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  1. WWE World Championship Bray Wyatt (c) vs Randy Orton WWE Universal Championship Bill Goldberg (c) vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman WWE United States Championship Chris Jericho (c) vs Kevin Owens WWE Intercontinental Championship Dean Ambrose (c) vs Baron Corbin WWE Women's Championship (Raw) Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jaxx WWE Tag Team Championship (Raw) Ladder Match The Club (c) vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Cesaro & Sheamus WWE Women's Championship (SDL) Alexa Bliss (c) vs the rest of SmackDown Live Women's Division WWE Cruiserweight Championship Neville (c) vs Austin Aries Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker Seth Rollins vs HHH AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon Mixed Tag Team Match John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal New Day to host
  2. Best of luck man
  3. Done.
  4. The logo will be the same, but the orange will be tweaked again "to reflect the passion of the dawg pound. The brown remains unchanged."
  5. The Quebec Nordiques would have managed to unveil their logo and uniforms without incident. Also they wouldn't be run by a guy who thinks his team is the army.
  6. It's the 1984 change all over again. An ill-advised change that's undone as soon as the league will allow it. Yep.
  7. True. Any big happenings on the Raw after 'Mania will be broadcast on Facebook and Twitter.
  8. MLS looks for soccer-specific stadiums these days. A NFL stadium in Las Vegas won't entice them.
  9. If you're ok with waiting a day? Hulu.
  10. The State of Nevada is giving them close to a billion dollars in public funds to build a new football palace. They're staying there. It's gross and disgusting, but it's for the long-term. That being said, I do think we're not out of the woods regarding NFL relocation just yet. The Chargers can't stay in LA long term, can they? They're in a city that, at best, seems ambivalent about their existence. And their long-term stadium prospects involve being a tenant in the Rams' building. That can't be tenable long-term. Right?
  11. That took ten seconds on Google.
  12. It's closer to a billion now. And that aside? They won't. Nothing will change about the Raiders' uniforms. And the move will be slightly more tolerable because of that.
  13. The Timberwolves should be contracted if they approve a jersey with "SOTA" across it.
  14. Apparently he's only barred from using the Rhodes name on tv.
  15. The NXT smark I was sitting next to kept yelling "Patricia" at him. I've only been to a few wrestling shows in my life, and only two of them in my adult life. I've honestly enjoyed the shows each time, and would love to go to more seeing as Florida kind of ground zero for NXT. But good G-d. Going to a live show's gonna make you hate a segment of the fanbase.
  16. He wrestled Dan Matha at the show I was at. You're right, his arsenal is limited but I don't think that's too much of a mark against him. As you said, he's young. And also athletic and charismatic. So much so that his limited moveset didn't seem to be a problem while watching him. If he continues to improve? He'll do pretty well for himself.
  17. He was great. Everyone was getting into his heel act. And he really knew how to respond to the crowd.
  18. I don't know who that is.
  19. Malificent was pretty awful, and that swore me off of live-action Disney. Nothing about Beauty and the Beast seemed enticing enough to change that opinion.
  20. Would it work though?
  21. They seem to be doing the "Zayn never wins" storyline from NXT on Raw, only they're doing what you described. They're forgetting the part where he actually wins. In NXT all the coming up short was in service of a payoff. Now he's just a loser. Sami's basically a jobber to the stars at this point. And Mick Foley anointing him his "successor" doesn't give me much hope either. Not when Mick Foley's role has been to be emasculated by Stephanie McMahon for the past six months. SPEAKING OF NXT... I went to a NXT house show last night. The in-ring action was great. I can't think of a single bad match on the card, and the crowd was in to almost everyone. That being said...I definitely get why the NXT crowd has the reputation it does. Most people were cool, and there to enjoy the show/have fun with the quirky fan stuff "ONE FALL", "TWOOO." There was certainly a loud minority of fans who really just came off as too smarky for their own good though. And normally that wouldn't have bothered me except I was sitting next one. Still? I had a good time and wouldn't be opposed to going again the next time they swing through the area.
  22. I'm seven episodes into Lucha Underground. It's amazing.
  23. It depends on his contract. Did it state that anything new he created was the property of the company? That's a standard clause for writers who work for comic book companies, but I'm not sure about pro wrestlers. If such a clause does exist though? TNA/Impact/Anthem may have a case.
  24. They did just that. They had to change their names to Team 3D/Brother Ray/Brother Devon, but the essence of the gimmick remained intact.
  25. Well that's because it is. The University of Georgia pays the Packers for the licence to use that logo.