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    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    See, that’s the best part. Since when did whimsy become a bad thing? I rather have a logo with character than one without character.
  2. Ice_Cap

    XFL Return, new logo

    Well it’s been covered how the X never stood for “Xtreme” anyway, but besides that? The first XFL may have failed but it failed in such a spectacular way that it’s become a pop culture novelty. People who were never even alive during the first XFL’s run know what it is. They did a 30 for 30 on it. So going with fhe XFL name is actually smart. Not only will people call any league associated with Vince McMahon the XFL anyway but the name has built-in recognition. It’s like Crystal Pepsi or New Coke. Something so unique and off-the-wall that even though it failed? It remained relevant in the pop culture consciousness for decades after it failed. People will check the new XFL out at least once for that reason.
  3. Ice_Cap

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Ah yes. They need to do something unique. They’re surely going to stand out as a NHL team with a red primary sweater!
  4. Ice_Cap

    The XFL may be making a comeback

  5. Ice_Cap

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    The Kraken is also from viking mythology. And Washington state is very much not Scandinavia.
  6. Ice_Cap

    2018-19 NHL Season

    I do find it hypocritical when Canadian players wax poetically about playing for Canada in international tournaments yet freak out at the prospect of playing for a Canadian city because G-d forbid someone recognize them.
  7. Well I did say that I would prefer a new look that used red as a primary with white and orange as highlights It’s all about context. Ideally? Yeah. Do something new. The problem is that they did attempt that we got what we got. Which is horrid. So if the only way to “save” the current identity is to turn it into a less-good version of the 1997-2014 look? Then they might as well just go back to the 1997-2014 look. Not perfect, no, but at this point? I’m not sure I trust Nike to properly update it. Their first attempt was a HUGE swing and a miss. Give it time and the current Strawberry Alarmclock look will have a few more crappy seasons under its belt
  8. I just don't buy their gear. I think I bought one "Black Jays" cap for that identity's tenure? Other than that I didn't buy anything. Same with the Leafs and their initial EDGE sweaters that lacked hem stripes. I just didn't buy a Leafs sweater until they changed. It's easier than you might think, especially if you have gear in the previous style that you like.
  9. Ice_Cap

    2018-19 NHL Season

    I can say this from experience. It's just how hockey culture works. And I'm not someone who ever had a shot at the CHL, much less the NHL. I just grew up playing the game in a hockey hotbed. It's just the mentality that surrounds the game. I'm sure that when you get to a certain level? They train you to talk a certain way to the media, but even's probably not much of a transition for a lot of these guys. Even as someone whose hockey career peaked in high school? Where we didn't have media to talk to? We were taught good sportsmanship above all else. Don't trash the other guys, it's not right. Even if we beat them 5-1 they're a good team with some talented guys. You acted humble in the handshake line even if you got a shutout. And skaters? Well didn't matter how talented they were compared to the guys around them, you played your part in the team game. No hot dogging unless you just got a really lucky break (yes, I heard my HS coach tell a friend of mine "no more hot dogging" unironically). You keep your head down, you play your game, and if you act like you're as good as you are? You need to be reminded it's not all about you. And again. I'm talking high school. None of us were ever going to have a career playing hockey, but even then. This is just how we were coached. In a lot of ways this attitude, which began in Canada before seeping into the US, was the start of the problems Canadian NHL clubs have had signing players. So many "good Canadian boys" don't want to play in Canadian markets, much less their hometown markets, because the media scrutiny and the public recognition is too much. And in some ways? I don't blame them because they've been taught their entire hockey playing lives to keep their head down and not stand out in a crowd, even if they're the best guy on the ice. And so yeah. I can get how Steven Stamkos dreads the idea of being a Leaf and being recognized at Loblaws. It would make him feel uneasy given how he's been taught to carry himself since he began playing hockey. Better to resign with Tampa where he can shop at Publix and not be instantly recognized. It's more comfortable, given that he's been conditioned to shun any sort of behaviour that would make him stand out in a crowd. I've noticed just how...Canadian...a lot of American hockey culture seems to be since moving down here. Maybe it always was this way? I donno. I can't help but think it's sort of like soccer in the US. Where if you're carrying a soccer game on American television you almost have to get a British play-by-play guy because that just "feels" like soccer. So you get a lot of American hockey players and coaches who are just going out of their way to sound "Canadian" in how they approach the game. Like it's hockey. It just "feels" right to talk like those Canadian boys, eh?
  10. If the Bucs must adopt a new look once they ditch the current monstrosities? I would like to see the creamsicle colour scheme used as a base. They don't have to use orange as the primary colour, or even use Bucco Bruce as the logo. Use red as the primary, with white and orange accents, with a white helmet and the (old) red flag logo. The white helmet would also make using the Bucco Bruce look as a throwback viable. I don't like these, personally. They're better than what the team is currently wearing, but they're just half measures. You still have the embarrassing sleeve wordmark, the overly angular proprietary font, and the too clean/too slick/too big Terminator skull flag logo. And really, all this concept does is strip away the current look to a point where it mostly resembles the 1997-2014 set. And if you have to move that far backwards to make the new look work? Then it's a sign the new look's failed and a complete return to the previous identity is needed. It's like when people try to convince themselves the current Browns look can be salvaged, and they list all of the things that would need to change, and when taken together? It's basically trying to make the new uniform look as much like the old uniforms as possible. Same thing here. It's a desire to return to the Super Bowl-era set without actually going all the way and committing to a look we all know is better. I know pro designers have this phobia about returning to old looks, but frankly? Sometimes it's ok to admit a new look was a mistake and to return to what everyone else seems to agree was, at the very least, good. If not great.
  11. You've missed my point. If all of the losing means the team can't go back to the Bucco Bruce set? Then that means the current set, which you think they should keep, ought to be trashed too. Since the current set has been associated with nothing but awful football. If you're going to cling to the argument that the creamsicle set is too tainted by bad football to use? Then at least be consistent and apply that argument evenly. And if we do that? Then the only acceptable Bucs uniform is the 1997-2014 look. Which is fine by me. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. And it's better than what they replaced it with anyway.
  12. Ice_Cap

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Well given all the red? That’s probably not happening.
  13. Ice_Cap

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Not happening if the suspected red and black colour scheme is going to come to fruition. Their closest geographic rivals use totem imagery. Not a good fit. So you want to make it easier for road fans to mock them, eh? “Suckeyes, lol” This is good... ...this is better.
  14. Ice_Cap

    2018 NFL Season

    Talent gap? They're 9-3. Bad teams don't get to be 9-3.
  15. Gay jokes or no gay jokes? Bucco Bruce is delightful.
  16. Ice_Cap

    2018 NFL Season

    Of course that's how the Chargers win. Still? Hell of a comeback!
  17. Ice_Cap

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    Hopefully the Dolphins can work out some sort of deal with the league to slightly expand their number of throwback games. I’m thinking eight for the road whites and eight for the home aquas.
  18. Ice_Cap

    The XFL may be making a comeback

  19. Ice_Cap

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Never underestimate us Canadians
  20. What’s this? Two years in a row for Georgia?
  21. Ice_Cap

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Eh, I just don’t have faith in either league to survive beyond a year or two.
  22. Ice_Cap

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    So the XFL is the WWE of hackfraud spring leagues and the AAF is the WCW. Apropos.
  23. Ice_Cap

    2018-19 NBA Season

    Say what you all want, the Raptors beat the Warriors. Didn't think it would ever happen, but I'm going to enjoy it. We the North!