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  1. Exactly. The jerseys don't even include the city name! All of that old St. Louis Rams stock could be sold as Los Angeles Rams stock without much fuss.
  2. Because they need to work with Nike and a number of other manufacturers. Changing to the throwbacks on short notice would have been acceptable, but Nike would have then had to ramp up production for throwback LA Rams gear while sitting on stockpiles of unsold St. Louis Rams gear. Then they, if they did what you want, would have to change gears only three years later for the redesign to coincide with the stadium. Meaning they'd be sitting on another stockpile of throwback LA Rams gear. We're not in the early 90s anymore, where fans can get a team to cancel an unpopular new logo one day after its unveiled. Licence holders mass produce products months before official unveilings, and often produce enough merchandise to last for at least five years. That's why the NFL has the five year rule. They want to give Nike and other manufacturers a five year window to stop production of current gear so there isn't an unsold stockpile of it when a new look is introduced.
  3. My mistake. Feel free to repost it.
  4. It all airs on the Network. There's no distinction between "kickoff" and the actual card anymore.
  5. The greatest Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes goalie of all time...
  6. WrestleMania runs for 7 hours now. There's room.
  7. There's nothing about the current Browns' look that was "dictated" by history. If history "dictated" the design they never would have changed.
  8. I'm not one to agree with BBTV's "only wrestling nerds care" posting style in wrestling threads most of the time, but I think he's right here. The rationale was "Sami Zayn should win so he can face Owens for the Universal Championship at 'Mania and FIGHT! FOR-EVER!" *CLAP* *CLAP* And yeah, if you're a veteran viewer of NXT, or someone who's followed ROH, sure. That sounds like a fantasy matchup. All the history of their feud, the "fight forever" stuff, I get the appeal. I get the appeal because I'm a wrestling fan and I know about it though. And while WrestleMania is among the smarkiest of the smark crowds? It's still the time of the year when the WWE has more casual and non-fans watching it then any other time of the year. And you know who your casual, lapsed, or non-fan knows? They know Goldberg. They know Brock Lesnar. Hell, I had people who I know aren't wrestling fans texting me about Goldberg beating Lesnar in under two minutes at Survivor Series the day after it happened. THAT'S who you put on your marquee when you have the maximum amount of eyes on your product. Not two guys from the indies feuding for reasons that, at this point, mostly amount to "they've been doing it for a while I guess." Sure, but from WWE's perspective? They know Goldberg-Brock had mainstream buzz. Sami Zayn-Kevin Owens just doesn't. And before you say "well maybe they could use the expanded audience to make big stars out of Zayn and Owens" well...that's not how it works. Austin worked the undercard at his first WrestleMania after getting over with the "Stone Cold" persona, and Vince knew Hogan was extremely popular thanks to his earlier run in the AWA. They don't put unproven commodities out there at WrestleMania to sink or swim. Hogan, Austin, Hart, Michaels, Cena, Batista, etc... only go to go home big on that show after they'd proven they could get and stay over. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and the like need to have their "Austin 3:16" moments before the company can feel confident letting them close the biggest show of the year. See, I don't "hate" Zayn, Owens, Samoa Joe, or the like. In fact I really like the latter thanks to my lapsed TNA fandom. I'm just saying that the WWF/WWE works a certain way, and the answer isn't always "Vince McMahon is out of touch" when [insert favourite IWC wrestler] isn't slotted for a surprise Royal Rumble/WrestleMania run. I mean sometimes it is. Like when WWE tried really hard not to put Daniel Bryan in the main event of 'Mania XXX. Now though? Not so much. It's not like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, or the like are connecting with crowds like Bryan was at the time.
  9. The Browns are Exhibit A for why the Lions shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel. The Browns, like the Lions, were a team with a lot of history but a lot of recent futility. Then they decided to "change it up" for reasons never fully explained and now they look like a struggling mid-major. Everyone knows that. The new logo seems to have been met with near-universal praise. Even people who take issue with some of the shading choices around the mane still admit it's an improvement over the old logo. So no one's saying "go back to the old look verbatim." They're saying "keep the new stuff that works (the new logo) and pair it with more timeless elements that we know works (the older colour scheme and layout)."
  10. "I hope they change it up because change" has led to some truly awful designs in NFL history. Sometimes the most obvious option is the right one.
  11. Vince is a weird cat. He tolerated mid-90s Shawn Michaels' bull but he fired Paul London for smiling at him.
  12. Yep. I get the feeling that HHH, who grew up on NWA/JCP/early WCW, would run with the angle. Vince though? Naw. On a side note...I know why he can't use the Rhodes name, but it still seems wrong. His dad was using the name "Rhodes" sixteen years before Vince bought the WWF from his own father.
  13. I got that sense too, but I loved it. It's an attitude that has the makings of a great character.
  14. I have nothing to add to what's already been said other than to say Cody Rhodes is fantastic and could have been a World Champion in WWE. As you were.