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  1. The NHL's on NBC. That's a major network. Look at the teams you mentioned. New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Detroit. Regular playoff teams. There's marketable talent on the "major market teams." The problem is that the NHL is notoriously bad at marketing their stars. The two biggest stars in the last generation played in Pittsburgh and Washington. Two big-market teams. The league did next to nothing with that compared to what the NBA did with LeBron James in both Cleveland and Miami. Well I'm sure you're advocating it from the perspective of a fan of a team in a major media market The NHL's own inept branding aside (seriously, the league would find a way to squander McDavid in New York)...that's how you kill legitimacy of your league. By actively working to stack certain teams.
  2. That's great! I love the TV guide logo
  3. Nature must not have gotten the memo.
  4. I'm annoyed because it's a logo on a dull as dishwater uniform.
  5. IIRC league bylaws state he can't sell the team for 10-15 years after moving. Those are in place to stop an owner from moving a team to a more profitable market and then turning around and making a huge profit. Of course the NFL is a private organisation, so they can just wave those whenever they feel like it. I could see them "letting" Dean cash out early if it means a more San Diego-friendly owner can come in.
  6. Yeah, the flavour of steak should be enough. #AnythingAboveMediumIsRuined
  7. Don't they do that anyway?
  8. Kind of hard, given the whole "they wore it when they won one of the more exciting Game Seven's in World Series history" thing.
  9. On one hand, yeah I get where the NFL is coming from. This move is a disaster on every level. On the othee hand...they gave Dean the option. Even if it was only meant as a face-saving option that they hoped wouldn't be exercised. They were trusting Dean Spanos with a decision. And as I've said before...Dean will always make the worst decision in any given circumstance. If they didn't want another team in LA sharing the city with the Rams? They should have just told Dean to kick dirt. Hell...Mark ing Davis came out of that meeting with next to nothing and he's poised to get over $700 million in public funds for a new stadium in Las Vegas. Dean couldn't even mend bridges with the city his team had played in for over fifty years. Congrats Dean. You got outplayed by Mark Davis. And everyone hates you. More than usual.
  10. So in contrast to my earlier bashing of Steve "Mongo" McMichael... He seemed to be the only WCW commentator who understood how to really work with Bobby Heenan. Bischoff was always trying to shill the company/show and talking over everyone, and Schiavone was so focused on calling the action as a legit sport that he never really got how to do the face/heel thing with Heenan. Mongo though? Yeah, his jokes were terrible (they're getting marginally better as we get into 1996) but he understood how to play off of Heenan as the face commentator and set him up for his next line. I still maintain that pre-burnout Tony and Heenan were a pretty good team regardless of the styles clash. Mongo though? He got it.
  11. This thread will be shut down if people can't help themselves and insist on turning it into another political pissing contest.
  12. Hey man. It's good to know you can be relied on to do business [/HHH]
  13. "YOUR Los Angeles Chargers!"
  14. To bring it back to pro wrestling (because it always comes back to pro wrestling) when a promotion is cold, nothing they do works. The Chargers admittedly botched their initial entry into the market, and now people are jumping on every perceived misstep.
  15. Speak for yourself. A resident of LA, and a visitor to LA who met with a local friend, both backed up Ferdinand on the distance thing. So you I said with Lights Out above. Your mileage may very (pun not intended, but relished).