whe they’re wearing black and white for the majority of the season.
  4. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

  5. Ice_Cap

    MLB changes 2018?

    As @Gothamite pointed out the Hall is independent of MLB. Manfred can’t force them to do anything. So I think you’re just going to have to accept that Thome didn’t want to go in wearing a Wahoo cap.
  6. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

    Well stop. You claim that calling the new Jags uniforms “practice uniforms” is lazy critique. I’ll take lazy critique over dishonest obtuseness anyday though. You can’t argue in bad faith and then demand others raise the standard of debate. Well there you go. That’s why the current Jags set fails. It’s a massive over-correction. The Jags’ last set was a gaudy and stupid clown suit. They over-reacted by stripping nearly all character from the uniforms to the point that they’re even more basic then the league’s traditional looks. It’s made all the worse because the Jags’ innagural set was plenty traditional. It had a basic football uniform layout. Stripes on the sleeves, stripes on the pants, number outlines. The only things “modern” were the colour scheme and the addition of the prowling jaguar logo above the sleeve stripes. All in all? The first Jags look was pretty damn traditional in layout. So if the Jags wanted something traditional? They had perfect uniforms in their history to reference, if not fall back on entirely. And instead they chose uniforms devoid of nearly any distinguishing features. No gold, no pants stripes, no sleeve stripes. I’m a fan of tradional uniforms, but the Jags took it too far. There’s nothing to like here because there’s almost nothing here, period.
  7. Ice_Cap

    Football and CTE

    The more I observe concerning “football culture” in the US the more and more apparent it is to me that football, regardless of the level it’s played at, exists in its own bubble separate from the real world. And football as an institution gets very, very angry when one of its own is called to face consequences in the real world. Do I think football needs to be killed? No, but then again I’m not a 23 year old blogger from San Francisco, so Gold Pinstripes’ hyperbolic assertions never held much weight anyway. Instead I want to see football become safer, better. Rules need to be re-evaluated, equipment designed in a way not to encourage players to use their heads as battering rams, and the toxic culture of football dismantled. Otherwise football will die a slow, defiant death.
  8. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

    People comparing the Raiders’classic look with an underdesigned Jaguars uniform farted out by Nike are, indeed, being purposefully obtuse. Come on people.
  9. Ice_Cap

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    This is NOT the place to discuss the Civil War. Please move on from the topic.
  10. Ice_Cap

    Popular Defunct Teams

    I seem to recall you championing the "Winnipeg will never happen because that wouldn't make new hockey fans" argument more than anything else. I'll take your word for it though. My best counter to this would be to echo admiral's above point. That saturating North America's northeast isn't a bad strategy as far as the NHL goes. Because really, would being in Hartford be any worse than being the non-event and afterthought they are in Raleigh? That's the kicker. Knocking Hartford as a market would be understandable if the team moved somewhere where they were well-supported. They didn't though. They moved to an overgrown New South suburban "city" where they barely seem to matter to anyone. There's no way the market they're in now is better then the one they were in when they were the Whalers. And again, tv market size. The Hartford/New Haven television market is the thirtieth largest tv market in the US. Las Vegas is the fortieth. So given that the "grow the game" types can't shut up about how successful Vegas has been? Yeah. I don't see how Hartford's unworkable by any stretch. Larger tv market, more of a history with the game. Someone can make it happen provided they have both the money and the desire.
  11. Ice_Cap

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    Can anyone provide me with a reason why I shouldn’t merge this with “Unpopular Opinions”?
  12. Ice_Cap

    Popular Defunct Teams

    I don’t disagree with any of this. I just rememebr a time when many people here, you among them, were poo-pooing the notion of another NHL team in Winnipeg even under the above scenario. What did you and a lot of others say? That even if the “dedicated billionaire” situation arose the NHL would never allow for it because moving back to Winnipeg “didn’t make any new hockey fans” or something to that effect. It was quite a topic of discussion for many years here And it still happened with Winnipeg when the pieces fell into place. Is the NHL returning to Hartford likely? No. Is it impossible? Well to be frank? I’m not sure people who were wrong about where the NHL will return to despite their own self-assuredness are the people who I ought to listen to when discussing Hartford’s NHL prospects I mean the Whalers brand remains incredibly popular and there are dedicated hockey fans there who would potentially support the team if it did return. Both of which make it possible for the “devoted billionaire” model to arise here as well. Factor in the above-mentioned fact that Hartford is part of a larger tv market than Las Vegas? The NHL’s latest venture? It’s not impossible. And that’s all anyone here is saying on the matter.
  13. Ice_Cap

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Just like the NHL was never going back to Winnipeg, right?
  14. Ice_Cap

    Football and CTE

    Don’t you know? This is ‘Murica where anything not FOOTBALL is a commie plot out to undermine freedom and apple pie.
  15. Ice_Cap

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Mark of the Elite QB, obviously.